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Коды (cheats) к игре » Bomber Crew

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Коды (cheats) к игре Bomber Crew

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Коды (cheats) к игре Bomber Crew

Cheat Codes:
Beginners Guide:
Written by Mario

In this tutorial I would like to present and explain in the simplest
way how to understand and play this game.

-=Mission and the Best Start=-
You have plenty of time to start, so take advantage of it. Whenever I
start my mission, I instruct the mechanic to bring ammunition (1 - 2
darts) to the front of the ship. This causes the man responsible for
bombing or other person sitting behind the rifle to lose valuable time
to walk through the entire ship to bring one round of ammunition and
not leave the front of the ship unmanned.
Prepare a bombardment position immediately, select the right bombs
or wrestling to suit you, as in the previous case, give you time, the
only thing you need to do is open the clap and click the "dump"
If your plane is in good condition or you say you can still manage
to do another target, make a photos, for doing it you will leave
500 - 1000 Ј

-=Improving Aircraft=-
In my personal opinion it is better to go in heavy armor and have a
strong gun. Why? Why are you a quick bomber, since you're still
shooting fighter jets, you can not escape them. It is better to be
hard to beat and to be best armed.

=-Armor: Everywhere Heavy=-
Engines: It is not worth taking armor because they too inflated the
weight of the aircraft. Better to go in the basics. However, if the
scale is too large and the motors are on a basic level, change the
exterior to light and leave the interior on the inside.

Shelving equipment: *From left

1 Shelf: 1 parachute, 2 first aid kit.
2 Shelf: 2 first aid kit and 1 parachute or if you do not have fire
extinguishers in engines first aid kit, fire extinguisher
and parachute.
3 Shelf: 3 parachutes.
4 Shelf: 2 parachutes, 1 first aid kit.

-=Survival: Pontons and pigeons at the maximum level=-
Rifles: Always on the highest level but usually leave the rear with
the feeder, but when the X4 rifle turns, replace it and, in the next
modifications, give it to the feeder.

-=Crew Equipment=-
* Scorers: Armor -Heavy Armor, They are slow but it is important to
live long to protect the rest of the crew, with the rest in case of
evacuation have 2 parachutes next and exit

* Mechanic: Armor - Life jacket, sneakers and pilot's cap - The mechanic
should be quick to move quickly through the ship in the event of an
accident. Life jacket is just a chance to recover it when it falls
( they only work on water :) )
* Pilot: Armor -Heavy Armor, The pilot must be hard, unless someone has
to hold the rudder
* Radiotelephone and Navigator: Armor - The heaviest they can be, They
are an important part of a unit, they can not die at all.
* Bombing: Heavy Armor - After all, it is at the head of the hit.

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