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Коды (cheats) к игре » Knight Rider 2

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Коды (cheats) к игре Knight Rider 2

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Коды (cheats) к игре Knight Rider 2

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following names in campaign mode.

Code Effect
roam1 - Unlock all levels in mission mode.
roam0 - Lock all levels in mission mode.
Quiz1 - Unlock difficulty levels in the quiz.
Video1 - Unlock all videos.

View FMV sequences:
Use Windows Explorer to enter the folder where the game was installed (default
location is c:/program files/davilex). Open the folder where the movie files are
located. They are encoded in MPEG format, and can be played through the Windows
Media Player.

What to use when!:
Whenever you want to destroy towers (I mean the rocket-launching towers, the cranes
and all, not the Eifel Tower ofcourse), helicopters (The Chopper is the only heli-
copter to be destroyed) and far off things use your missile. Whenever you wan'na
shoot off the robots and all, then use your plasma (don't try laser 'cause that'll
take much time and never waste missiles) and when you wan'na blow off the ice burgs
or rather melt them then use you missiles.

This one is another on: In the first level when you have to dodge rocks you might
use nitro boost 'cause that is much more easier. Bye.

How to fight with big guys:
1.That helicopter.
When playing The chopper part2 or somthing 1st find the recharger. Go that room and
recharge and get missiels and don't fire(get the missiles when the target is red).
Go some foot infront and fire. Come back recharge and fire. This mathod help to you
destroy helicopter.

2.The truck.
Don't go infront of him.go the back side of the truck.Get laser gun and fire. But
you want to first destroy the battery in back side truck.

3.The huge laser gun.
Like the the chopper part2 find the rechargive system and hide there. Recharge, get
missiles, press A, go infront, fire and come back. This is the tip of brack that gun.
I will come back in another game. Don't cry.

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