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Коды (cheats) к игре » Real Space 3

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Коды (cheats) к игре Real Space 3

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Коды (cheats) к игре Real Space 3

Hints and Cheat Codes:
* Never stop moving, make yourself a hard target.
* Never stop firing, keep the fire button down at almost all times
for auto-fire.
* Maneuver behind small fast moving enemy ships to avoid their forward
firing guns and attack them from behind.
* Attack large enemy ships while on the move and fire secondary weapon
as you approach them. Keep looping around while avoiding turret fire.
* Collect power ups before they disappear. Double fire and rapid fire
in combination are great for taking out enemies fast.
* Collect all cash power ups to maximize your purchasing power.
* Spend your upgrade cash wisely. Consider not maxing out your Pulse
Cannon and Beam Lasers as youll soon move on to more powerful weapons.
* Auto-rocket and Shield upgrades are very useful and good for the entire
* Star Blaster is an incredibly powerful and flexible primary weapon
upgrade (full version only).
* Rocket Melee upgrade is great for attacking small fast moving enemy
ships (full version only).
* Heavy Rocket upgrade is great for attacking large slow moving enemy
ships (full version only).
* Use your radar screen to spot approaching enemies.
* Fly towards approaching enemies and keep firing, once you reach the
enemy you will have several auto-rockets on screen which blast the
* Finish off highly damaged small enemies with auto-rockets and leave
to attack the next enemy.

coin10000 - get money 10000
mpxv500 - all weapon unlock

Glitch - KFS Vengeance Handicap:
Note: This only applies to people playing Mission 36: Vengeance Sweet
Vengeance or Mission 40: Vengeance Returns.

If you are just aiming to complete the mission/game and do not want a
challenge, you can hide in any of the four corners in the map. KFS
Vengeance cannot fly into the corners and has to turn whenever it nears
the corner, hence rendering himself unable to attack you. When he comes
near, take your chance to shoot him with your special weapon. It does
take some time to defeat Vengeance if you use this method, but at least
you don't have to avoid his deadly fire.

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