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Коды (cheats) к игре » Tomb Raider - Anniversary

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Коды (cheats) к игре Tomb Raider - Anniversary

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Tomb Raider - Anniversary

Коды (cheats) к игре Tomb Raider - Anniversary

Cheat Codes:
Successfully complete the game under the indicated difficulty setting to
unlock the cheat option.

Infinite Breath - Easy difficulty
Sunglasses - Easy difficulty
Textureless Mode - Easy difficulty
Show Enemy Health - Complete all four Peru Time Trial levels
Golden Shotgun - Complete all three Lost Island Time Trial levels
Silver Mini SMGs - Complete all three Lost Island Time Trial levels
Infinite Mini SMG Ammo - Complete all three Egyptian Time Trial levels
Infinite Health - Complete all three Egyptian Time Trial levels
Infinite Shotgun Ammo - Complete all four Greece Time Trial levels
All Weapons - Complete all four Greece Time Trial levelS
Infinite 50 Caliber pistol ammo - Complete all four Peru Time Trial levels

Alternate costumes:
Collect the relic in the indicated level to unlock the bonus
Camouflage suit - Temple Of Khamoon level
Cat suit - Sanctuary Of The Scion level
Classic suit - The Lost Valley level
Croft Manor Sport suit - Midas' Palace level (Athenian Owl relic)
Golden suit - Midas' Palace level (Griffin Head relic)
Legend suit - Mountain Caves leve
Doppelganger suit - Natla's Mines
Maria Doria level - Great Pyramid level
Scorched Natla suit - Collect all relics

Midas Palace: Turn golden:
Have Lara stand onto Midas' hand until she turns to gold.

Save on medipacs:
If you are low on health, wait until you get to a checkpoint. Save the game
at that point. Load the game. This will take you to where you were previously
and with a full health bar. This is useful, as it saves on medipacs which
you will need later in the game. Alternately, if Lara is low on health and
you do get to a checkpoint, kill Lara (for example, jump off a high ledge).
This will also take you back to the previous checkpoint with a full health

Complete the indicated level to unlock the music track.
Croft Manor music theme - Croft Manor level.

Style Units level:
Collect all artifacts and relics to get a 100% completion and to unlock
the Style Units level under the "Special" option in the "Rewards" menu.

Turing Gold:
To turn in solid gold, you need to be in the Mida's Palace level. Step onto
Mida's hand (which you use to turn the silver blocks into gold), and stay
there for a short period of time and you will turn gold.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Art Gallery.

Atlantean Creatures: Complete the game.
Box Art: Collect 67% of the Artifacts in Peru.
Doppelganger: Collect 67% of the Artifacts in Lost City.
Egypt: Collect 100% of the Artifacts in Egypt.
Game Gallery: Collect 33% of the Artifacts in Greece.
Greece: Collect 100% of the Artifacts in Greece.
Items And Artifacts: Complete the game with 25% of the Relics.
Kid: Collect 33% of the Artifacts in Egypt.
Kold: Collect 67% of the Artifacts in Egypt.
Lost City: Collect 33% of the Artifacts in Lost City.
Natla: Collect 100% of the Artifacts in Lost City.
Origins of Lara: Collect 33% of the Artifacts in Peru.
Other Characters: Complete the game with 50% of the Artifacts.
Peru: Collect 100% of the Artifacts in Peru.
Pierre: Collect 67% of the Artifacts in Greece.
Promotional Images: Collect 50% of the Artifacts in Mansion.
TR:1 vs. TR:A Egypt: Collect 100% of the Relics in Egypt.
TR:1 vs. TR:A Greece: Collect 100% of the Relics in Greece.
TR:1 vs. TR:A Lost City: Collect 100% of the Relics in Lost City.
TR:1 vs. TR:A Peru: Collect 100% of the Relics in Peru.

Easiest Way to kill Natla:
Natla is the person who hires Lara to search for the Scion in the beginning of
the game. Once all of the pieces Natla reveals her identity as the Queen of Atlantis,
after passing the Final Conflict level you engage with her. I found there are multiple
methods of killing Natla. I prefer using the Shotgun for max damage, Uzi does about 1/2
damage then regular pistol, and the former Magmuns are to slow, and less damage then

There are two phases to the fight:

Phase 1: Its simply a endurance game. Dont waste any of your ammo just engage using
the Pistols, until it goes to a cut scene displaying her weakness (Her Back).

Phase 2: Like any of the other bosses she can become enraged only different is she
constantly charges you until her rage bar runs out. Most people think it has something
with dodging left and right but your wrong. The easiest method is to attack pressing Left
Analog Up and O to jump behind her to here weakness. Use the Shotgun continuously for
best results. If you jump behind her to late while she is enraged you will be hit with
her wings.

If she teleports just hold L1 it will constantly stay locked on her.

Took me about 20 Shotgun shells to kill her in Hard Mode. After that kick back and enjoy
the Cinematic Scene.

Collect the indicated number of artifacts to unlock the biography.

Doppelganger : 36 artifacts
Kid : 14 artifacts
Kold : 18 artifacts
Lara Croft : 5 artifacts
Larson : 9 artifacts
Natla : 41 artifacts
Pierre : 23 artifacts
Richard Croft: 32 artifacts
Winston : 27 artifacts

St. Francis Folly: Hephaestus temple switch:
When you jump over the broken mechanism at the entrance, do not pull the switch at the
other side. It will get stuck and no matter what you do you will not be able to get back.
Instead, go through the temple. After you get the key you can get back and pull that
switch to return to the main area.

Lost Valley: Attacking raptors safely:
When you slide down the slope and the raptors charge at you, ready to attack, there is a
rock where they cannot get you. As soon as you enter the valley, jump on the rock on your
left. You will be able to shoot them and they will not be able to attack you.

Better jumps:
When jumping up stairs, pull out guns but do not shoot. Hop forward and you will glide
smoothly up the stairs.

How to Defeat the Cenataur-Lizard Boss:
My weapon of choice for this boss was the .50 Caliber Pistols but anything would work.
You start out with the two creatures circling you and shooting fireballs. Start shooting
at either one and get the rage up. Once you get the rage up one of the creatures will
attempt to turn you to stone. While it is charging the attack put away your weapons and
dive continuously.
After the attack misses get its rage up again. The second time you get the rage up one
of the creatures will attack you and you will have the chance to do a slow motion dodge/
headshot. After the headshot the creature will become "dizzy". Use your grapple and grap
the shield off the creature before it regains consiousness.
Get the rage up again twice and the other creature will attack you. Do the same thing
and take his shield.
Now the creatures will only attempt to turn you to stone and wont attack you with a charge.
This is what you do.
Get the rage of the creatures up and when they attempt to turn you to stone pick up one
of the shields you pulled off of them and face the creature. The attack will backfire and
they will turn to stone. Drop the shield and continue firing at the creature.
Only this time it will hurt.
Do this 1-2 times per Cenataur-Lizard-Man Creature.

dudes u can finish 2 men wid shieldz on horsez by divin n shootin when aim is red then
knockdown der shieldz n use em as a mirror when dey use der power datz all dudes itz easy.

Silently Kill the Dinosaur:
Email :

When large dinosaur come towards you. Run to the fork roller consist of ropes. In this
location you have three rollers on corners. You must go towards the pair of rollers
direction and place Lara on one side of roller where the tree is more near to roller.
Now as you are behind the tree and easily aim dinosaur, it never catch you. Hold up
your weapon and hit it, be careful with the rage bar and reduce its (Dinosaur) yellow bar.
(energy line)

Kill the Centures without Combat:
Email :

Walk straight from door. Throw Lara into water and swim deep to right side. Keep provide
health pack to Lara as intensity and lose of energy due to fire balls increase in deep
water. Go to cave underwater where there is a handle which Lara opened. Just stand there
for a while, the yellow bar on the right decrease. One of Centures killed. Then go to the
battle field pick up shield and killed other by reflection. Note please! After killing
first one you have to Waite for a while so that the centure stop releasing fire balls.

For defeating two horses:
first attack to full the meter then horse is raise and some light come (note; dont shoot
that time oterwise you will like stone) attack for second time it come towards to you
hold"downarrow"+"shift" at the time they closer make a head shot you will win.

Easier way to Defeat T-Rex:
T-Rex is simple to defeat, before you fight look around your surrounding locations,
you'll notice four spike wheels. These wheels will essentially be the easiest way to
kill the T-Rex. First line Lara up where a spiked wheel is at her back, then Enrage
the T-Rex he will charge. Then jump to either the left or the right and lock onto him
and engage, after engaging he will stumble and directly hit the spikes behind Lara
causing the most damage possible to the T-Rex. It took me about three Spiked Wheels
to kill him.

How to defeat the Big Fat Ugly Guy:
- Shoot him until he becomes angry and comes to charge you
- Position yourself near the edge
- Hold the RIGHT-click and press SHIFT + Left/Right - Lara will dodge him
(make sure you DON'T shoot)
- When the red target is locked, shoot
- The Fat guy will fall over the edge, holding with just one hand
- Shoot the hand
- Repeat this couple of times
First, one arm will be destroyed and then the other, until eventually he falls
into the lava pit.
Trust me, he's easy to kill.

Grab the white large ball (Boulder) and never release it. Walk down slope with large
ball. The mice come towards you and killing themselves by crashing under large ball.
There is no difficulty to kill mice with guns but new way is always interesting.

How to kill T-rex in a different way:
First run towards the small hill.Run straight towards the silver rock.Stand their
and kill the small dinosaurs by pressing z.Then run till the place were we jumped
and do not go down and kill the T-rex by shooting.

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