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Коды (cheats) к игре » The Sims 2 - Double Deluxe

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Коды (cheats) к игре The Sims 2 - Double Deluxe

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре The Sims 2 - Double Deluxe

Коды (cheats) к игре The Sims 2 - Double Deluxe

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Ben Dover
Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C during game play to display the console window.
Note: Some codes may be case-sensitive.

Code Result
Motherlode - $50,000
Kaching - $1,000
Boolprop Testingcheatsenabled True - Debug mode
Moveobjects on - lets you move stuff you normaly can't
aging on - stops aging
aging off - turns on aging
forcetwins - makes your sim have twins if pregnant
lockaspiration - maes aspiration stay where it is no matter what
maxmotives - makes all your needs full
motivedecay off - prevents needs from going down

If your mom is pregnant and about to have the baby like looking weird press
[shift] and [ctrl] and [c] at the same time to get to the console window. then
when you are their type in (force twins) to get twins.

First... press ctrl+alt+c to activate cheat box than type in rosebud to get money.
This will get you up to 100000000000 dollars, hold down enter after typeing in cheat
to get as much money as wanted!

If your sim or family is running out of money then press shift+controll+C and type in
motherlode. Remember it's lode.

Here is a few cheats i found on youtube
all of them you need to hold down ctrl shift c at the same time then after that click
in the address box area and type in some of these codes ONE AT A TIME NOT ALL AT ONCE
2)aspirationlevel 19
there are some there are many more and im still tryn to find them out ask me for more
codes if you would like my email is

first press shift,ctrl,c at the same time then type in
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then press enter and save the game then go to the
neighborhood and go back to the house u were at and this cheats lets u rise there needs
without doing what they want to do its really cool!

Theese are a few codes i have found just searching around onn the internet.
First type ctrl+alt+c and then a box will appear and you will type in that.

* First cheat motherlode

Here is how you get Bella Goth back,first, press CTRL+SHIFT+C, enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled
true, then press SHIFT+N,then press spown and click tombstone Life and Death, then click on the
Tombstone of Life and Death and choose add neighbor to the family keep looking until you find
Bella and then click on Bella, Presto you have Bella Goth back! "Bye and thanks for reading!"

ok first order pizza. Then press Ctrl-Shift-C and type move_objects on (you can replace on with
off to turn the cheat off) and wait for the pizza to get to ur house. when the dude drives up and
starts walking towards ur house go to buy or build mode and grabe the pizza in his hand and put it
on the ground. Then delete the pizza dude. His car should immediatly dissapier and he should drive
up again to deliver pizza! Do this as many times and as long as u like. To keep the pizza from going
stale put it in ur sim's inventory. And if the dude doesn't drive back up after u delete him then try
deleting his car next time (I'm not entirely sure which one works but try deleting the dude first)
Also everybody says u REALLY get free pizza bye not paying for it and the dude is supposed to just
leave the pizza there and walk away right? Well WRONG he does NOT leave the pizza there he takes it
with him and leaves lol just try it if u don't beleive me lol.

Here's how to boost your sim's mood up to full green.
First, press ctrl, shift, and c. Then type in:maxmotives. You can do that anytime you need to!

Open up the cheat box (by clicking all at once [Ctrl], [Shift] and "c".
The enter (boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true) and after the cheats bubble closes press [Shift]
and click on your character and there will be many more cheats.

Infinite Aspiration!:
Press Ctrl,Shift, and the letter C to activate the Cheat Engine. Enter in the code infinite for
infinite aspiration for the person your using right now.

If you want unlimited cheats just go to the cheat window (hold ctrl, shift and c) and type in
"boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" and then close the window (type in exit or press Esc.) and
when holdng in shift and z click on one of your people and you'll see all kinds of new options.
You can make random people selectable, min or max motives and max aspiration.

Unlockable - money andeverything else:
How to have more money to get a a expensive house and everything else how to cook alot
of stuff and how to do more things.

50,000 simulins [Thats alot of mula!!!]:
After hitting ctrl,shift,C enter motherlode on the curser thing on the top of the screen.
This will give you 50,000 simulins aka money.

Strait from cheat engine:
TSCheatSystem: addNeighborToFamilyCheat: Usage: addNeighborToFamilyCheat [on|off]
TSCheatSystem: AgeSimsCheat : Usage: AgeSimsCheat [on|off]
TSCheatSystem: aging : [on|off] - Turns aging on or off
TSCheatSystem: aspirationLevel : Sets the aspiration level of the selected sim [0-5].
TSCheatSystem: aspirationPoints : [num] give the selected sim some extra aspiration
reward points.
TSCheatSystem: autoPatch : [-on|-off] enable or disable checking for available patches
via content browser

TSCheatSystem: bloom : [R G B X] Changes color of screen visual. RGB is color [0,1],
and X is the bloom amount [0,1]. Must use 'boolProp enablePostProcessing true' first.

TSCheatSystem: changeLotZoning : [residential | community | greek | dorm | secretsociety]
changes the zoning type of the lot.

TSCheatSystem: deleteAllCharacters : This cheat will delete all characters in the current
neighborhood; it also only works when in the neighborhood.

TSCheatSystem: exit : Hide the cheat console window
TSCheatSystem: expand : Expands or contracts the output portion of the cheat console.
TSCheatSystem: faceBlendLimits : [-on|-off] turns on / off facial blending limits
TSCheatSystem: familyFunds : Use 'familyFunds [familyName][value]' to set the amount of
funds. Use 'familyFunds [familyName] [+/-][value]' to add/subtract from current funds.

TSCheatSystem: filmGrain : [X] X is the film grain value [0,1]. Must use 'boolProp
enablePostProcessing true' first.

TSCheatSystem: forcetwins : no description
TSCheatSystem: help : [wildcard] [-all] Logs this help output.
TSCheatSystem: letterBox : [X] letterbox the screen (add black borders on top and bottom).
X is the letterbox value [0,0.4]. Must use 'boolProp enablePostProcessing true' first.

TSCheatSystem: lockAspiration : lockAspiration [on/off]: Locks/Unlocks the aspiration score
of sims on the lot.

TSCheatSystem: maxMotives : Sets all the motives to maximum for all sims on the lot
TSCheatSystem: motiveDecay : motiveDecay [on/off]: Turns motive decay on/off for all sims on
the lot

TSCheatSystem: moveObjects : [on|off] Allows user to move objects that are normally unmoveable.
TSCheatSystem: PlumbBobToggle : Toggle the showing of plumbBob
TSCheatSystem: roofSlopeAngle : Slope Angle in Degrees [15 - 75] (45 is default)
TSCheatSystem: setHighestAllowedLevel: [level] Sets the highest allowed level
TSCheatSystem: setHour : [0-23] sets the hour of the day
TSCheatSystem: setLotLightingFile : [filename.txt] or [clear] override some of the parameters
present in the lighting.txt file with filename.txt file present in lights folder, clear clears
if any file is present

TSCheatSystem: showHeadlines : [on|off] - Shows/Hides all thought bubbles, speech ballons etc
TSCheatSystem: slowMotion : [0-8] slows the animation timer (0=normal speed)
TSCheatSystem: stretchSkeleton : [factor] stretches skeleton of the selected Sim - factor=1.0
indicates no stretch (factor<1.0 makes shorter, factor>1.0 makes taller.

TSCheatSystem: terrainType : Changes terrain type (Temperate/Desert/Dirt/Concrete)
TSCheatSystem: unlockCareerRewards : Unlocks all career reward objects for the selected sim.
TSCheatSystem: vignette : [centerX centerY X] Blur rendering from specified center (upper left
is 0,0, lower right is 1,1). X is the amoung of blurring [0,1]. Must use 'boolProp
enablePostProcessing true' first.

TSCheatSystem: vsync : [on|off] Enables/disables vertical sync - can improve performance,
but will sometimes cause visual artifacts if off.

This is a cheat that can get you more money.people already put this up but I just felt like
putting this on. Open the cheat window(ctrl+shift+c=cheat window.)Then type in motherlode or
rosebud(FYI!!! Rosebud gives you more money...I think).Here's another one, open up the cheat
window and type in mansion. it'll give you the best mansion!!! (Nother FYI, srry if my cheats
didn't work.e-mail me if they do and that should make my day.) :)> He's got a beard!!! LOL!!!
I'v got more cheats coming so please stick around and really it'll make my dy if you e'mail me
because i'd just love to know that I helped SOMEBODY!!! Haha!!!.

How to get Money, Kids, Stop Aging, and Get Reward Items:
If you are tired of working at your job, all you have to do is just enter a cheat code. now
for ALL the cheats you HAVE to enter CTRL, SHIFT, C and this will open your cheat box. Enter
the word MOTHERLODE and you will get 50,000 simloans. When you sim is pregnet and is about to
give birth, enter the word FORCE TWINS if you feel you want twins. If you know that you are
going to turn an elder within days of your first birth, enter the word AGING OFF and you will
stop aging. To get career reward you might think you have to buy them or work for them but your
wrong. Enter the phrase UNLOCKCAREERREWARDS and there you go.

Aspiration + Motives:
Enter the game and punch in CTRL+SHIFT+C the you type in aspirationlevel 7 it increases your
Sims motives and Aspiration meter to Platnum.

Just a Few Major Ones (these actually work):
To open the cheat box you have to press CTRL+SHIFT+C.
Here's some cheats:
> motherlode - gives you 50,000 simoleons.
> maxmotives - makes all your motives green.
> aspirationlevel 19 - gives you lots of aspiration points (does not fill whole thing
> (go into build mode to do this) type in: move_objects on - you can pick up things you couldnt

Hope I helped.

Just a Few Major Ones (these actually work):
Here's some more:

> aging off - to make the sim stop getting older
> aging on - to turn the aging back on
> setHour 0-23 - to make you go to that hour of the day in military time. make sure you put a
capital for H.

The Sims 2 Double Deluxe Expansion Pack:

Some of the cheats i know
Here are some of the cheats i know and duh, for all of them you enter ctrl+shift+c at the
same time. So here they are.

*Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (This will give you a ton of cheats!)
*motherlode (applys 50,000 simoleons to your ammount)
*kaching (applys 1,000 simoleans to your ammount)

(this one is in steps) While on the neighborhood screen. type boolprop testingcheatsenabled
true, open the cheat window first, go to "create a family" name your family and press shift+n
at the same time and youll get hidden clothing! You just HAVE to check it out!

P.S. If my cheats dont work im really sorry so contact me at my e-mail thnx.

Free pizza,snacks and more:
to get free pizza you need to go ctrl+shift+c then type in "move_objects on" when the pizza
girl\man comes go into buy mode and delete but take the pizza off her in buy mode only or you get free snacks get it out of the fridge just at the same time when the sim is there
stop it then a free cheat motherlode it's lode not load okay.
plx email me at

Rise Babies with out doing anything!:
Okay, when you have a baby to raise it witout doing anything just put it in a crib.Then when
ever it needs anything just open the cheat box [Ctrl+Shift+C) and type in [maxmotives] your
mood bars will go up and so will the rest of your family's including the baby so you never
have to do anything. Hope this helps!

As many pizzas you want!!:
OK, first order pizza. Wait for the dude to come. When he does, he will go on your porch to
give you the pizza. DON'T answer him!! He will eventually leave and the pizza will be on your
porch. Do this as many times as you like because the pizza never goes stale! Whenever your sim
is hungry, just eat pizza!

First pull up the cheat window (Hold SHIFT+CRTL+C) and type in EXACTLY this. Motivedecay off
That will stop the mood where ever it is and it won't go down. If you want it to continue
decreasing then open up the cheat window again and type in motivedecay on NOTE: it works best
if you type in the cheat box MAXMOTIVES before using the first cheat. That way the mood will
be full.

Everything I know about Sims 2 Double Deluxe:
When you first make your sims family, and do not have enough money, type in ctrl+shift+c then
a cheat window should pop up. Type in motherlode as many times as you would like. I typed it
in where i had over 1 million simaleons. Then you find a dream house. Like one you've ALWAYS
wanted. Then you can type in the cheat window freerealestate, but sometimes this one does not
work, it only works sometimes I have no clue why. Then when you buy your house you can pause
the game again and press motherlode some more. Then, if the mother of the family is pregnant,
and you do not want only one child, type in the cheat box forcetwins. That will make the mother
have 2 babies instead of one. If you do not want your child/toddler/baby/teen/adult/elder/so on
to age, type in aging off on whoever you do NOT want to age. I have a few more cheats, but
I have to go, so if you want to know more, email me at Thanks for reading!

I can believe none of u have this. Ok, when your in the neiborhood press crtl,shift,c and type
familyfunds (last name of family) (however much money you would like for them to have) you could
put anything! I normally put 6000000 but put wat ever you want to. press enter go to your family
at the bottom of the screen and they will have that much money. this really works i use it every
time as well as my friend please use it well.

Private school:
First enter ctrl+shift+c all at the same time...then if you dont feel like smoozing and going
through the whole impressing thing then enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then press shift
and click on the person you want to get into the school...then click spawn and scenario tester.
click on the new yellow box on the floor and click "get me into private school"

boolProp testingcheatsenabled true:
ok, so if you have sims 2 double deluxe than you might see some vampires out and about in the
downtown be a vampire you don't have to get to know them to get bitten, you just have
to enter "boolProp testingcheatsenabled true" while in the neighborhood and then go to the family
which you want to have a vampire(s). Then shift-left-click the sim you want and look for the
caption (selection) that says make vampire. If it's not there, then go to "More..." and it should
be there. Before you make your sim a vampire, keep in mind that you'll need a coffin during the
day so that your sim doesn't die. Or if you have the select hour cheat just select the hour to
1:00 am before it gets to 6:30 am.....or you can buy vampirillian potions from the matchmaker
lady on the services on your sims phone, these temporarily change your sim back to human. Hope
you got something out of this and I'll try to put up some more cheats :) me if you

If your Sim hates someone you don't want to hate simply go to the friends list and drag one or
both bars (one at a time) to the right then your Sims will automatically like them.

All my cheats:
These are the ones I use... they SHOULD work... don't enter the things in the parentheses or
the -! control+shift+c to open the cheat window!

-motherlode (you get 50,000 simoleans)
-maxmotives (all your sims needs are full)
-unlockcareerrewards (you get all the career rewards)
-sethourX (replace X with number 1-24 and you can set what time it is)
-exit (closes the cheat window)
-forcetwins (if the pregnant sim is about to have the baby enter forcetwins to get twins
-moveobjects on (put any object where ever you want)
-boolprop testingcheatsenabled true (use abunch of cheats)
-shift N when making a sim to get unknown items, enter the boolprop one first
-shift click on your sim to get really cool options on your sim
-aging off (stops your sim from aging)

Adding a Family Member:
First, you have to actually have a family. Load it and pause the game, and then Shift + Click
on a Sim in that family. Then look for "Tombstone of L and D" when the options pop up.
Then Select "Add Family Member," and choose a type of person to add
(Baby/Toddler/Child/Teenager/Adult/Elder, and Boy/Girl)

Make Sim Into a Vamp!:
There are two ways, one easy, one hard.

Hard- Go in the downtown as a female at night, go to all sorts of the creepy sounding places.
Sooner or later (might take a few days) You will find a vampire male. I have only seen two
vampire males before, I dont know how many there are in all. Make them either lovers or good
friend, after a while ask the vampire to move in, if they say yes they will bite your sim and
your sim will become a vampire. Vamprocillin-D will cure them.

Easy- Hold Ctrl+Shift+C and type this in the box-
boolProp testingcheatsenabled true
Then go to your character and hold shift, then click on them. (then you can let go of shift)
It will have all sorts of options. Go onto the more... part and on the left side it will say
"Become A Vampire" Click on it. Vamprocillin-D will cure them. (But doing the code again and
using the shift cheat and then go on More... again, it will say in its place "Cure Vampire"
Click on that to cure them.)

If you use the cheat and then exit the game, when you come back you have to type it all again.
(but they will still be vampires.) The code will be inactive.

Email me if you would like to know more about it, I am an oasis of knowledge. (not really,
but I do know allot about this game.)

How to make your sims Vampires:
this is the easy way-
hold down ctrl+shift+c (without the +'s) and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true then
shift+click on your sim and click on spawn then click on sim modder and it will show up then
click on it and click vampire click make/cure and it will make/ cure your vampirizim.

Press ctrl+shift+c.
enter boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
shift+click on your active sim
This will pop up a random menu. Try lots of stuff i enjoy the sim modder.
To get to sim modder: Click Spawn... then Sim modder. A random baby will pop up.
Its a cheat filled baby.
Have fun!

aspirationlevel 11:
This Gets your Aspiration level up all the way! The bar will turn with and Fill up it
only last like 3 days in the sim game though then you do it agian.

Make your sims eat air:
To make your sims eat air, you will need to Ctrl shift and c to open up the cheat window.
then type in moveObjects on. Go to the buy menu and move your sim away from the table.
there they will hapily tuck into some air.

Floating Sims:
Submitted b y: SW

Press (shift)+(ctrl)+(c) and the cheat console appears. Type in floating_sims and then your
sims will hover in the air!!!

Cheats for you!:
If want cheat that work on the game just press: shift+ctrl+c (without the +'s)
Then type in: help.
The cheatbox will then give you all the cheats that work on your sims 2 game!!!!

Click shift + ctrl + letter c all at the same time and type in StretchSkeleton and you get
to choose what age they are it's realy cool!

Maxmotives/unlimited pizza/twins:
Your people about to die? ( CTRL,shift,c) type in "maxmotives" without the "'s.
Their health will go up completly. Use it any time when needed!

Okay, so some people say if you don't answer the door he will leave the pizza and
drive away? Well, either my pizza dude is a meanie, or it just doesn't work for everyone.
What you do, is go to build, take the pizza, and delete the pizza guy. He will drive up
again, and you can take it again, and delete him or his car. He's so stupid he will do
it forever. Take as many as you like!

When your people are relaxing, click one of them and say "Try for baby" then, while
in proccess, (CTRL, shift,c) type in "forcetwins". You'll get twins! Either boy and
girl, girl and girl, or boy and boy. (Hope for either girl and girl or boy and girl.
Boy and boy is choas. One of my twin boys killed the sister. DX)

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