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Коды (cheats) к игре Rome Total War

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Коды (cheats) к игре Rome Total War

Cheat Codes:
Start game, then bring down the console by pressing ~ aka tilde or ',
then enter the code from below for the desired effect.

Code Result
gamestop - Units gets 10% cheaper (only works in campaign mode)
oliphaunt - Elephants gets 40% bigger (only works in campaign mode)
Jericho - Walls fall down in a seige (only in Battle map mode)

Unlocking all Factions without playing through campaigns:
To unlock all Factions in the game go to...
C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign
Then open the text file "descr_strat".Then move whoever you want from unlockable or
unplayable to playable. Note - If you move some things to playable from unplayable
they might crash the game if you try to use them or might just outright not work, so be

HUGE amount of Denari:
Go to C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign
Then open the text file "descr_strat".Go all the way down till you see (Here's what it should
look like) it shouldn't take long. Then just edit the denari you want to have say from 5000 to
999999 on your selected faction and then close the file run the game and when you play Imperial
Campaign you should have the selected amount of Denari; start of factions section
factionromans_julii,comfortable caesar
denari 5000

While playing a game, press ~ to display the console window.
Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function:

Effect Code
Display help for desired command - [command] ?
10% cheaper units in campaign mode - gamestop or bestbuy
40% bigger elephants in campaign mode - oliphaunt
Walls fall down in siege in battle map mode - jericho
Increase money1 - add_money [1-40000]
Add population to indicated city - add_population [city name] [number]
Wins next auto resolved battle - auto_win [attacker|defender]
Toggle fog of war - toggle_fow
Give character the trait at indicated level - give_trait [character] [trait] [number]
Complete all building in construction queue - process_cq [city name]
Complete all military units in recruitment - process_rq [city name]
Lists all traits - list_traits
Move indicated character to desired coordinates - move_character [name] [x,y]
Give points for indicated character's trait - give_trait_points [character] [trait] [number]
Force opponent to accept diplomatic proposal - force_diplomacy [accept|decline|off]
General invincibile in combat - invulnerable_general [character]
Changes date - date [year]
Kill indicated character - kill_character [character]
Change season - season Capture indicated city - capture_settlement [city name]
Toggle tabbed output window display - toggle_tow
Toggle camera restrictions - toggle_restrictcam
Give character an ancillary - give_ancillary [character] [ancillary]
Reset character to start of turn settings - character_reset
Show cursor position and region ID - show_cursorstat
Toggle the terrain to display various data sets - toggle_terrain
Give character points for trait - give_trait_points
List all available ancillaries - list_ancillaries
Give the character movement points - mp [value]
List all characters in the world - list_characters
Show landing positions available to the AI - show_landings
Apply filter to world map coastlines - filter_coastlines
Toggle strategy map coastline display - toggle_coastlines
Set health of building - set_building_health [value]
Set maximum speed of turn processing/ AI round - ai_turn_speed [value]
Set aerial map overlay depth bias minimum zoom - amdb_min [value]
Set aerial map overlay depth bias maximum zoom - amdb_max [value]
Set aerial map overlay offset towards camera - amdb_offset [value]
Zoom to specified aerial map zoom - zoom [value]
Regenerate radar - regenerate_radar
Adjust sea bed to specified height - adjust_sea_bed [value]
Reload all vertex shaders - reload_shaders
Reload all textures - reload_textures
Fire - toggle_game_update [mt|toggle|reload|int]
Toggle building debug mode - building_debug
Force display reset cycle - reset_display
Toggle underlay - toggle_underlay
Toggle overlay - toggle_overlay
Set diplomatic stance between the two factions - diplomatic_stance [value]
Add all ancillary to the character info display - test_ancillary_localisation
Ignite all piggy winks - burn_piggies_burn
Display defensive terrain features - show_terrain_lines
Toggle message collation (sets all factions) - message_collation_set
Toggle show all messages to all factions - show_all_messages
Clear all stacked messages - clear_messages
Toggle display of campaign map flowing water - toggle_flowing_water
Toggle display of network stats - nw_stats
Toggle pr mode - toggle_pr
List all units in an army - list_units
Show victory message for faction for short - victory
Trigger advice - trigger_advice
Damage wall of settlement - damage_wall [none|gate|breach]
Trigger unit upgrade effect - upgrade_effect
Force local player's alliance to win the battle - force_battle_victory
Force local player alliance to lose the battle - force_battle_defeat
Show all valid processed paths in pathfinder - show_battle_paths
Show the street plan for the settlement - show_battle_street_plan
Display a marker at x, y for t seconds - show_battle_marker [value]
Remove faction from the game - kill_faction [value]
Create diplomacy mission - diplomacy_mission
create event at position - event [value]
Switch player control to specified faction - control [value]
Create building of the specified type - create_building [value]
Disable AI - disable_ai
Eliminate Arse trait line - give_trait "Arse" 0
Eliminate Feck trait line - give_trait "Feck" 0

Open the Rome: Total War folder(where u inst'ed R:TW).
Then look for a file named 'preferences'. You will see it easily.
Now use your typing skill to change any settings, like:
(this will unlimit your flaming ammo, i think)

You want to rewrite history, eh? Well there's a way for you to do that.
Find the folder: "...\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data\world\maps\battle"
there's the data of the Historical battle. You just need to find the file
"descr_strat" in any folder, for example: "Battle_of_Asculum" and then
change the data of unit's name, exp and armor and weapon lvl... like that.
When you play the battle you will see the change has affected on the battle :)

Battle Map Hints:
If you are facing a long walk before engaging enemies then just increase the
Game Speed don't let your army to run.

Always attack from behind while crushing spear men. The best way is to attract
the band of spear man by sending some units closer to them (don't engage with
them for fight) once they are start chasing your army units then start attack
with you cavalry from behind on spear man. You will see they will start run in
a minute.

Spear men wall is great for taking off enemy cavalry units.don't let enemy
cavalry to engage your range units or they will be a heap of dead rangers in
a minute.

Elephants are the biggest and toughest unit in Rome Total War.Use your
rangers on elephants.Elephants can crush the biggest army in minutes.

Charriots are another big mess of a battlefield. Best is to use your archers
on them.

som may think elephants are the strongest units, that may be true but how
u use them relly counts. for me my fav. unit are the beserkers on the germans
faction they're may only be 24 but they're crazy wen thier beserk to go besek
get them close to enemy units then click on warcry to go beserk(not that close!)
1.they dont run away they fight til the end
2.mega strengh boost
3.scare troops, decreasing they're morale.
4.very good backup team
so yea....but the only thing is that they're very vunerable to missles which sucks.
now remember elephants are strong but they bring down ur money alot so use them
well like let them stay close to enemy like foot units so the archers on top of
the elephants can take down some of them but against legionary units of the roman
army try to move ur elephants to the side or the back to kill becuz arros arent
effective head to head against legionaries units becuz of their high defense value.
now comes to best foot fav is the ones that the germans hav its also
on one of the other barian faction (not the guals). with a 10 attack and a 10
defense(this is not including any exp or boost). man! thats good for archers.

Rome Total War Cheat:
Time saving to load the game:
I installed to D:Rome folder so locations will be as above.
Delete wmv. video file rome_title & activision logo video. So you will directly go
to loading screen.
Change the image splash.tga as you like.(Adobe Photoshop supports tga files to edit.)
So you can watch what you like while loading the game instead of Activision product

How to grab historical quotes:
If you are interesting in History you can grab them in D:RomeDatatextquotes.txt

Rewrite History
Then you will find historical battle files
Eg: D:RomeDataworldmapsbattlecustomThe_Siege_of_Spartadescr_battle.txt
Change playable & non playable ,so you can play desired team.

How to win THE_SIEGE_OF_SPARTA strategically.
I found this is the most difficult to win. So follow this.
Greek hoplite Spartans are the towers of Sparta. Destroy them all with minimum damage
to you.
Use always fire mode in archers & onagers .
Keep always pikemen units beside them (onagers ) incase of preventing sudden attack
from hoplite Spartans & Greek general's guard cavalry.
Use wedge formation for cavalry units.
Keep merc rhodian slingers away from firing range in the first part of battle. They
will be useful in entering town. Otherwise they waste their weapons by shooting without
right target.
Onagers should attack enemy concentrated areas . It ll give massive destruction.
(sometimes youll find that you cant attack to the unit. So target to the nearest building.
Dont allow Aegon of_Sparta to attack your units. Allow him to enter the town. Keep
aside your units from his reinforcement path & set your units concentrate.
Always defend your general.
Greek heavy peltast can be attacked by royal cavalry . but dont get in to the town to
kill them allow them to come out. Otherwise your unit will be trapped. Command them
to attack & run very nearby place. Repeat this so they can attack & save them selves
from being attacked. But remember not far away.
I found elephant cataphract & elephant small are so coward. They ran away even they
have 7,10 soldiers. T o get maximum use from them command them to enter the
town when the pathway is just clear for enter. Then they all will be trapped & fight
until they die. Thats what we want.!!!!!
While elephant cataphract & elephant small are doing their job youll find there is
much concentrate of enemies, then use your archers unit. Itll be more effective to
have much lives of Greeks.

Even after finish onagers' & rhodian slingers' weapons dont send them to fight with
hoplite Spartans. Itll equal to send them to death as they dont have shields.
It was the technique that proved success, but can be vary by the player. Try yourself.
But use your thinking wisely!!!!!!

Tips for people who gonna play the Guals faction in the campaign mode and is not
goin to use cheats:

*in the beginin make everthing very high tax rate (ignore the yellow or blue face but
if its red make it high tax rate)
*use mostly non-cavalry units agaisnt the germans (cuz they gonna use spear warbands)
*use alot of cavalry against the julii and spain and cargthage(might luanch an attack
so be ready with cavalry)
*u might run out of money so never put 2 units at the same time in recruiting que so
remember to go re-check every settlement every turn!
*use ur generals to kill fleeing units to gain exp
*use fast barbarian cavlry get a little close to an enemy press pause(p button)then
double click on the enemy unit to see its stats and compare it with ur own.
*move ur mouse across an enemy unit if its says shaken on it and is not fleeing
attack with somtin and it'll flee(same with ur own if a unit has shaken on it avaoid
using it!)
*make sure u hav a well army in Alesia(or somtin like that) becuz the britons/germans
will attack somwher in the game
*youll be fighting in 4-6 flanks(not in battle) spain julii german britons carthage
(maybe) rebels(of course, they'll be blocking trade routes so ull make less money)
*ull definitely lose if u not a very strategic player
*fight on hills with u own top and the enemy on the botom to gain fighting bonuses
*always use warcry
*if there are woods or snow terrain fight in it to gain fighting bonuses
*chase fleeing enemies with cavalry

Population problems:
Having problems with your population? Forget getting your city to riot or handing it
to the enemy...
Use add_population...
Type ~ to open the romeshell, then type add_population (city)
(negative number ex: -2000).
Two things will happen. One, your population will decrease, and two, your cash flow
will increase.
Does not work the same way for Medieval 2 though (cash flow is dependent on a higher
population), but for Rome: Total War... You can go to town!

Powers of Darkness:
Not exactly a cheat, as it doesn't effect the actual gameplay. To do this, during your
turn press the ~ key and type in toggle_fow. There is now no fog of war, so you can see
everywhere. After you do your turn, end it with the cheat still on. Because you see
everywhere, it will take forever, so you should turn the fog of war back on. Open up
the ~ when it cycles through the other empires, and enter toggle_fow again. The water
will turn black! If you save and exit it won't be there anymore, and the water will
return to being blue if you put the fog of war off again.

Go to c:/program files/activision/rome-total war/data/world/maps/campaign/imperial_campaign
then open the file"descr_strat" here you can change the starting denari for a faction,
change settlement levels, add/remove buildings, and change general and soldier expierence
and weapon/armor lvl. Exp can go up to 9 weapon/armor lvls up to 3

Higher Chance of Success:
If you're being attacked with a small force, when you're setting up your units make them
go as far as possible and the enemy will get tired, thus giving your units a higher chance
of victory.

Easy Senate loss:
Don't worry if you see the supposedly huge senate army around Rome. Their army consists
of obsolete units like hestatai and princepes, and can easily be crushed with legionary
cohorts and legionary cavalry, onagars, ect. But beware, as soon as you do away with the
senate, the other loyal Roman factions declare war on you!

Easy money:
Start with the Juli faction, Red Roman. Listen to their first mission. Take that rebel
town, then make a few Diplomats. Spread them out everywhere, then start asking for trade
rights. The more money you can get, the better. Also, if you know you or your allies will
not attack them, you can ask for an alliance. Another good method is to build all the
farms, roads, ports, and mining things you can do in a settlement.

Stand off:
When you are outnumbered, have low forces, and know that you will lose, get a good stand
off position by gathering all of your remaining forces, and go to a hill or the highest
position if possible. If that is unavailable, go into the forests. Then, gather your
forces and put all archers in the very back, all medium to close ranged missile weapons
in middle, and all of your spearmen in the front with the legionnaires, swordsmen, etc.
just behind. If you have elephants or horses, put them javelins. Then, with the spearmen
formation, you can either wait for the enemy to hit the spearmen then charge with horses.
However it would be better to horse charge them when they are in archer or javelin range,
then keep bombarding them. Next, use all of your swordsmen to attack after the enemy hits
the spearmen. Then, use all of your forces to charge, except for the archers. Move them
away from the fight and keep bombarding. This is also a good choke point defensive

in instant action mode, put in a full no upgrades army of armored elephants against a full
army of no upgrades incendiary pigs. They will charge each other when the battle is entered.
The Senate will light all their pigs, but there will be flaming catapult shots coming from
the elephants. The force of the elephants hitting the flaming pigs will send them flying
through the air. This causes them to take the appearance of a catapult blast.

I write this to: Some Guy
Yeah, i think too that the elephants are not the best, but i dont agree that the berserk
are the best !!!!!
The best unit in the game is the "Holy Band" of the Carthage they would kill your berserk
without problems!!!!
But they are vulnerable to archers xP

Spy on:
First got to where you saved rome total war then select data then world, maps, campaign,
imperial campaingn ,descr_strat then scroll down and find the factions then there you are
[you can also put in loads of money for you and 0 for them] say if it does not work.

Outnumber when defending:
If your taking on a big faction and they have a huge army and you have say....4 caverly
units and you can't escape, try this, TAKE OUT THE GENERAL, for 2 reason, 1 if you kill
him lower moral of the enemy and you could win, but if not, 2 at least you took out a

Waters of Darkness Glitch:
Not exactly a cheat, as it doesn't effect the actual gameplay. To do this, during your turn
press the ~ key and type in toggle_fow. There is now no fog of war, so you can see everywhere.
After you do your turn, end it with the cheat still on. Because you see everywhere, it will
take forever, so you should turn the fog of war back on. Open up the ~ when it cycles through
the other empires, and enter toggle_fow again. The water will turn black! If you save and
exit it won't be there anymore, and the water will return to being blue if you put the fog
of war off again.

Speed Performance:
There apparently is something wrong with the default speed. Anyway, to maximize game speed
(smooth scrolling, etc.), go to Video Options and select the maximum performance for speed.
After that, you can change the video settings by clicking on the "advanced video options"
and maximize everything if you want. It doesn't effect the speed at all!
You'll have to do this every time you start a new game.

Unlocking Factions:
Besides the 3 major Roman factions, you can unlock other factions in the game. Though the
manual states you have to finish the game campaign to do so, this in not true. You can unlock
the races during the campaign by simply eliminating them. You do not have to eliminate that
faction yourself, as long as during the campaign that faction was eliminated, when you start
a new campaign, that faction will be available for selection.
Note: Not all factions can be unlocked as not all factions have an opening cutscene.
Additional note: This no longer applies if you have installed Rome: Total War - Barbarian
Invasion expansion. To unlock factions, you have to complete the short or long campaigns.

There is a secret rebel army and a settlement as well north of the region Tribus Alemanni
or Alemanii whatever that army and settlement consists in AMAZONS they are mounted on chariots
and pretty hard to kill but its a rare army.

Beat the Game:
Beat the game in a full Campaign (50 nations and Take out SPQR) to Unlock New Starting Nations

Unlockable How to Unlock
Egypt - Beat Game
Gaul - Beat Game
German - Beat game
Sluicid - Beat Game
Spain - Beat Game

How to play as another faction the easy way:
There are simple steps to playing as a faction without having to complete the game and here
they are.

- Train up an army that fills a town.
- Take half the army (and general incase you need to hire mecernaries),
- Ttake out the certain faction you want to play as e.g. egypt, parthia and britania.
- Then go to the menu and hopefully it will be there for you to play as.

Then you can start a campaign as them (this will not work for certain factions such as the SPQR).

The Amazons:
In the very northeast area of the map, there is a "hidden settlement" blocked off by trees
and only accessable from the West. It leads to Hyperboria, a rebel settlement with VERY
powerful Amazon chariots.

If youre facing a strong army like the romans and they have heavy infantry and you think
you're gonna loose the best way to kill them is to let them come close to must
always cary with you at least 4 cavalry units.set youre forces into loose formation exept
the cavalry.while your infantry are waiting for the enemy,select all youre cavalry and put
2 on the right 2 to on the left sides,you move them to the back of the enemy army and wait
for them to attack youre infantry.when you see that they ar preparing to throw their pila
then select all youre infantry and click on the enemy general so they will fight their way
to the enemy general runing towards him without too much losses.while you hold off his
troops you can charge the general from behind and perhaps the artilery if there is any,after
killing the general,if he didn't ran away charge his troops but don't let them to stay and
fight draw them back and charge again and don't stop untill you see them runing from the
battle field.

Codes for non-general characters, ie spies, assassins, diplomats:
During the game, press the (`) key, right above the tab, to bring down "RomeShell" the
cheat menu, and type in the code... note: the system is very finicky about typos, so
make sure everything is right. All codes have a limited use if you are using patch 1.2
or lower. If you use patch 1.3 or higher you may have infinte uses. If you have patch 1.2
and wish to use a specific code again you need to exit the program and restart it.

Cheat Effect
give_trait "character name" "GoodSpy" 1-5 gives any character between 1-5 subterfuge- works
on assassins too

give_trait "character name" "GoodAssassin" 1-5 gives any character between 1-5 subterfuge-
works on spies too

give_trait "character name" "GoodDiplomat" 1-5 gives any character between 1-5 influence-
may or may not work on generals

give_ancillary "character name" "catamite" gives a spy or assassin this ancillary= +1 subterfuge
give_ancillary "character name" "courtesan" gives a spy or assassin this ancillary= +1 subterfuge

Creating units examples:
Note: You can only do this once per game session and the codes are case-sensitive.

Create_unit "Arretium" "roman arcani" 5 units max 8 offense max 8 defense max 8 experience points max:
create_unit "Arretium" "roman arcani" 5 8 8 8
create_unit "Kotais" "greek silver shield pikemen" 5 8 8 8 8
create_unit "Kotais" "east hoplite brazen shield" 5 8 8 8 8

-=An example of the earlier incorrect cheat for Oliphant=-
Create_unit "Arretium" cheat oliphants" 5 8 8 8 8 Yubtseb Elephants
(or replace it with merc elephants)

-=An example of a city with two names=-
create_unit "Campus_Iazyges" "roman heavy onager" 5 8 8 8 8
create_unit "Campus_Alanni" "roman praetorian cohort urban i "

"Urban Cohort" Note before using the create_unit code, look at the "Export descr_unit_enums"
file first. If you type in a unit name it will not work. However, if you open this file with
a text editor, the first name of the five names of each unit is the name you must type in for
it to work. For example, if you type create_unit "Syracuse" "spartan hoplites" 2 9 9 9 9 it
will not work, because the unit is not recognized. However, if you type create_unit "Syracuse"
"greek hoplite spartan" 2 9 9 9 9 it will work. The name "greek hoplite spartan" appears in the
"export descr_unit_enums file".

Taking a settlement:
Note: This only works when you attack, and when the enemy has a wooden palisade or walls. When
you want to take a settlement and you are totally outnumbered, get two gate rams. When you are
deploying, take half of ypur troops and move them over to one gate. Leave your general with the
first group. The enemy should send only horses to the second group. Bring good soldiers so that
you can charge in after you attack. If done correctly, then the enemy should stay attacking the
first group. Leave your archers with the first group to "rain fire on the enemy".
You would probably take the settlement. Note: This works best against barbarians and sometimes

Cavalry charge:
If you have a large force of Heavy Cavalry and not much else, you can use these units to throw
back a much larger army. Just when the battle starts, pause game play and assign each individual
Cavalry unit to attack one unit from the enemy's side. Try to go for an even distribution if
possible. Then, select all of your Cavalry units and resume game play. Next, order your men to
run or to charge. The combined force of your Cavalry coming forward at a charge is enough to
frighten most troops or throw them back. Your own casualties are usually light to moderate.
Note: Do not attempt this if your squaring off against elephants, as you will not win.

Public order:
When squalor is overwhelming your cities, remove your garrison and governor to let it rebel.
Then, crush them and enslave/exterminate them. The decrease in population is the short term
cure for squalor.

Chane Unit Size:
first go on C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War. then you see the preference folder
and a word pad of preference..
Chane Unit Size
To the words UNIT_SIZE change the number to either 20(Small), 40(Normal),
80(Large), or 160(Huge)...........
and play with a great strategy

Best way to conquer Rome:
Rome is probably the toughest city to take over, since it's the main bigshot of the game.
This is how to conquer it:

1. Start a custom battle. Have 10000 Denerii (maximum).
2. Choose a team that has Onagers, or at least Heavy Onagers. Both are fine.
3. Fill one row of units with Onagers, the rest fill it up with strong infantary.
I suggest 3 armored elephants, 3 war elephants and 3 normal elephants.
4. In the battle, use your row of onagers to fire at a piece of wall.
Enable Fire Ammo for better use.
5. Wait until the wall is destroyed.
6. Use your infantary to take out the men inside the city! Don't forget to take out the

Conquering Rome:
Start a custom battle. Have 10,000 Denerii. Select a team that has Onagers, or at least Heavy
Onagers. Fill one row of units with Onagers. Fill the rest with strong infantry (for example,
three Armored Elephants, three War Elephants, and three Normal Elephants. During the battle,
use your row of Onagers to fire at a piece of wall. Note: Enable Fire Ammo for better results.
Wait until the wall is destroyed. Use your infantry to take out the men inside the city.
Do not forget to take out the archers.

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