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Коды (cheats) к игре » WarpForce

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Коды (cheats) к игре WarpForce

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Коды (cheats) к игре WarpForce

Cheat Codes:
First you need to be a drakel and Level 3 go to the training room and buy the
first battlesuit and go into a fight equip the new armor and press "Attack" u
now have human head and starter sword from AQ. Dissapears when u change suits.

Hint Good damage:
Do the second engineering quest yu will get the warp crystal if yu use it you
will do like about 200 damage since yu do 100 damage with one attack and the
next attack does 100 also so its a preety good thing for people who started
out and gets to level 5.

Get a light weapon:
Just join the warp guardian tower then talk to the girl then click the big
button on the left side then wait till the cutscene is over then a shop will
open then choose the light weapon that you want.

Easter Egg - Use the force:
First buy the star ninja grasshoper armor (and its good too) and equip a weapon
with a special.Keep atackin gith knee and punch armor skill until weapon special
happens. You will drop your weapon and point your hand to the enemy and damage
it. Invisible force from STAR WARS!

How to kill an enemy in one shot:
after the battle begins replace the url with this: javascript:document.embeds[0].
SetVariable("", 0)
but do it after the monster attacks you once, after you put it in th url press
enter and the monsters health will be 0 no matter what level

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