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Коды (cheats) к игре » Bloons Tower Defense 4

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Коды (cheats) к игре Bloons Tower Defense 4

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Коды (cheats) к игре Bloons Tower Defense 4

Sandbox or apopalypse:
Get to rank 25 then pick a track and click sandbox and ur in if u
want to do apopalypse and u can do it.

Fast forwarding:
Instead of holding the "Fast Forward" button, click on it and hold,
then Right Click. It will fast forward by itself.
Note: You will not be able to do anything else until you click on the
normal screen.

Place towers on track:
* Select any tower.
* Move it anywhere you want (even on the track.)
* Then quickly move your mouse right (while holding down tower)
* As you right click.
* Then if the tower is still there, left click where you wanna put it.

Long lasting the game:
When ou are at level 40 or so, buy three banana towers and fully upgrade them.
then buy three super monkeys and put them at the very end of the track, and buy
three more at the last corner of the track, then two more in the middle. then
keep buying bomb towers and fully upgrade them. keep buying those things and
you are all set. i made it beyond level 90, and didnt have time to finish.
good luck!!!!!

Towers on the way:
Select a tower you want to buy. When you have done that place the tower on the
map and right click one time. Then click anywhere one the way there the ballons
are and the tower is placed there:) On "bloons tower defense 4" you must place
the tower very quickly after you have right clicked. If you don't like my
english I am sorry, I am from Norway.

Killing frenzy:
First build a monkey tower upgraded it to one of those spike balls.You should
have enough credits to upgrade that much. when you're playing on the easy level
place your upgraded monkey tower in the back of the road that the bloons come
from. This should pop all the bloons that appear at once. ps You can add some
ice towers to freaze the bloons to get more hits on them by the monkey tower.

Place any tower anywhere:
All you have to do is select the tower and move it to a place it can be put
on. Right-Click and move it to ANY area on the map and Left-Click where you
want it to be put. It will be put anywhere except on top of towers. You may
place it on the track or anywhere. I figured this out by myself.

Fast Rank Up:
For those of you that are trying to reach rank 31 or just trying to rank up,
here's a helpful, simple tip:

1.Save the game at about level 45-49
2.Keep playing in freeplay mode.
3.Whenever you play again, resume the game and repeat 2-3.

How to complete the beginner track on easy mode:
I will show you what to do to beat bloons tower defense 4 on easy mode.
First you will need to be at least rank 28. I also reccomend that you login
with a Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Mochigames account so you can save your data.
I logged in with a mochigames & facebook account. You should also buy the Frag Bombs
upgrade for the Bomb Tower before playing. It allows bomb towers to pop bomb immune

Do what each of these says before that round starts.
Round 1: Buy 2 dart monkeys
Round 2: Buy 1 tack shooter
Round 6: Upgrade 1 dart monkey with "piercing darts"
Round 7: Upgrade 1 dart monkey with "piercing darts"
Round 9: Buy 1 bananna farm
Round 10: Upgrade 1 bananna farm with "more banannas"
Round 12: Buy 1 bomb tower
Round 13: Upgrade 1 tack shooter with "faster shooting" and upgrade 2 dart monkeys with
"long range darts"
Round 14: Upgrade 1 tack shooter with "extra range" & upgrade 1 bomb tower with "bigger
Round 15: Upgrade 1 bomb tower with longer range and upgrade it to a missile launcher
Round 16: Upgrade 1 bananna farm to "bananna plantation"
Round 24: Buy 1 monkey ace
Round 26: Buy 1 super monkey
Round 29: Upgrade 1 super monkey with "super range" & buy 1 monkey ace
Round 30: Buy 1 monkey ace
Round 31: Buy 1 monkey apprentice
Round 34: Upgrade 1 super monkey with "laser vision"
Round 35: Upgrade 3 monkey aces with "pineapple express" & upgrade 1 monkey apprentice
with "intense magic" & "fireball"
Round 37: Upgrade 3 monkey aces to "spy planes"
Round 38: Upgrade 1 monkey apprentice with "summon whirlwind"
Round 39: Upgrade 3 spy planes with "rapidfire"
Round 40: Upgrade 1 super monkey with "plasma vision"
Round 42: Upgrade 1 spy plane to a "dart sotrm"
Round 43: Upgrade 1 spy plane to a "dart storm"
Round 44: Upgrade 1 spy plane to a "dart storm"
Round 45: Upgrade 1 tack shooter to a "disc shooter"
Round 46: Upgrade 1 disc shooter to a "fire ring"
Round 47: Upgrade 2 dart monkeys to "soike-o-pult"
Round 48: Upgrade 2 dart monkeys with "triple shot"
Round 50: Upgrade 1 monkey apprentice with "temptest tornado"

That's all I need to show you.
This is not a cheat but it is a good example of how to beat Bloons Tower Defense 4.
Bye Bye.

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