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Коды (cheats) к игре » Quake Champions

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Коды (cheats) к игре Quake Champions

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Коды (cheats) к игре Quake Champions

Cheat Codes:
Keep Moving:
This is probably the most important thing, always keep moving, never stop.
Don’t linger in the same room for a long time, don’t try to ‘camp’. Plenty
of weapons in this game heavily punish a stationary target/style.

Even in a 1v1 fight, its important to move:
Strafe left and right against Machine gun/Shotgun/Lightning gun/Railgun.
Delay your strafes a bit against Nailgun.
Keep jumping against Rockets/Tri-bolt.

Try to not chase your opponents. Easiest way to get ambushed, die a horrible
way. If your target escaped, go find health and armor, and look for the next
opportunity to murder them.

Keep yourself topped up:
Watch your health and armor. Look for health pickups and armor pickups if
you’re not full. Taking a fight with less health than you could will almost
always end up in you dying horribly. Just try to be annoyed when you’re not
full health, and be comfortable when you are. Try to remember where the
health and armor are on each map, to know where to retreat after a fight.

Use different weapons:
The starter machine gun is powerful, however you can frag faster. Look for
other weapons to pick up whenever you spawn. They are more powerful and
easier to kill with.

Mega health and Heavy armor:
These two are located usually at the opposite corners of maps, it’s important
that you try to pick them up, they give you +100 hit points and can give you
50 points more than your maximum.

In a 1v1 situation, every point of health/armor you have over your opponent is
crucial. Being able to have 50 more is insane. These items are very high priority
and try to get them every time they spawn. Time the items. When you pick up one
of these, glance quickly at the timer at the top of your screen, and add 30
seconds to the timer. That’s when you have to come back.
(Church of Azathoth has 45 second timers)

No character in Quake Champions is overpowered. No ability is gamebreaking, and
everything can be nullified by 1-2 well placed rockets. Don’t fall into the trap
of thinking that one character is broken because you see someone go 43-2 with them.

A good player will do well on every character.
Play EVERY champion. Try them all throughout MULTIPLE games, use their abilities,
their passives, see if they fit your style. Try to pick three champions that you
want to learn and master. Do their rune challenges, find out what’s the best way
to use the abilities. Ranger is a very well-rounded character, easy to learn and
do well with.

Smaller characters (Anarki, Nyx, Slash) are for people who enjoy outplaying their
opponents, dodging shots left and right, picking your battles.

Medium characters are for people who consider themselves decent aimers, and like
having every advantage they can get over the other.

Tanks are brute force. They are for people with raw, good aim, straight into the
fray, and just outaim and outsurvive the opponent.

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