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Коды (cheats) к игре » Valkyria Chronicles

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Коды (cheats) к игре Valkyria Chronicles

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Коды (cheats) к игре Valkyria Chronicles

Cheat Codes:
Hidden potentials:
Some units at level 20 may have still an empty slot for a potential. You can unlock
that hidden potential by getting 5 points by completing the following tasks. Then,
go to Castlefront Street and talk to Ellet. She will say that she interviewed a rising
star from your squad and unlock the hidden potential.

* Participate in a battle (1 point)
* Kill an enemy unit, heal an ally, repair cover (for example, a sandbag) or tank
(2 points)
* Capture a base (3 points)
* Save a fallen comrade (4 points)

Note: To get five points easily, enter Skirmish 1. Have a unit kill another allied
unit. Collect their body to get 4 points for saving them. Select another unit and
kill the unit that was killed previously and repeat.

Easy experience points:
Enter a skirmish. Use "Caution", "Evasion Boost", and "Defense Boost" on
Alicia. You will lose health very slowly when taking fire. It will take
two turns to reach the end. End your turn while Alicia is safe somewhere
along the way to reset her AP. Note: If you have Largo and Rosie in your
squad you will get a free CP.

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game, and save when prompted to unlock the Hard difficulty
for skirmishes; all storyline missions; "Music" option to listen to music from the
game; "Statistics" option to view the rank earned for a particular mission and the
number of turns it was completed; and the ability to skip the intermission sequences.
Additionally, start a new session with your cleared saved game file to retain the
experience, levels, money, orders, upgrades, and weapons earned during your previous

Enemy weapons:
Defeat the indicated enemy ace to unlock the corresponding enemy weapon for your
own use. To find an ace easily, use the "Recon Request" order. In the Japanese
version, you must recover the enemy body to unlock the weapon.

VB FW 1(g): In Chapter 11, defeat Cpt. Nonnenkof.
VB FW 2(g): In Report: In War Without Weapons, defeat Fujmolt the Edge.
ZM Kar 1(g): In Chapter 2, defeat Segular the Wall.
ZM Kar 2(g): In Chapter 7, defeat Kanazar the Lion.
ZM Kar 3(g): In Chapter 10a, defeat Oswald the Iron.
ZM Kar 4(g): In Chapter 13, defeat Sima the Younger.
ZM Kar 5(g): In Chapter 15a, defeat Ozwald the Steel.
ZM MP 1(g): In Chapter 3, defeat Ty the Immortal.
ZM MP 2(g): In Chapter 5, defeat Lt Nonnenkof.
ZM MP 3(g): In Chapter 8a, defeat Ty the Immortal.
ZM MP 4(g): In Chapter 14, defeat Sima the Elder.
ZM MP 5(g): In Chapter 17, defeat Ty the Immortal.
ZM SG 1(g): In Chapter 6, defeat Malya the Dust.
ZM SG 2(g): In Chapter 8b, defeat Zytreet the Lynx.
ZM SG 3(g): In Chapter 10b, defeat Tavyse the Beast.
ZM SG 4(g): In Chapter 12, defeat Mash the Hunter.
ZM SG 5(g): In Chapter 16, defeat Shuntr the Mount.

Stop Selvaria from moving:
In chapter 7 (the boss battle against the giant tank), Selvaria will appear on the
battlefield after you have damaged one of the tank's radiators. She will then proceed
to utterly demolish your troops.

To stop her from moving around and killing all your soldiers, you can pin her against
an obstacle with the Edelweiss. She can't damage the front of your tank, so you can pin
her up against a wall (for example, against that rampway leading up to the temple).
When she's pinned, she won't do anything on her turn and thus you are free to destroy
the Batomys with your lancers.

Be careful though, as she can still shoot intercepting fire at soldiers going past her.

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