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Коды (cheats) к игре » Duke Nukem - Manhatten Project

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Коды (cheats) к игре Duke Nukem - Manhatten Project

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Duke Nukem - Manhatten Project

Коды (cheats) к игре Duke Nukem - Manhatten Project

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Gareth Homewood

In game press ~ (tilde key) to bring down the console window then
use the following codes:

Code Result
toggle g_p_god - God mode
toggle r_stats - Game stats
toggle g_debug - Debug mode
toggle g_map_info - Map info
give all - Gives all items
give ammo - Gives ammo
give jetpack - Gives jetpack
give forcefield - Gives forcefield
give keys - Gives all keycards
give nuke - Gives 10 nukes
give life - Gives life
give secret - Mark Secret as found
kill - Suicide
pause - Matrix-Style pause
camera camera - Set camera to normal
camera player - Set camera to player
toggle r_timings - View frame rate

Alternate mode:
Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter exec cheats.cfg
and press Enter to enable cheat mode. Then, press one of the following keys
during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

G - All weapons and items
H - All weapons
J - Jet pack
F - Force field
L - Extra life
K - Suicide
I - God mode
P - Matrix-style pause
M - Toggle map name
[-] - Small HUD
[=] - Normal HUD

I found this after searching a lot so ENJOY!!

Level Jump
First, open the console (press '~') Then type in the following code:

map eXXpYY_aZZ

This will teleport you to Episode XX, Part YY, Area ZZ
(for example: map e01p02_a03). Finally, close the console
(press '~' again). You can use the M key to get to know the
map names, then jump to them at will.

Mark a kill:
In the console type 'give kill ??' '??'-no.of kills you want to mark eg:give kill 20
leave 1 spaces between give,kill and the no. Type any no. you want.

Type '~'tilde key to activate cheat console then write give all keys - this will
help you in compeleting the levels easily in this case you will not need to find
any keys in the game just go through the doors

Super kill:
Successfully complete the game on all difficulty settings to receive the "Thunder gun",
which can kill everything in sight. When entering a loading screen or room, quickly tap
[Fire]. The gun will fire in all directions.
You will get a large health boost and all enemies will be killed.

Go to Episode 8 Part 3. At Mech-Nukem's left arm (the incomplete one), press [Up]
near the path in front of it. You will enter a secret area containing Wozma the
secret boss. During this time you will have unlimited ammunition.

DukeNukem -ManhattanProject (DEMO) -LevelSelect-Cheat:
Email :

In game Press [~] (tilde key) to bring down the console
Then Type the following; to select level

map e01_intro
map e01_sky
map e01_stats
map e01p01_a01
map e01p01_a01_r01
map e01p01_a02
map e01p01_a02_r01
map e01p02_a01
map e01p02_a01_r01
map e01p02_a02
map e01p03_a01
map e01p03_a01_r01
map e01p03_a02

Note:This Cheat also come in Full Version Game
But on Full Version, More Levels are there.

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