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Коды (cheats) к игре » Urban Chaos

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Коды (cheats) к игре Urban Chaos

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Коды (cheats) к игре Urban Chaos

Cheat Codes:
Press [F9] and type "bangunsnotgames" and then press [F12] to get
the games wepons and full life.

During gameplay, press F9 and type BANGUNSNOTGAMES to enter Debug
Mode. You will also be Invulnerable. Now press [F9] again and enter
any of the following "Codes":

Code Result
BOO - Cluster of explosions
CRINKLES - Turn Crinkles on/off
DARCI - Control Officer D'arci
ROPER - Control Roper
FADE # - Sets fog fade level where # is any number
WORLD - Select music
AMBIENT # # # - Set ambient light (R,G,B)
WIN - Win the level
LOSE - Lose the level
CCTV - Everything turns fluorescent green
TELW # - Go to important game point #
TELS - Save a waypont on map
TELR - Return to saved waypoint

The rest are simple key presses.
Just press the corresponding keys to make these happen:

Key Result
Q - Show car paths
W - Make rain ripples
E - Make random vehicle
R - Make explosive barrell
I - Show pedestrian walking areas
[ - Toggle enemy view
] - Toggle enemy view
P - Enemy view on/off
; - Slow motion
' - Pause action
> - Fart smoke
/ - Stealth Debug
CTRL - Show statistics
G - Move forward 10 feet or onto ledge
J - Coordinates grib show
L - Create light
F11 - Clouds on/off
F12 - Creates game weapons
F3 - Exits game
Keypad 7 - Select game effect
Keypad 5 - Execute game effect
Keypad 3 - Weird orange fog

Fire Elemental:
First,start a game.Then press F9 and enter BANGUNSNOTGAMES in the console.
This will make u invulnerable.Then press 7 until u see a fire effect, as
"firewall". Then walk into the fire, and you will be a fire elemental!
And u won`t die! At least not for a while.

Level skip:
Start a level, press [Esc] and press [Enter] + [Up]. The save screen will
appear. Save the game, and it a map screen showing you that you have already
completed the level will appear. Repeat this in every level to easily complete
the game.


Talk to policemen,people who are standing still. They might give you
information,weapons etc.

* To get around the city faster, hijack a vehicle. Simply step in front
of it, pull out your weapon, and fire a couple rounds at the car. After
the driver flees, hop in and take your new wheels for a spin.

* If you can't access an area that's isolated by a fence, simply hijack
a van and pull the van next to the fence. Then climb on top of the van
and jump over the fence.

* To access heavily guarded areas, look for a back route, or sneak up
and surprise the baddies.

If you want to climb a building without using a ladder or anything, just
stand by side of the building then hold these keys in the right order
(LShift,Up,Right or left depending on the side of the building)

after applying the cheat "bangunsnotgames", press
"shift + left arrow key + up arrow key + a" this will create a mugger.
the only problem is this if you will create a lot of mugger the game
will close.and at last i want to tell you that i will send you new cheat
promise bye

hi its me saurabh yadav back with cheats the cheat of mugger sended by me is
published and now i came back with three new cheats the first one is:

1:apply the cheats of banguns... and press f12 you will not die.

2:after entering the cheat of "BANDGUNSNOTGAMES" PRESS f12 and you will not
die & press g and you will be accelerated and sliding in the roads and when
you touch the walls of the buildings you will be at the top of the building
and if your lucks runs good then you will find a place where you will be
througn near of a higher place like moon and hold on there and make a bunch
of mugger over there and many of them will fall on the ground but if you
move will fall with a cry but you will not die because you had use a cheat

3:apply the cheats of banguns... and press "shift + left arrow key + up arrow
key + j" and darci starts dancing.use arrow key for more dancing steps.
last i want to say that i want to be a good freind so please consult me if
you have any problem and be my freind @

Useful things:
* To arrest someone, push FORWARD + PUNCH to grab, then press PUNCH to throw
them to the floor. Then step over the body and press ACTION to arrest them.

* To climb down a ladder, step close to the top of it, and face away from it.
Press the ACTION button.

* I can't find this move in the manual, although I may have just missed it.
Anyway, for a very useful, quick and silent takedown, CRAWL up behind an
unsuspecting enemy, then stand up and press PUNCH. You will deliver a swift
elbow to the back of the neck, taking them down without a sound. Warning:
They usually don't stay down for long.

* You can get your health back by sitting on benches. Stand in front of a
bench, facing away from it, then push BACK to sit down. You'll slowly
regain some health. Push FORWARD to stand up again. Repeat as necessary.

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