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Коды (cheats) к игре » Panda - Tactical Sniper 2

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Коды (cheats) к игре Panda - Tactical Sniper 2

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Panda - Tactical Sniper 2

Коды (cheats) к игре Panda - Tactical Sniper 2

Flash Game Hints:
Level passwords
1. Basic
2. Build
3. Jail
4. Ice
5. Course
6. Mini
7. Plans
8. Impossible
9. Diamond
10. Escape
11. Cliff

To get an awesome rating on any mission you will need to fire as few shots as
possible and do the mission as quickly as possible. The ducks are hidden on
the levels (one per level) but they will hide when you use the scope hide
ability so you will only be able to spot them when in firing mode.

Level 1: Basic Training:
There are 4 targets that appear at intervals above the wall. Just make sure
that you shoot them all. It really shouldn’t be too hard.

Level 2: The Construction Site:
Get rid of the guard by shooting out the bolt holding the girder that he’s
standing on in place. After that it should be pretty straightforward. The
levers for the crane and the forklift control their movement so use them
to get the girder to the top so that Mr Brown can walk over to the ladder.
Then shoot the ladder so that he can climb down to Panda.

Level 3: Prison:
Shoot the first grill in front of Panda and then use the walkie talkie to
get him to move into the vent. Then get the guard to go outside by shooting
the satellite and disrupting his football game. Shoot the second grill and
use the walkie talkie again to lower a rope for Mr Black to get out. You
will then need to shoot the satellite dish again to make sure that the guard
goes back inside as the bears make their getaway.

Level 4: Ice Prison:
Get the guard to go outside by shooting the two milk bottles. Then trap him
out there by shooting the door to the igloo. Shoot the rope to release Mr
White and then shoot the ice beneath him to complete the rescue.

Level 5: Obstacle Course:
The treadmill is easily stopped by shooting the two wheels that are keeping
it running. The second obstacle is a bit trickier but still shouldn’t cause
too many problems. The machine on the right of the screen controls the
movement of the platform. To get it running, first shoot the middle of the
small cog so that it drops into place. Then shoot the lever. You will see
the platform start moving. To get the bears across you will need to stop it
in the right place so shoot the lever again at the right time (it may be
easier to hide the scope so that you can see where the platform is – if you
have unlocked this ability then you can use the space bar to activate it).

Level 6: Grand Theft Auto:
First get the guard into the toilet by shooting the drinks machine, causing
a can to fall and the guard to go and drink it. Then trap him in there by
shooting the lock on the door. Now you can open up the garage by shooting
the padlock off it. This will reveal a mini on a platform that Panda plans
to steal. To help him achieve his cunning plan, shoot the green button to
raise the car up and then shoot the choc out from behind its rear wheel
so that it rolls back into the waiting van.

Level 7: Blueprints:
Pretty tough level this one because you don’t have a lot of time to think
things through like you usually do. Shoot the traffic lights to stop the
van over the manhole cover so that Mr Black can sneak in. This will only
give you a limited amount of time though because the lights will turn green
again soon so once they are stopped at the lights shoot the sign holder above
the billboard so that Panda Cola smashes into the car below. Job done, right?
Sadly not – the recovery service is very efficient and will be along shortly
to tow the damaged car away. Stop it doing its job by shooting the towing arm.
Now it’s just a case of waiting for Mr Black to finish stealing the plans and
you’re away.

Level 8: Mission: Impossible:
Use the walkie talkie to lower Panda down to the computer but be careful to
steer him safely past the laser beams. He will break the code for you (at last
Panda doing something useful!) and then will give you instructions on what to
do next. Shoot the squares that appear on the screen like he says and then use
the walkie talkie to hoist him up (again taking care not to hit any lasers).
You will need to do all of that before the guard comes back.

Level 9: The Heist:
This level boasts a pretty tricky laser grid that is actually impossible to
disable completely. You can use the walkie talkie to radio in Panda and Mr
Brown but take care because they will both move forward at the same time so
you will need to disable the lasers in front of them before sending them forward.
Each laser will affect itself and another laser when you shoot its panel. You
will need to find out which lasers to shoot to disable the lasers in front of
the bears but also being careful not to turn on the lasers where they are
standing as that will set off the alarm.

If you’re still having trouble then the exact order to shoot the lasers is as
follows (although there are other solutions). After each step use the walkie
talkie to get the bears to proceed:

1. Top right
2. The one just to left of that (still on the top row)
3. The one just to left of that again (still on the top row) and then the one
slanting down in front of Panda
4. Top right and then bottom right

Once you have got past the grid Panda will disable the alarm on the diamond
case and you can shoot off the lid. Then you can use the walkie talkie one
last time to get Mr Brown to lower a device to grab the diamond.

Level 10: Escape:
Shoot the painting where there is no guard first and then move Panda along the
ledge once the guard has gone to check out what’s going on. Then shoot the
other painting to get him to move back. The second guard can be rendered useless
by shooting the shutter on the window above him. To get past the camera just
time it so that Panda hops down when it is looking the other way.

Level 11: The Bus:
Shoot everything off the right hand side of the bus (4 objects to shoot off
in total) to stop it from rocking and gain some balance. This will allow you
to get panda off the bus using the walkie talkie and he will trot off to fetch
a recovery vehicle that you can use to secure the bus in place. Plain sailing
from here. Radio in Panda one last time and he will hop onto the bus and
reclaim the diamond.

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