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Коды (cheats) к игре » Yumenikki - Dream Diary

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Коды (cheats) к игре Yumenikki - Dream Diary

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Yumenikki - Dream Diary

Коды (cheats) к игре Yumenikki - Dream Diary

Cheat Codes:
How to Find All Jellyfish:
Written by Spiddermen

Can't find all the jellyfish? Good thing I did it for you!

Enter the docks doorway from the nexus. Use the umbrella to jump left past
the fisherman, and glide as far left as you can.

Go to the mannequin room. Go right past the jumping segment and gate, and
into the room with all the boxes. Above the door you came in through,
there's a secret passageway. Through there, there is a dark room filled
with mannequins. Equip the lamp, and go left until you pick up a Rooftop
Key. Go back to the entrance of the mall, and go in the door next to the
entry point. Go up the elevator, and use the Rooftop Key on the door to
the right. Go through that door, and go right.

-=Dark Street=-
Enter the door from the Nexus, and go left.

-=Ghost Town / Desert / Sky Garden=-
After trapping the angry orb in the Ghost Town, one of the doors in the
middle alleyway near the entrance will open. Go in there.

-=School / Destroyed (Red) School=-
One of the rooms in the destroyed school will have a chalkboard with a
hand symbol on it. Use the hand effect near it and pick up the purple
item (a key). Go back to the regular school, and go to the top floor.
Go in the previously locked bathroom and touch the jellyfish.

How to Get 5000 Points in Super NASU (Get the Arcade Master Achievement):
Written by Fae

I am terrible at arcade games but with this advice I became an ARCADE MASTER
at Super NASU!


Try standing near or in the corner and holding down the autofire button while
dodging every now and then. The autofire button is X on an an Xbox 360 controller
or space on the keyboard.

If you stand directly next to the corner your autofire will shoot the bird in a
way that makes it impossible to get the eggplant. Standing a little bit away
from the corner should help with this. Try to get as many eggplants as possible
as they restore half a heart but don’t take unnecessary risks to get them.
Every three purple eggplants grants triple shot and golden eggplant gives you
triple shot instantly.

Stay near the corner area as much as possible the middle of the map is the most
dangerous place to be. While in the corner you only need to keep track of the
objects heading towards you which makes things more manageable.

It should take a few tries but eventually you should eventually be able to get
it with perseverance.

After you get 5000 points you will get the Arcade Master achievement.

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