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Коды (cheats) к игре » Sea Of Fire 2

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Коды (cheats) к игре Sea Of Fire 2

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Коды (cheats) к игре Sea Of Fire 2

Level passwords:
Submitted by: RM

Level Password
T.S. - C07FE
Unknown - 40001
Unknown - 40003
Unknown - 40013
Unknown - 40017
Unknown - 40037
Unknown - 4003F
Unknown - 4023F
Unknown - 4033F
Unknown - 4037F
New Hope - 403FF

Ok well when you play sea of fire you must know that if you have
little money you will never win. build your defences and banks only.
keep makeing your banks work till you get to 125 (in the top corner
of the box showing how much money you have) then build 1 barrack at
a time (soldiers if only available tanks if availible.)

All Levels:
Level Password
Unknown - C0440
Unknown - C04C0
Unknown - C05C0
Unknown - C07C0
Unknown - C07E0
Unknown - C07F0
Unknown - C07F8
Unknown - C07FA
New Hope - 20003
New Hope - 20007
New Hope - 20017
New Hope - 20037
New Hope - 2003F
New Hope - 2023F
New Hope - 2033F
New Hope - 203BF
New Hope - 203FF
Snake - A0440
Snake - A04C0
Snake - A05CD
Snake - A07C0
Snake - A07E0
Snake - A07F0
Snake - A07FC
Snake - A07FE

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