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Коды (cheats) к игре NosTale

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Коды (cheats) к игре NosTale

Cheat Codes:
Reputation and Dignity System:
Written by Environ.

Overview of the Reputation and Dignity System of NosTale,
including a list of all obtainable ranks in the Game.

-=How Does the Reputation System Work?=-
When you open your character window you can see a section about
"reputation and dignitiy", where you can find two numbers.

The number on the left repesents your reputiton, the icon next to it
corresponds to your rank. Hover with your mouse over that icon to see
how much points are needed for your your current rank.
In this guide you can also find a list of all available ranks for

The icon also appears right next to your character's name.
You can gain repuation in multiple ways, as shown later.
The more reputation points you gather, the higher your rank will become.

The second number is your character's dignity. The number can't exceed
100, but it can drop when you die, even below 0. The game punishes you
for having a bad dignity (=dying often) to some extend, as explained later on.

-=How Do I Gain Reputation Points?=-
There are multiple ways of earning reputation points. Try the follwing:

* Complete Quests
* Complete Time-Spaces
* Complete Hidden Time-Spaces (ITS, PTS, RTS)
* Win Instant Battle (an bihourly ingame-event) -
you will gain your level x50 reputation
* Win Ice Breaker (another ingame-event) -
you will gain your level x10 reputation
* Win battles in the Talent's Arena
* Win Raids
* Kill Mobs or Players in Act4 / Glacernon - you will gain reputation
based on the level of the person you kill
* You will also gain 2 points for each daily visitor of your Mini-Land
(capped at 500 visitors)

I would recommend doing hidden time-spaces to increase your rank.
Hower, out of the above do what's fun to you!

-=What Do I Need Reputation For?=-
* First of all it's simply aesthetically pleasing and meant to reward a
player's progression in the game.
* It totally shows that you didn't spend all of your playtime in Land of
Death (LoD).
* You need a certain amount of reputation to be able to use your specialist
* Act4 / Glacernon activites cost reputation (5x your level for entering
family raids, 2x your level for respawn).
* It can be used as currency to buy special equipment in a shop in the PvP
arena (Hugo).
* You need 10k reputation and level 10 or something to be able to play

-=How Does Dignity Work?=-
* You loose dignity points if you die. But you can regain dignity points by
fullfilling quests or time-spaces.
* Should your dignity fall below -99 certain bad effects will apply to you
until you better your dignity rank. The negative ranks and their penalties
are specified below.
* Your reputation won't be lost or affected in any other way. You gain
reputation as usual. But it will be hidden until your dignity is positive
again.The reputation icon will be replaced with more or less shameful icons
depending on how low your dignity falls.

Dignity Ranks
None/Normal (Positive dignity range: -99 ~ 100)

Suspected * (Dignity: -100 ~ -200)

Title change by force

Bluffed name only * (Dignity: -201 ~ -400)

Title change by force
10% increase of prices when purchasing shop items

Not qualified for * (Dignity: -401 ~ -600)

Title change by force
20% increase of prices when purchasing shop items
Capture of NosMates impossible

Useless * (Dignity: -601 ~ -800)

Title change by force
50% increase of prices when purchasing shop items
Capture of NosMates impossible

Stupid minded * (Dignity: -801 ~ -1.000)

Title change by force
50% increase of prices when purchasing shop items
Capture of NosMates impossible
You can't bring any NosMate with yourself, current NosMate will return to Mini-Land

As you can see dignity is not all-important.
Just make sure you don't let it drop too low to avoid penalties.

-=Full List of all obtainable Ranks=-
The following ranks can be obtained by collecting a certain amount of reputation
points. The needed amount of reputation points or other requirements are given
in brackets.

Regular Ranks
Beginner (0 ~ 250 Reputation)

Trainee (251 ~ 500)
Trainee (501 ~ 750)
Trainee (750 ~ 1.000)

The Experienced(1.001 ~ 2.250)
The Experienced(2.251 ~ 3.500)
The Experienced (3.501 ~ 5.000)

Battle Soldier (5 001 ~ 9.500)
Battle Soldier (9.501 ~ 19.000)
Battle Soldier(19.001 ~ 25.000)

Expert (25.001 ~ 40.000)
Expert (40.001 ~ 60.000)
Expert (60.001 ~ 85.000)

Leader (85.001 ~ 115.000)
Leader (115.001 ~ 150.000)
Leader (150.001 ~ 190.000)

Master (190.001 ~ 235.000)
Master (235.001 ~ 285.000)
Master (285.001 ~ 350.000)

Nos. (350.001 ~ 500.000)
Nos. (500.001 ~ 1.500.000)
Nos. (1.500.001 ~ 2.500.000)

Elite (2.500.001 ~ 3.750.000)
Elite (3.750.001 ~ 5.000.000)
Elite (5.000.001 ++)

-=Top Ranks=-
In addition to these, there are 5 additional ranks reserved for the players with
the highest reputation on your server.

Legend (43th to 14th place)
Legend (14th to 4th place)

Ancient Hero (3rd place)
Mysterious Hero (2nd place)
Legendary Hero (1st place)

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