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Коды (cheats) к игре » A Golden Wake

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Коды (cheats) к игре A Golden Wake

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Коды (cheats) к игре A Golden Wake

Cheat Codes:
Easy "Brotherly Love" achievement:
Visit your brother's diner as a task for Fatty Welsh. When you talk to him, select the option
to tell him the truth. At the end of the game he will attend your funeral and "Brotherly Love"
will be earned.

Easy "Darwin Award" achievement:
After finding the moonshine brewery, cover the chimney and block the stills.
Then, wait until it explodes.

Easy "History Repeating" achievement:
Go to a bakery for Fatty Walsh, then talk to the women about the speakeasy business. After
she appears with a gun, use the sack of flour and run outside. Wait for her to come out and
get shot.

Easy "Logic King" achievement:
Locate the right house for every buyer on the first try on Doc's auction. Do not use the hints.

Easy "Relics Of The Present" achievement:
Stand outside on West Flagler Street for a few minutes. The same three men and women will walk
up and down the street, and after some time another man will appear and "Relics Of The Present"
will be earned.

Easy "Smooth Criminal" achievement:
After getting the stolen plan out of the safe, place the picture back over the safe and leave
the office.

Easy "Super Salesman" achievement:
Do not select the "Seller Intuition" button during the five conversations when it can be used.
The persons you have to speak with during those times are the man at Doc's auction, bank robber,
William Jennings Bryan (by the pool), Freddy, and the guard at the train station.

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