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Коды (cheats) к игре » Darwin Project

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Коды (cheats) к игре Darwin Project

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Коды (cheats) к игре Darwin Project

Cheat Codes:
Gameplay Tips (How to Win):
Written by Burrito

This guide is a tutorial on how to get started in the Darwin Project.
I hope this helped you!

-=How to win in the Darwin Project=-
* Craft up arrows right as you get in game. If you don't start with
the 5 basic arrows then you will want to make them right away.
* Always try to keep at least 1 wood on you in case you become cold
and need to place a fire (Not always needed but can come in handy)
* After crafting arrows, try to find the nearest area that contains
leather and loot boxes. You want to find the house that has the location
of all the players. Once you find that house and know where the players
are, begin to loot the surrounding area.
* Try to craft boots, cloaks, and axe modifiers right away. Depending
on how you are running your build depends what you craft first.
* If you have enough leather and wood, craft armour first instead of
the boots, cloaks, and axe modifiers.
* Make sure when you have the opportunity to craft snowballs so that
you don't have to craft them later when next to your fire.
* Remember to always put out your fire because it gives away your location.
* In fights, try to stay away from axe combat as long as possible. This
is because if you are in axe combat and you mess up once, then usually
the opponent will win.
* Once electronics start spawning in, try to find another building with
players locations to make sure you are the closest to the electronic.
* If someone else is way closer than you're, there is no point in going
because they will most likely grab the electronic and craft a certain
type of power before you can even get there.
* Work on your arrow aim and axe timing. The axes don't swing instantly
so you need to make sure you time your hits right.
* Always try to get tier 5 boots, coats, and axe modifiers as soon as
* Also, I like to personally carry a smoke bomb so that if I get tracked
I can get untracked and get to a building to where I can find someone
that is potentially tracking me.
* Hope the director favors you. Don't be toxic or the director will most
likely make the game very hard for you.
* The rest of the game is up to you to win. Work on your accuracy and
overall game mechanics and you should start winning a lot more.

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