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Коды (cheats) к игре » Zoo Tycoon 2 - Extinct Animals

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Коды (cheats) к игре Zoo Tycoon 2 - Extinct Animals

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Zoo Tycoon 2 - Extinct Animals

Коды (cheats) к игре Zoo Tycoon 2 - Extinct Animals

Cheat Codes:
Release all extinct animals into the wild to unlock the Quagga.

Lab accident animals:
Get an animal creation mini-game score lower than 50\% to unlock
one of the following animals:

- Giant Bullfrog
- Giant Monarch Butterfly
- Killer Penguin
- Red Squirrel
- Springhare

Note: Except for the Killer Penguin, all of these animals are just
selectable ambients.

Mysterious kangaroo:
Place a male and a female Veloceraptor, the desert ones, and wait until they
mate and the female is pregnant. She will start building a nest. You will be
informed when the nest is being built in the top information bar. Click on the
female Veloceraptor. Click on its picture to track it. When it is done building
its nest it will lay an egg. Just when it lays the egg, somewhere in its exhibit
a baby kangaroo will slowly rise up from the ground and eventually disappear.
This can happen even if you do not have any kangaroos. However this glitch does
not always work; just every once in a while when the Velociraptor lays eggs.

Easter Egg - Killer peguin:
You go to the research lab and get tons of bad combos 10% to 50% and you can get
diffrent things but an egg will be the killer peguin. You can olso download at zoo
tycoon volcano hacks and download killer peguin to get them in the animals list
with any biome and any space.

Caveman Frozen Alive:
Sometimes when you buy a glacier, with a bit of luck, there will be a caveman
inside. Once some of it melts and the caveman comes out, he will act like any
other guest at the zoo. He will also leave like any other guest at the zoo. And
if you delete the glacier the caveman will dissapear aswell.

Zookeeper Mode Speeds:
Click the left mouse button down to go slightly faster, then up on the keybord
to run, and finally hold shift to sprint.

"Crouch" Position in Photo Mode:
When in photo mode, press x and it will take you down into a "crouch" position
to give you an awesome view for pictures. You have to keep X held down when your
taking the picture though.

World Terror:
At the freeform, challenge, or campaign menu of the game, spin the globe several
times quickly and you'll begin to hear screaming. Stop spinning it and they'll
continue to scream until it stops. Congrats, you have officially scared man kind.

Accidents, %49 or lower fossils:
When you create fossils, and you get under %50. You create an accidental animal.
These are basically like the squirrels or rodents you find scurrying around the
map. But you can place them around like any other object.

1.Giant Bullfrog
3.Giant Monarch Butterfly
4.Red Squirrel
5.Killer Penguin.

Super Dino:
once you cured one of your diseased animals buy a lab click on it and click the find
fossils you will see an X mark on your right actually you cant brightly see it so its
at the middle right after you click ityou will have a fossil detector but sometimes you
got the wrong when your finding fossils and the fossil detector also can be upgraded by
digging upgrades or by making more fame for the zoo once you got all the fossil go back
to the lab and click the build fossil there you will build the fossil and put it back
together once you put it back click the build extinct animal then you will see keyboard
keys press them once the green line is touching them once you got it all right your score
is 100% then you will have a super dino.

getting the giant bullfrog on demo and owned games:
bye a extinct resaerch lab find dodo or any kind of animal fossiles do reaserch a type 1
write key and let the rest go bye itself if ure lucky u will get a zebra looking thing.

How to unlock every CAMPAIGN without doin nothing:
Go to any campaign and play it. Right when u get on it press and hold the shift button and
the num lock button for 30 seconds. Your doucumants will then pop up, so double click on the
1 that says zt2 (zoo tycoon 2) with the mammoth picture on it. then click the word "SAVE FILE"
and play zt2 again. Wolla! you now have every campaign unlock and you can use EVERYTHING!!

Walk Through Objects and Walls:
Go into fossil finder mode. Than press >. And Shift. And ?. Now you can walk trough anything.
Tip:This also pauses the game.

Sprint in Zookeeper mode/Guest mode/ Camera mode:
Go into Zookeeper mode/Guest mode/ Camera mode and press W, up arrow, Shift, and left mouse in
the same time. than you will sprint very fast.

Floating Weatland Tree and Sinking Weatland Plants:
-Make a swallow water
-Put weatlands tree and plants (Which can only be in the water)
-Than change the swallow water into deep water
-Than wala!!!! It became floating trees and sinking plants
Note: If you want to take a closer look be the guest mode.

Floating Decorative Block of Ice in Tundra Water:
Polar bears loves to swim why don't U just put some block of ice in the water.
- Put 'Block of ice with beef shank' in the polar bears exhibit.
- Wait until it eats the beef.
- Than it's name not Block of ice with beef shank again it became Block of ice
- Than put yhe block of ice in the water

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