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Коды (cheats) к игре » Super Mario Forever

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Коды (cheats) к игре Super Mario Forever

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Коды (cheats) к игре Super Mario Forever

level cheats:
open the folder where mario forever has been installed
(normally-c:\buziol games\mario forever) open the file mafosav.ini.
you will find words like chlebent,ata1save1,ata2save1,ata3save3,stringlev1
etc. these are specific values for each level.put the following values
in order to get different levels.








before starting any level, go forward; you will get a mushroom or a flower. go further,
jump as high as you can and go forward, you will get a special level.

1.Read the info once.
2.if you already have radishes and you get a flower, leave it, you can take it later
if need be.
3.radishes are more useful than beetroots. not leave coins. 100 coins give you extra life.

wen you first start he game and you see world1 world2 and world three wen u come out
of the pipe press q then u will see 1 pipe thet ucan go through which is the mario
forever lost map

Hidden World:
On the "Saved Games" screen, when you start the game keep going forward until you
reach the area with the goodies. Keep going and jump on the last blocks after the
Fire Flower. Jump over the side of the screen and you will reach a new area. Keep
going forward until you reach a pipe and go down. This will take you to a new world
with strange replacements of the standard Mario characters.

Enter mario minix ,while playing press "A" you will find that a extra turtle comes
from right side of screen killing all the enemies.

Human Laboratory World:
In the start of the game, when you load the file, don't enter. go ahead and you see many
goodies, just collect the fourty. Now, jump the blocks and jump against the wall. You see
a diferent place, and go ahead. You see a sing that say: Human Laboratory World. Ifyou want
to enter on this crazy world, just go ahead and enter in the pipe. But have other many things
to visit. If you fall, you restart in the file select.

Mario Forever: The Lost Map
In the Human Laboratory World, don't enter, jump to the right and you see the Mario Forever:
The Lost Map.

Secrets List:
In Mario Forever: The Lost Map jump to the right and you see the list of secrets.

Funny Tanks:
In Secrets List jump again to the right and enter in the tank.

Koopa Tropa Liberation:
In the Funny Tanks, jump to the right and enterin the pipe.

Starman Running:
Before enter in the Koopa Tropa Liberation pipe, jump to the right.

Goomba Party:
In the goodies part, collect the vegetable and hold it until world 1-3.You see a pipe closed with
bricks. Fire it with the vegetables and enter. But is very hard!

Mario Minix:
In the file select, go to left and enter in the pipe.

World 3-1 1-ups:
in world 3-1, at the place where you need to jump to get accross , at the edge of the bricks,
jump as high as you can you will get 2 green mushrooms.

In world 1-1 at the area where there is a gombas and a turtle take them out go a little
backward and tuche the pipe of that area and jump and you will get a 1up remmber don't die
or you will not get it.

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