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Коды (cheats) к игре » The Suffering - Ties That Bind

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Коды (cheats) к игре The Suffering - Ties That Bind

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Коды (cheats) к игре The Suffering - Ties That Bind

Rescuing the police officer:
At one point in the game, you will encounter a police officer who will ask you
to free him. He will also tell you not to turn the three valves in front of you
or he will die. If you want to save him, you must first have a full insanity bar.
You can get to that state by going back to the previous room and killing the
respawning enemies.
Once you have a full insanity bar, open the door and go into the room with the
three lockers on the wall. Go into the room after that. Look around you should
see a broken wall. Transform into your insane form and carefully destroy the
broken wall, making sure you do not kill the police officer. Transform back,
and when the police officer runs out and sits down, your good deed will be done.
To progress into the level, turn the three valves and stand back. When they
explode the previously inaccessible room to the left of the valves will now be

Programmers room:
Successfully complete the "Drowning Pool" level. You will appear in a "Hellhole"
in a building. You will see Ramse Truman sitting on the floor, who will tell you
about his findings in both games in the series. Explore building and destroy the
Mainliner needles on the floor and stuck in bodies. Also destroy the three Slayer's
heads located on the shelf at the front door, on the desk near the television, and
on the desk near the "Hellhole". The blocked door at the "Hellhole" room can now be
opened. It leads to a programmers room that contains dirty pictures, the lead
programmer's body at a desk, various other game discs (including Mortal Kombat and
The Suffering), and a telephone message from a patient of Dr. Killjoy from the
original The Suffering.

It reference:
In one of the sewer levels, your dead son Cory says that "We all float down here."
This is a direct quote from Stephen King's bestselling novel and miniseries It.

Mortal Kombat: Deception reference:
Toward the beginning of the game, you will have to go to Torque's apartment.
Afterwards when you get out, you will enter a shop. After the door in the back of
the room opens, you will be in a room with a baseball bat in the corner. Go to the
bat and look down to see some copies of Mortal Kombat: Deception on the ground.

Alternate introduction sequence:
Have a saved game file from the original The Suffering to see the creature slam Tourqe
into a metal door instead of a prison wall.

Lead Designer's Room:
Oh, yes, sports fans! The Lead Designer's Room is back! Here's what you do to
get to it:
Once you finish the Drowning Pool level, you'll surface through a "Hellhole" in a
building where an exhausted Ramse Truman sits on the floor, rambling on about his
findings in both games.

Navigate the building, and you'll find a number of Mainliner needles laying around,
some just scattered on the floor, some stuck on bodies --destroy them all. Around
the place you'll also find three Slayer's heads: One on the shelf at the front door,
one on the desk near the TV, and one on the desk near the Hellhole --destroy them all
too. Once that's all done, a previously blocked door at the Hellhole room can now be
accessed, being the entrance to the accursed Lead Designer's Room. Inside, you'll find.

* A dead guy under the window.
* A blood-stained guitar on the floor.
* Lots of naughty girls' pictures, one of them titled "jailbait"...
* The Lead's body at the desk --try and inspect it for a treat.
* A bunch of Midway games' discs scattered on the floor. Note The Suffering and Mortal
* A ringing telephone, pick up and a patient of Dr. Killjoy will talk --you might
remember him as one of the corpses around his mansion, back in the first game.

* If the door isn't accessible and/or the Slayer heads don't show up, you probably
missed a Mainliner needle, go back and search some more, it can be anywhere in
the building, but you don't need to go out the front door.
* The trick has been reported to not work in the German/Censored version of the game.

Swizzle Stick:
After the first fight with the Slayers, enter the store and run out to the back and
open the door to the toilet. A cut scene will take place and the man inside will be
shot. Now enter the room, switch the light on, start the sink, flush the toilet 3x,
switch off the sink, switch off the light and return to the shop. In the Corner
behind some TVs is a new item.
Destroy it and carry the game on as usual until you reach the point where the Slayer
will burst through the wall. Instead something else does, kill this and the weapon
will be dropped by him.

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