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Коды (cheats) к игре » Peggle Deluxe

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Коды (cheats) к игре Peggle Deluxe

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Коды (cheats) к игре Peggle Deluxe

Cheat Codes:
Completion Bonus:
When the player completes a level, the ball falls into one of five bonus slots
at the bottom of the screen. These slots normally offer 10,000, 50,000 and
100,000 points. Clearing all of the pegs in a level causes all of the slots to
offer the maximum award. Additional bonuses are tallied as well, such as the
"Cool Clear" bonus and 10,000 points for each unused ball. These bonuses are
summed together in a "Fever Bonus", which is then added to the player's total
score for the level.

Saving a green peg for the last shot that clears the board significantly
increases the player's Fever Bonus.

Complete the indicated task to earn the rank.
A trophy will appear at the main menu for each rank achieved.

Master of Peggle - Complete Adventure mode
Ultimate Master of Peggle - Complete all Challenges
Extreme Ultimate Master of Peggle - Complete all challenges with 100%
completion (clear all pegs) on every level

Before you take a shot and you right-click timen speeds up so your shot is
better. If you type 'scott' (without the quotes) during gameplay you will
be able to progress through the game faster by fast-forwarding through all
the shots you taking up less game time.

Faster shots:
Type scott during game play. Right click to fast forward through all the

Tips and Tricks:
* Sometimes if you fire it into an area with lots of orange pegs, it bounces out.
Try bouncing the ball off another area INTO the populated section. It will be
going slower and at a better angle to hit more pegs.

* It can be frustrating waiting for the perfect moment for your shot. If you click
the right mouse button time will speed up and you get the pegs where you want
them faster.

* Early in levels, try and go for orange pegs higher up because gravity will help
your ball take out more pegs the higher up you fire.

* Use Warren and save your spins for the last few orange pegs. Get a triple score
(hopefully, you'd have a 1:4 chance) before your fever to triple it. Do so with
a few left over balls to get 30,000 per leftover ball after they are tripled as

* Note the Fevermeter... this is also your score multiplier meter. The less orange
pegs on the board, the higher your multiplier. What about pegs during a Fever?
If you hit any pegs during a fever, they are 100x the normal amount. That means
the blue pegs are worth 1000, greens are worth 2000, and the purple is worth 10000.

Mr. Ball:
Play as Warren and use the Lucky Spin, there's a Magic Hat power-up that puts a top
hat on the ball. Entering the code "Steve" while playing will give you the top hat,
it is only for looks; and will have no effect on game play at all.

When you right-click before taking a shot, it speeds up time to make the shot better.
Typing "Scott" during game play allows you to go through everything quicker by fast
forwarding through all the shots you take.

Massive Points #1:
The best way to obtain 100% pegs on levels is to first unlock Master Hu. Once you
complete Adventure Mode, you then go to Quick Play Mode and replay any level. Hit
as many pegs as possible, but try to save up your Zen Ball power-ups for later...
for the tricky shots.
A hint on Zen Balls: they try to hit as many pegs as possible, but about 90% of the
time aim for the purple peg (unless you aim down when the purple peg is way up top).
It does this so you could earn lots of points; you could obtain an extra ball or two,
maybe three if you're lucky.

Massive Points #2:
When you obtain a Spooky Ball, try to make the ball bounce sideways so that when it
leaves the bottom from the right side, heading leftward, it'll re-enter from the top
on the left side, hitting more pegs from the opposite side, and vice versa.

Massive Points #3:
Obtain "Ultra Extreme Fever" by hitting all the pegs. Every dropzone will become an
automatic 100,000 points when landed.
First, try to get only one orange and both green pegs left on the board with Jimmy
Lightning. Obtain Extreme Fever, then obtain Multiball after the last orange peg is
hit. You can then get an Ultra Extreme Fever with three balls! Since all dropzones
are 100,000 points a piece, you could earn up to 300,000 points, even more!

Say hello to Mr. Ball:
Whenever you play as Warren and use the Lucky Spin, there's a Magic Hat powerup. It
has a top hat on top of the ball. The following will give you the top hat, however
it is only for looks; it has no effect on gameplay what-so-ever.

Permanent flippers:
Type "kathy" during game play in Quick Play mode. Repeat the code to disable its

Turn off the Extreme Fever Zoom Camera:
Enter in any game mode and type "Zoom" to disable the Extreme Fever Zoom Camera.
Type again to enable it.

The Ode to Joy Easter Egg:
Start up the game and go to the main menu. Don't mouse over any of the buttons yet
or it will mess it up. Mouse over (don't click) these buttons in this order: "Duel",
"Duel", "Challenge", "Replay", "Replay", "Challenge", "Duel", "Quickplay", "Adventure",
"Adventure", "Quickplay", "Duel", "Duel", "Quickplay", "Quickplay". If you do it
correctly, it will play a cool loading screen and then it will roll the credits.
Nothing special is gained from doing this, but it's an interesting Easter Egg. Make
sure to NOT mouse over an extra button before or while performing this Easter Egg.
If you do, or if it nothing happens after performing the procedure, you will need
to restart Peggle and try again.

Black background:
Type shanon during game play.

Secret Codes:
Enter these codes during gameplay for the desired effect:

kathy - Permanent Flippers
scott - Rightclick Speedup
steve - Top Hat (no effect)
zoom - Toggles Extreme Fever Zoom Camera
zhanon - Black Background.

Hint: Go to the 750,000? Challenge, Stage Eleven:
The "Water Whirled" game. Near the upper part of screen you will see a curved
arrangement of 21 pegs. One way to wipe out all of these pegs with one shot is

* Use the Warren character, he's the Rabbit.
* Look at the 5 attached pegs in upper right area.
* Aim for the peg furthest left on this 5 peg arrangement.
Use your mouse wheel to click down until you are aiming slightly below the left
side of that peg. Then click back upward until the illuminated ball path just
touches that peg.

Note, As soon as the ball path touches that peg stop!) Now that you are all lined up
you can shoot the ball. It will travel a path that will cause it to come sliding back
down the entire length of the 21 peg slide.

How to have what you want with the rabbit LUCKY SPIN:
When the rabbit in QUICK PLAY when you LUCKY SPIN and want a certain ... click mouse
right click. But should the arrow be as close.

Double Fever!:
You might think "Yeah, RIGHT", but this happened to me.

When you start a level, choose Renfield. Play through the level, trying to keep one
of the green pegs on the screen. If the last orange peg is near, aim for one of them
and fire. If is works, you will have a Spookyball on your Fever! When it lands in any
of the holes, it will pop up again at the top, giving you the chance to possibly get
200000 points in ONE Fever!

Complete the indicated level to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Claude Lobster : Complete Stage 4
Flippers : Complete Stage 4
Flower Power : Complete Stage 6
Jimmy Lightning : Complete Stage 1
Kat Tut : Complete Stage 2
Multiball : Complete Stage 1
Pyramid : Complete Stage 2
Renfield Pumpkin : Complete Stage 5
Space Blast : Complete Stage 3
Splork Sporkan : Complete Stage 3
Spooky Ball : Complete Stage 5
Tula Sunflower : Complete Stage 6

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