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Коды (cheats) к игре Ylands

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Коды (cheats) к игре Ylands

Cheat Codes:
To open the console, simply press ENTER once you are on an Yland.
By typing /cmdlist you can see the complete list.

Code Effect
/killme - kills the player.
/unstuck - unstuck character or vehicle.
/ban - kick and ban player account from game.
/cmdlist - print this list.
/demote - demotes a player from admin status.
/freecamera - toggles free camera.
/kick - kick player account from game.
/promote - promotes a player to admin status.
/w - only those near you will be able to read what you type.

How to Get Unstuck:
Written by Hegemonikon

Stuck in your ship? Trapped in your house? Buried in the ground?

Simply press enter, type /unstuck and press enter once more.
A list of options /unstuck 0-3 will be displayed along with what each does.
Select the best option from 0-3, first try 2 and if that doesn't work go
with 0 or 1 depending on whichever is closer.

For example:
/unstuck 1

Storage and Inventory Expansion:
Written by Luna Plays

Oh my good full inventory, the usual problem, all that crap got to go anywhere.
More room to keep loot so give some items that are like boxes inside of your
inventory. The seed box is one of them and stores a lot of seeds for you. Fun
fact is that it stores and shows a lot more of its room if you don’t drop it
anywhere but keep it in your inventory. Click on it to open it and click on the
dots to the left upper corner to close it. The coal basket is another one. Not
going to describe now for which use it might be. The herb bag is also one of
those slot expansion items. So is the potion belt, the seashell jar, the pigment
jar, the key chain and the soil container.

-=Storage Boxes, Storage Room!
Something really absolutely important seems to me the size of the items you
can store stuff in.

-=Here is the ultimate storage guide for you:
Sack, Wooden Chest, Iron Table – 6 slots
Alchemist and Metal Sphere, Pirate Chest, Basket, Barrel, Furniture that look
like big bookshelves, Wooden box and wooden table – 9 slots
Metal Container, furniture that look like a dresser and big kitchen vitrine (cabinet) – 12 slots
Alchemist Chest, Bank Safe, Bamboo Chest, Egyptian Chest, Oriental chest – 15 slots
Stone chest and a big furniture that looks like a wardrobe – 18 slots

There are also two very small shelves with 1 and 3 boards.
Those are more like decoration to drop anything on them.

Sack: 1 cloth + 1 Sewing kit
Wooden Chest: 5 Planks + 5 nails by using any hammer
Iron Table: 8 Iron ingots + 5 planks by using any hammer
Alchemist and metal sphere: 5 iron ingots + 5 coal by using any hammer
Pirate Chest: 5 planks + 5 nails + 5 iron ingots by using any hammer
Basket: 10 sticks + any rope
Barrel: 5 planks + 5 nails by using any hammer
Wooden box and wooden table: 2 planks + 2 nails by using any hammer
Metal container: 5 Iron ingots + 5 coal by using any hammer

-=Wooden Cabinets:
Alchemist Chest: 8 planks + 8 nails by using any hammer
Bank Safe: 10 Steel Plates 5 cogwheels by using any hammer
Bamboo Chest: 5 Bamboo sticks 3 rope
Egyptian Chest: 8 Sandstone + 1 Chisel by using any hammer
Oriental Chest: 8 planks + 8 nails by using any hammer
Stone Chest: 8 stone chunk + 1 Iron Chisel by using any hammer
Wooden Cabinet: 5 planks + 10 nails + 2 wooden beams by using any hammer

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