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Коды (cheats) к игре Dogz 5

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Коды (cheats) к игре Dogz 5

Cheats and Hints:
Get Puppies:
This cheat works on catz and dogz, basicly all you do is get your petz to fall in
love, make sure they're adults. then when it says Kittens/Puppies are due in a few
days close the programme go down to your clock (on the comp) click on "adjust date/
time" then set the time foward about 5 days and then load the programme back up
click on your pregnant pet then they should be in the nursery.

Don't change the time:
Changing the time on your dog 5 game or catz 5 will cause your game to freeze after
a few days evenn if you only do it once! The only way to get your game working after
that is to uninstall it and loose everything you've earned!

Dogz Love:
If you want to know if your petz are in love do this when one is asleep pick the
other up and the sleeping dog will wake up. Or if you put one away the other will
walk slowly backwards.

Petz in love-quick puppies:
To make your petz in love, follow these rules:

1.Set down these things: love potion, perfume, any treats, music box, 2 pillows.
2.Set the music to the romantic french song.
3.Let both the dogz out.
4.Spray them both with the love potion and perfume.
5.See how they react.
6.If they start fighting,spray them both with the spray bottle.
7.If they react well (gaze at each other intently) give them both treats.
8.Also,you will know when your dogz are in love if - they are lying down and
you place a treat between them but they dont pay attention and they just
carry on gazing at each other.
9.Soon,a note will come up telling you that the female dog is due to have a baby.

If you want Petz to fall in love:
A boy and girl dog or cat, both adults (no cross-breeding dogz and catz)
And that's the minimum that you need. It may take a while for them to fall in
love though, which is why this is what I do:

* A boy and girl cat or dog, both adults (no cross-breeding dogs and catz)
* Love potion
* Family room, fireplace turned on
* Leave the mouse holes open. If you are in the family room, go to 'options'
and turn off the mouse holes so that petz won't get distracted when falling
* Don't spray with a love potion or any other spray if they are.
- gazing at each other
- rubbing noses
- licking each others faces
- pacing around each other
* Don't pet an animal while they are gazing at each other, rubbing noses, licking
each others faces, or pacing around each other.

How to know they are in love:
* They are gazing at each other
* They are rubbing noses
* They are licking each others faces
* They are pacing around each other
* They get sad if you put the other pet away
* If you have toy doll doll out, one pet may pick it up in its mouth and give it
the other pet.

How to get pupps fast:
* first go to family room
* turn on fire place
* get out love potion,perfum,2 pillows,olive treats,and a music box
* if dogs fight after you spray them LP AND P spray them with water
* then let them take there time and after like 10 15 min the red heart will pop up
and say... name and name have fallen in love and will have a puppy in a few days!

well good for u you will have puppys now thx!!

If you DO NOT wish for your pet to become sick dress him in tartan before taking
him into the snow scene. If you don't your pet/petz will become ill!

Dogz 5 Cheat: The New Way To Get Puppies! discovered 7th Nov 2009:
Key: POA=Peice Of Advice

Now, this cheat/hint takes a while to set up, so, stick with me.First, you must
have an adault female. Got to the adoption center and adopt a male of the same
breed. Now, when you press "adopt now" you should go to the family room. Get out
the older female.
Now, I just want to tell you, the way i discovered this was with two of my own dogz.
Jenna, my most loved dog, daughter of Jazmine, my tied most loved dog, anyway, i got
her out to teach my just adopted Lucky and to my surpise, when i put Lucky away,
Jenna started wimpering, like dogz do when the dog they love is put away, but as
soon as i took Lucky back out, she was fine again. Now this is how this most amusing
accident happenned.

I was watching my dogz play when jenna jumped and knocked the love potion on the
fireplace. The love potion was knocked off the fireplace, sprying both Lucky and
Jenna. They fell in love, even though Lucky was a puppy and just adopted. I couldn't
bare to keep them apart because they were never happy without eachother. Now Lucky
has grown up, they have two Labradore pups, Isaboe and Nuada. Jenna became pregnet
in yhe first five minutes of Lucky being a adult. To set this up for your own dogz,
you must follow the following.

* Have a adault female dog (Preferrebly not poodle or pappallion)
* Adopt a male of the same breed
* Take them to the family room
* Have the usual out
-Satin heart cushions
-Fireplace on
-Love potion (In the old fashioned bottle) on the fireplace
POA: Don't have any toys, treats, or music boxes out

* Spray both pets with the love potion.
-The pup should sneeze while the female will look surprised

*Pat them ig they gaze at eachother lovingly
POA: Only pat them the first time, don't do anything to distract them after that

*Have them pay together every time you're on dogz 5

*When the pup is an adult, Get both dogz out, spray them with love potion, then press
the dog tag (the picture of the dog next to the name on the storage thing) so they
think you're not watching.

*If they start rubbing eachother noses whil sitting on the mat, it means in about ten
seconds the heart will come up saying that the female is pregnet!

Job Done.

Discovered By LA-99 On the 7th of November 2009.

P.S. If this shows up anywhere else and is not by me then the person who wrote it is a
copy cat!

Getting Dogz to fall in love:
Have an adult female. Got to the adoption center. Adopt a male of the same breed. You
will go to the family room after selecting "Adopt Now". Have the satin heart cushions,
turn on the fireplace, and have the love potion in the old fashioned bottle on the
Note: Do not have any toys, treats, or music boxes out. Spray both pets with the love
potion. The pup will sneeze and the female will look surprised. Pat them once and they
will gaze at each other lovingly.
Note: Do not do anything to distract them after patting them once. Have them pay together
every time. When the pup becomes an adult, get both dogs. Spray them with love potion,
then select the dog tag next to the name on the storage thing so they think you are not
watching. When they start rubbing each other's noses while sitting on the mat the female
will be become pregnant.

You want your petz in love?:
If you want your (cat or dog) to fall in love do simply this:

1. Take the pair of petz out that you want to fall in love.
2. Have only the music box playing the romantic song and have nothing else out.
3. Put on the fireplace.
4. Don't interact with them while they are out.
5. Let them bond with each other for about 5 to 10 to 15 minutes top.
6. After step 5 you should have a heart appear on the screen saying:(congratulations)
name and name are expecting a (puppy/kitten) in a couple of days. (ok)
7. Write down the time you got that message and same time the next day if you click
on the mother when you start the game the (puppy/kitten) should be born.

TimeTraveler's HeartBreakingStory:

This story will tell you a weird,crazy story.
I had adopted a Great Dane named Poker.Then I adopted a Pappillon named Lily.I thought
they would never breed,but boy, was I wrong.I took them home.I used a cheat from this
very site,so I changed the date.when they grew up(so quickly)I took them over for a
wedding. As soon as we arrived back in the living room,the heart note popped up.I was
like,"What the heck!"So I guess I got pretty impatient, because I raced through time.
As soon as I looked at the puppies, I was pretty dissappointed,because the puppies were
really distorted.2 of them had a Great Dane head and a Pappillon body,and the other 2
were the exact opposite.I raced through time to check their breed,but was UNKNOWN.I
logged off then went on again only to find that Poker had run away.I looked at the
billboard,but nothing.So I returned everyone.
I just couldn't stop thinking about that after.

I now own 2 German Shepards,Mazina and Maxina.While Maxina is still a puppy,Mazina's
learned life's lessons with a labrador,Shadow.While Poker,Lily,their family and Shadow
are still in the shelter,waiting to be adopted,their memory still is in my computer,
saved as helpless pictures.

The main moral is to be careful of what you wish for.Another is:Remember to SPAY your
pets if you know that the result's not gonna be good.
Written by NikkyGirl6/00 - peace out!

Its a pretty crazy story but once I only had one dog, a sheepdog. she was a girl. I
went to the snowscene and next thing you know my dog Shelia is pregnant with the
other sheepdog. It kinda happended by spraying the two dogs with the love potion and
poof love is made. I warn you don't make the same mistake i did unless you want your
puppies to never see there father again.

Signs of sickness and what to do:
Usually, when you do not dress up your pet when you go into the snow scene or pour
cold water on your pet with the watering can, your pet will get sick. Signs usually
are coughing and sneezing. What you should do is first, you should have some medicine.
It's a bottle that is white, and has a blue cap with a little white part on top, and
a red stripe with a white + sign on it. Bring out your pet's favorite food or water
bowl, and grab the medicine and put it over your bowl, and it will squirt some medicine
into it. A sign that it worked is you hear the sound your food makes when it hits the
ground, and for those with good hearing, will hear a faint drip sound. Just have your
poor sick kitty or puppy eat or drink, and eventually he or she will feel better.

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