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Коды (cheats) к игре » Cattails

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Коды (cheats) к игре Cattails

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Коды (cheats) к игре Cattails

Cheat Codes:
Where to Find the Power Paws:
Written by PassiveAggressivePotato

Where to find/get all of the Power Paws in Cattails.
There are 20 Power Paws in total, each give +5 max health.

There are four totems, one for each season.

Canyon Cliffs - Can only be accessed in Spring
Canyon Ruins - Can only be accessed in Summer
Swamp Border West - Can only be accessed in Fall
Prairie Border North - Can only be accessed in Winter

There are three mines in Cattails.

Prairie Mine, Level 50
Canyon Mine, Level 50
Island Mine, Level 50

-=Attacking Stuff=-
You have to attack some stuff to get Power Paws.
Each of these rocks/stumps have a paw print on them.

Beach East (Claw the rock)
Central Bend (Claw the rock)
Highland East (Claw the rock)
Wetland Outskirts (Claw the stump)
River Bend (Claw the stump)

Here are some Power Paw locations I couldn't come up with sections for.

Walking Trail (Step on the paw print and walk along the path)
The Weepingroot (Walk in a circle around the tree)
The Fallen Giant (Walk through the log)
Sacred Temple (Step on all of the paw prints)

Power Paws are sold by Coco at festivals for 8 Festival Tokens
(one for each season).

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