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Коды (cheats) к игре » MageSlayer

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Коды (cheats) к игре MageSlayer

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Коды (cheats) к игре MageSlayer

Cheat Codes:
Update by: DJ Simo

Cheat mode:
To bring up the console puhs the ~key and type the following codes:

Code Result
fly - toggles fly mode on and off. to fly press the jump button
ode to jack - kill all creatures on stage
impulse 11 - godemode
noclip - toggles clip mode on and off
impulse 10 - large magic attack
Impulse 43 - First of the five impulses that cause death
Impulse 69 - Second of the five impulses that cause death
Impulse 137 - End Credit Music
Impulse 151 - Third of the five impulses that cause death
Impulse 666 - This is the impulse that crashes the game
Map n - Warp (where "n" is the level name)
a_moveme [x,y,z] - Moves to selected coordinates
dir maps - List available maps
map [map name] - Start a map
+6dof - First person view
impulse 42 - Display "Technically, this is an easter egg."
bigfinale - View end sequence

Spawn items:
Press ~ to display the console, type "pc_spawnthing" ,
then press [Enter].

Values for are:

Code Effect
relicpiece - A piece of Relic
i_health - Artifact of Healing
i_summon - Artifact of Summoning
i_bouncebombs - Bouncing Bombs
i_bombs - Dynamite
flamethrower - Flame Thrower
icetoad - Ice toad
i_health_instant - Icon of Healing
i_powerup - Icon of Power
i_inviso - Invisibility Dust
i_speed - Medallion of Speed
i_mana_instant - MoonStone
i_proxbombs - Proximity Bomb
powerup - Rune of Ascension (Upgrades your spells)
i_shield - Shield of Protection
i_death - Skull of Damnation
i_mana - StarStone
i_timestop - Stop Time

Spawn creatures:
Press ~ to display the console, type pc_spawnthing ,
then press Enter].

Values for are:

Creature Code
Bat - bat
Chapter 3 Boss - sandbeast
Chapter 4 Boss - queenspider
Chapter 5 Boss - lorethane
Demon - walkinghead
Dragon - dragonogre
Frost Giant Boss - frostgiant
Genie - genie
Ice toad - icetoad
Knight - knight
Large maggot - largemaggot
Large spider - largespider
Large wererat - wererat3
Medium spider - mediumspider
Medium wererat - wererat2
Rat - rat
Rat Lord Boss - ratlord
Ratmage - ratmage
Sand Beast - minisandbeast
Sand Golem - sandblaster
Scorpion - scorpion
Sludge Worm - sludgeworm
Small maggot - smallmaggot
Small Wererat - wererat1
Snow Witch - snowwitch
Spider - spider
Wraith - wraith
Zombie - undeadcorpse
Zombie Lord - zombielord

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