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Коды (cheats) к игре » L'Empereur

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Коды (cheats) к игре L'Empereur

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Коды (cheats) к игре L'Empereur

Cheat Codes:
* Income, food production, and material production, are critical to success.
These items are determined by a cities Commercial, Agricultural, and Industrial
ratings, as well as the population size.

* City quarterly income formula is Commercial rating multiplied by 10, plus $10.
Example: Paris CM rating is 45, so 45 x 10 = 450. 450 plus $10 is 460, so Paris
gets $460 every quarter.

* City quarterly income formula is Industrial rating multiplied by 26, plus 26
materials. Example: Paris IND rating is 30, so 30 x 26 = 780. 780 plus 26 is 806,
so Paris gets 806 materials every quarter.

* City annual food formula is Agricultural rating multiplied by 100, plus 100
food. Example: Paris AG rating is 45, so 45 x 100 = 4500. 4500 plus 100 is 4600,
so Paris gets 4,600 food each year.

* Cities get an annual tax from it's citizens in January. The formula is population
divided by 3, and rounded down. Example: Paris's population is 9,999. So it gets
9999/3 or $3,333 in January. Milano's population is 2,348. So it gets 2348/3 or
782.6 gold, which rounds down to $782.

* Formulas for population satisfaction and supply settings can only be addressed,
once actual production & income amounts have been determined.

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