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Коды (cheats) к игре » Vancouver 2010

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Коды (cheats) к игре Vancouver 2010

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Коды (cheats) к игре Vancouver 2010

Cheat Codes:
The Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games
Unlockables Achievements:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. If you have an Xbox 360
gamertag, you can log in using this same gamertag and the achievements will count
the same as if you were playing the 360 version.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Aerials Ace (15) - Win a gold at aerials in a single player game.
Air Play (20) - Complete the Air Play Challenge.
Back To Back Glory (40) - Win 5 online events in a row.
Beat Your Maker (20) - Complete the Beat Your Maker Challenge.
Best With Friends (20) - Play a 4-player game on one console.
Bobsleigh Boss (15) - Win a gold at bobsleigh in a single player game.
Caught Speeding (20) - Complete the Caught Speeding Challenge.
Challenge Crazy! (60) - Complete all game challenges.
Corner Counter (10) - Complete the Corner Counter Challenge.
Do Not Touch (30) - Complete the Do Not Touch Challenge.
Downhill Dominator (15) - Win a gold at downhill in a single player game.
Giant Slalom Guru (15) - Win a gold at giant slalom in a single player game.
Good Host (20) - Host an online game.
Head To Head (20) - Complete the Head To Head Challenge.
High Speed (10) - Complete the High Speed Challenge.
In The 80's (10) - Complete the In the 80's Challenge.
In The 90's (30) - Complete the In the 90's Challenge.
Landing Zone (20) - Complete the Landing Zone Challenge.
Lap It Up (30) - Complete the Lap It Up Challenge.
Lose Your License (10) - Complete the Lose Your License Challenge.
Luge Lunatic (15) - Win a gold at luge in a single player game.
Mountain Climber (30) - Unlock the intermediate challenge mountain.
Online Olympian (20) - Play an event online.
Overtake (30) - Complete the Overtake Challenge.
Runout (30) - Complete the Runout Challenge.
Save The Snowmen (20) - Complete the Save The Snowmen Challenge.
Skeleton Crazy (15) - Win a gold at skeleton in a single player game.
Ski Cross Supreme (15) - Win a gold at ski cross in a single player game.
Ski Jumping Champ (15) - Win a gold at ski jumping in a single player game.
Slalom Star (15) - Win a gold at slalom in a single player game.
Smashing Snowmen (30) - Complete the Smashing Snowmen Challenge.
Speed (10) - Complete the Speed Challenge.
Speed Bands (10) - Complete the Speed Bands Challenge.
Style Run (10) - Complete the Style Run Challenge.
Super Runout (30) - Complete the Super Runout Challenge.
Super-G Superstar (15) - Win a gold at super-G in a single player game.
Supersonic (20) - Complete the Supersonic Challenge.
Target Practice (20) - Complete the Target Practice Challenge.
Time To Try (10) - Complete the Time To Try Challenge.
Token Effort (30) - Complete the Token Effort Challenge.
Top Speed (20) - Complete the Top Speed Challenge.
Winners Use Tokens (20) - Complete the Winners Use Tokens Challenge.

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