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Коды (cheats) к игре » Aladdin - Nasira's Revenge

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Коды (cheats) к игре Aladdin - Nasira's Revenge

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Aladdin - Nasira's Revenge

Коды (cheats) к игре Aladdin - Nasira's Revenge

At the genie bonus stage press and hold down the space bar from star till end.
You will got a bonus life every time 100%!

Get unlimited lives:

yes you're right, edit the file slot.crd by a hex editor then in first line
address 00000018 type 99 for first slot.

Electronic Puzzle solution:

At the pyramid stage, on level 3 Push the button which will bring the cat statue
up then go on the paddle to the cat statue. And push the cat statue towards the
left and place it on the other pillar which has a cat picture, Then go forward
you'll see two pillars come out from the floor and you can make your way out of
here. At the pyramid stage, on level 2 drag the box by pushing it on the hole in
the floor it will fit on it. Now climb the ladder and head toward the box which
has a picture of foots and jump on it. The box will move and set up on the pillar
and now you are free to get out of here. There is one more damn puzzle which i
tried to reveal here but i think that can't be write in text. Yes you're right
that puzzle is the box puzzle but if you need help on that puzzle mail me to get
the pictures of that puzzle.

Access all levels:

Edit the file slots.crd by your favorite hex editor and then go to address 00000019
and type (28 01 01) for first slot.

or 00000919 for second slot.


00001219 for last slot. As you wish .......

This is the best cheat than ever cu'z you don't need any continue, Coins, Genie token
or any diamond. Because the game saves automatically on every level.

At the Pyramids stage, you can go directly to level 4 by completing level 2 twice,
since level 2 is much easier than level 3 especially when you have to surf the water.
After completing level 2 a second time, just quit and go to the load game area and
you will see that the level 4 square is activated and u can play it.


Cheat Code
infinite lives - f1
infinite energy - f2
infinite continues - f3
add 1 life - f4
add 10 coins - f5
add 1 gem - f6
add 1 genie token - f7

In the Palace there is a floor in which the brooms are walking.
On that floor it is difficult to walk
If you want to cross the floor easily. Run Aladdin on it and press
the 1st person view button.Aladdin will slip on that floor and cross it easily.

Alternate ending sequence:
Collect all twenty blue gems to view a congratulations screen after the ending FMV

Hint: Defeating spiders and snakes:
To kill spiders and snakes quicker, use the downward jab.

Hint: Defeating mummies:
To kill the mummies in the pyramids, throw four flaming swords at them.

Hint: Defeating minatour guards:
To kill the minatour guards found in the pyramids, throw four flaming swords at them,
then hit them with your sword.

Hint: Defeatin minatour warriors:
To kill the minatour warriors found in the pyramids, attack them when they start walking
around you.

Hint: Defeating Bow Warriors:
To kill the Bow Warriors found in Agrabah, hit them when they start spinning their bow.

Hint: Defeating Spinners:
To kill the Spinners found in Oasis, hit them when they put their swords by their sides.

Hint: Blue gems:
To get blue gems, Find the three red gems in any level. Then, win the bonus game at the
end of the level and the Genie will reward you with a blue gem.

Until it is safe to attack, block the enemies attacks.
Always keep some apples/rocks/flaming swords/etc. on you. You never know when you might
need them. Try to get all the Genie Tokens in order to get lives/continues/full health,
etc. at the end of the level

Getting past the lasers:
When you reach the part in pyramid level 3 where you have to move the blocks to deflect
the lasers, don't bother. The door in the corner doesn't work too well. perform a ground
slam attack against the door and you will have glitched your way through to the third Boss.

To easy kill enemies:
While fighting a enemy use the block button when the enemy will attack you.he will now stand
idealy for some time.while he is standing attack him.

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