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Коды (cheats) к игре » Damnation

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Коды (cheats) к игре Damnation

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Коды (cheats) к игре Damnation

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Patrick Denk
Submitted by David K.

Enter the following codes in the Unlockables menu.

Code Effect
LockNLoadAll - All Weapons
LockNLoad - Custom Loadout
PeoplePerson - Custom Characters
LincolnsTopHat - Big Heads Mode
BlowOffSomeSteam - Super Weapon
Revenant - Insane Difficulty

Bonus weapon:
Enter "BlowOffSomeSteam" as a code at the "Unlockables" menu. The weapon is
a gun with a blade attached to the bottom of the barrel that kills in one hit.

Hints Emblem locations:
There are a total of twenty emblems.

* On the ground floor of the buildings in the back of where you fight the first
set of enemies.

* In the mines, on the second floor of the house after you climb up the chain
holding a large crate or the series of wooden molding.
* Once outside, in the single story building near the billboard that is shot
down before the second driving sequence.
* At the back of the domed structures before taking the zip line to the roof
near the conveyor belt.

-=Mesa Dorado=-
* After dismounting the bike at the end of the first driving sequence, inside
the building to the left before climbing onto the plateau with the artillery.
* After the second driving sequence, on the ground floor of the tall building
to the left when overlooking the next area from the top of the canal wall.
* Once in the interior, on the ground floor of the building after the ladder
beside the waterwheel and before the rope bridge.
* To the right of where you start the turret fight with Selena.
* Once outside again, on the second floor of the building on the right, inside
the cavern after the gondola.

-=Convoy Chase=-
* Halfway through the driving sequence, after dropping the totem segment onto
the bridge, located behind the totem pole to the left after driving up the
newly made ramp.
* Once outside, near the back side of the area with the square pools and four
lantern holding statues (after the spiral staircase and before the gondola).
* During the fight with Dayden, on the second floor of the building in the
middle of this area.

-=Terra Verte=-
* To the left of the statue before entering the city gates.
* On the way to the top of the governor's mansion, inside the floor where the
metal stairs begin. Go to the left of the building near the windows.
* In the glass building opposite the Waterworks building.
* Once inside the Waterworks building, on the ground level opposite the entrance
to this building.

-=PSI Complex=-
* At the end of the driving sequence, to the right of the elevator.
* After walking up the conveyor belt, in the second floor of the building to the
left after the ladder.
* Once inside the base of Prescott's tower, behind the elevator.
* After exiting the elevator into the fight with Prescott's, inside the smaller
building to the right.

Hidden multi-player map weapons:
Boiler Room : An Arrow rifle can be found bottom middle on the boiler.
Broken Home : A Revenant gun is located on the middle bridge.
Cathedral : A Revenant gun and grenades are at the bottom middle of the map.
Cave In : Check around the platforms in the middle of the map to find an Arrow
PSI Topside : There are sniper rifles hidden around the map.
Shaft : Battle to the bottom of the map to obtain a Arrow rifle.
Shaman : Look around the center totem, there may be something hidden in the
tall grass.
Town Hall : The bridge below the roof gap has a Revenant gun.

Multiplayer Tips:
Here are some multiplayer tips from the developer:

* Elevation proclamation: Use the verticality of the levels to stay on top of things
like your enemies.

* Come out, I see you: Be sure to use spirit vision before entering new areas and to
keep tabs on other players, especially the flag carrier.

* Save a bullet, Aim higher: Headshots do more damage with every weapon, except the
arrow rifle and shotgun.

* King of the Hills: Make sure you take a strong weapon with you when you are going
up to hold the hill.

* Flag you down: Make sure you attack as a team in CTF, otherwise, if the other team
is utilizing spirit vision you will have no chance.

* Hanging out: Hanging off ledges can be helpful for sneaking around enemies, or
picking up a few kills from wounded players.

* Look around: Make sure you look around for alternate routes; you can sometimes find
a faster way to where you want to go.

God mode:
For god mode in damnation, goto damnation game folder in your drive and open damngame
folder and open config folder and open default "weapon.ini" file with notepad and make:

PRM_DamageAI=(Value=(0)) in some areas PRM_DamageAI=(Value=(0,0,0,0,0))

wherever applicable and also make

MeleeAttackDamageMax=0 and InnerCoreDamageAI=0

by this you will be moreorless in god mode.

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