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Коды (cheats) к игре » Cinderella Escape 2 Revenge

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Коды (cheats) к игре Cinderella Escape 2 Revenge

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Cinderella Escape 2 Revenge

Коды (cheats) к игре Cinderella Escape 2 Revenge

Cheat Codes:
List of console commands used to debug & test parts of the game:
Written by NAN

Like the previous game in the Cinderella Escape! series, Revenge gives players
access to several commands which can be used to edit various settings on characters,
maps and gameplay.

To run the commands in this guide you will need to start your game and continue,
or start a new game, then press the "Accent Grave" key. This key is in different
places depending on the language of your keyboard but it is above the tab key on
an english keyboard.

Once the console has opened you will see a text box at the bottom of the screen
that you can type into

Note: While it can be fun to test things out, you might want to finish the game
before doing so. There are some warnings included in the console this time.

Warning: There are many commands made for developer-debug-only.
They may be harmful to your game or gamesave file. Use them at your own risk!!!
So if you plan on testing these commands out, it might be safest to start a new
game so your progress won't be lost if the save file breaks.

-=Level State=-
resetplayer - Moves the player back to the spawn point.

Has a bug where the original character is not removed from the level so multiple
characters will be spawned.

resetbots - Does the same as resetplayer but to NPCs

Has the same bug
Usage: spawngroup [group_id] | This command spawns enemies by group id.

The [group_id] depends on the level, different levels have different enemy groups,
if you need some ememies to fight just pick numbers between 0 and 10

Accessory IDs:
Usage: addacc [id]

Equips an accessory (even if you haven't bought it)

-=ID List=-
0 Hair band
1 Fish bone A
2 Fish bone B
3 Eye patch (left)
4 Eye path (right)
5 Wrist shackle (left)
6 Wrish shackle (right)
7 Glasses
8 Witch hat
9 Queen tiara A
10 Queen tiara B
11 Mage doll headset
12 Bunny ears
13 Police hat
14 Santa hat
15 Leather collar
16 Steel collar
17 Blindfold A
18 Blindfold B
19 Ball gag red A
20 Ball gag red B
21 Ball gag white A
22 Ball gag white B
23 Harness gag red A
24 Harness gag red B
25 Harness gag white A
26 Harness gag white B
27 Healer headband
28 Funny glasses A
29 Funny glasses B
30 Funny glasses C
31 Huntress mask

Other (R18 patch required)

100 Left nipple pearcing
101 Right nipple pearcing

listacc - Lists your currently equipped accessories

Usage: remacc [id]

Unequips an accessory (use listacc to find the [id] number)

Unequips all accessories

-=Game State=-
Usage: loadstage [stage_id]

Loads a stage. You can load into the beginning of a stage regardless of how far you have
progressed in the story. There are a lot of stages that can be loaded, here is a summary
of the valud numbers that can be used [stage_id] can be any of the following:

Boss Stages: Any number from 10506 to 10513

Challenge Stages: Any number from 10551 to 10600

-=Story Stages=-
Chapter 1
901 Intro Level
902 Tutorial Into
10101 Tutorial Level
903 Tutorial Outtro
101 Homebase 1
10102 Chapter 2
10103 Chapter 3
907 Chapter 4
908 Chapter 5
911 Chapter 6
913 Chapter 7
914 Chapter 8
915 Chapter 9
918 Chapter 10
920 Chapter 11
924 Chapter 12
927 Chapter 13
930 Chapter 14

-= Special Stages=-
10601 (requires R18 patch)

-=Player Character=-
Usage: at [0 ~ 2] | This command changes main player's Arms Type.

Changes the character's arm restraints
0 = None
1 = Shackles
2 = Ropes A
3 = Ropes B
4 = Pillory

Usage: bs [0 ~ 0.5] | This command changes main player's Breast Size.

Sets the character's breast size. The "small" size is 0, large size is .5
There is no actual limit to this number and it can be negative (-0.6 for DFC :^)

Usage: as [0 ~ 1] | This command changes main player's Armor State.

Sets whether the character's armor is broken.

0 = broken
1 = normal

Usage: setpc (cinderella/vanessa/snowwhite/eireen)

Sets the Player Character model. Doesn't effect gameplay, options are cinderella,
vanessa, snowwhite or eireen

Usage: emotest [emo_index], where emo_index=0 to turn off emo layer.

Sets the character's facial emotion

Options are:

0 Neutral
1 Smile
2 Laugh
3 Worried
4 Suffering
5 Disappointed
6 Surprised
7 Scared
8 Angry
9 XD
10 0_0
11 Consider

While in game Press tilde ~ (the key above TAB) to produce a console where
you can enter cheat codes.

Code Effect
gainexp - Gives you experience points. To see how many experience points
you need to level up, check your status at the mirror of your
home base. Usage: gainexp [exp]
showmethemoney - Gives you 1,000,000 gold
spfull - Fully charges your skill bars Cheatbook
god - God mode. You don't take any damage but your armor will still
break and your skill bars will still charge
maininfo - Prints gurrent game state information including the current level,
game progress etc.
skiptut - Skips the fairy godmother's tutorial on the first stage.
passstage - Instantly passes the current stage. Awards base EXP and Gold but
if you haven't done any combos, K.O.s or picked up any coins you
won't get any bonus.
skill - [index] depends on the character, certain characters can use certain
skills. Just try numbers starting from zero.
Usage: skill [index]

-=Developer Tools=-
While in game Press tilde ~ (the key above TAB) to produce a console where
you can enter cheat codes.

Code Effect
imptxt - Imports localisation text if you want to change the language of the game.
debug - Resets the camera position.
lockallach - Resets your Steam achievements.
testmb - Tests the game's Message Box function.
just pops a message up that you can click OK on.
testsc - Tests the Stage Complete screen.. and gives you 1000076 EXP and 1175 gold.
testtg - Tests the game's Timer Gauge which is used for certain levels.
exit - Closes the game.
clear - Clears the console.
help? - Shows a list of console commands.

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