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Коды (cheats) к игре SpyParty

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Коды (cheats) к игре SpyParty

Cheat Codes:
Intermediate Mode Guide:
Written by LtHummus

This guide goes over the new missions and mechanics in SpyParty's Intermediate
mode. Once the Sniper starts winning most of the time, you're ready to switch
to Intermediate Mode. Intermediate Mode can be accessed by the little drop
down arrow next to the map selection.

-=Any Mode=-
The first thing you will notice is that the mission setup now says something
like "Any 3 of 4.” This is the mission loadout. In the simplified rule set, you
were playing "Known 4.” This means that the Spy has to do 4 missions and the
Sniper knows exactly which 4 missions the Spy is attempting to accomplish. In
"Any 3 of 4”, the Spy has 4 missions available, but only needs to accomplish 3
of them to win. The Sniper does not know which 3 they are going to be. In fact,
the Spy does not need to declare which missions they want to do, instead they
can accomplish missions opportunistically as they come up at the party.
Most intermediate games use this sort of setup.

It is also possible for the number of available missions to be fewer than the
amount of missions on the map. For example, on Ballroom, there are 8 missions,
but you might be playing "Any 3 of 4.” Before the game begins, the Spy player
must unselect missions to bring the total available to 4. In other words, the
Spy must declare (before the game begins) several missions that they will NOT
do. This is done on the Spy setup screen by unchecking missions on the right-
hand side of the screen. The Sniper player will have the unchecked missions
crossed off in their list.

-=New Mission: Inspect Statues=
This mission simply requires you to look at the fancy statues. While holding a
statue, you will have an action for "Inspect Held Statue.” While holding a
statue, you can also inspect neighboring statues as long as nobody else is
holding them. Each map will require a different number of statues to be
inspected to complete the mission.

Spy Tip: If there is a group of three statues, the Spy can complete 3
inspections in one go by picking up the middle statue.

Sniper Tip: People picking up center statues might be up to no good!

-=New Mission: Purloin Guest List=-
Toby, the waiter, has a guest list on his drink tray. To purloin (or steal)
the guest list, you can call Toby over to give you a drink. When he is
offering you a drink, you have the option of purloining the guest list. As
you take a drink, the guest list will disappear. The sniper can see if the
list is on the tray or not.

Spy Tip: Think about the angles that the Sniper will have on the guest list.
Choose your moment carefully.

Sniper Tip: The list can be hard to see on some maps, depending on Toby’s
position. Remember you can re-angle yourself to get a better view!

-=New Mission: Fingerprint Ambassador=-
During the course of the party, the Ambassador will touch stuff: statues,
books, drinks, and the briefcase. To complete this mission, you need to get
two fingerprints from the Ambassador. To obtain a fingerprint, the Spy must
be the next partygoer to hold the object after the Ambassador. For example,
if the Ambassador leaves a statue, the Spy can go to it to get a fingerprint.

Spy Tip: Keep in mind where the Ambassador is at all times.

Sniper Tip: Well, it’s the same: keep an eye on what the Ambassador is doing.

-=New Mission: Transfer Microfilm=-
The last new mission is transferring the microfilm. On maps with this mission,
there are multiple bookcases, each with its own color. To accomplish this mission,
simply take a book from a bookcase and return it to a different bookcase. For
example, on Ballroom, you can take a book from the green bookcase and put it back
in the blue one. You can also take from the blue and put back in the green. The
important thing is that you put the book back in the "wrong” place.

Spy Tip: Holding a book can help shed suspicion (see the below note on holding things).

Sniper Tip: Try and remember where books came from. AIs will always put the book
back in the correct location.

-=A Note About Pub / Moderne=-
Pub and Moderne are slightly special: purloining the guest list works completely
differently on these maps. Instead of having a drink tray and walking around serving
guests, Toby is stationed behind the bar taking drink orders. To purloin on this map,
go up to the bar and ask for a drink. When Toby serves you, he will place the guest
list right next to the drink. When taking the drink, you will have the option to
take the list as well.

-=A Note About Holding Things=-
Over the course of the game, it is possible to walk around the party while holding
objects, such as books and drinks. While you are holding something, it limits the
things you can do. For example, while you are holding a drink or a book, you can
not visit statues or pick up another object. Keep this in mind! Drinks will have 3
sips before they are finished, but Spies have the option to "gulp” the drink, which
will finish it immediately. It is also possible to start the game holding a drink;
in that case, the drink will have only one sip left.

-=Tips for Getting Better=-
Talk to your opponents! SpyParty is incredibly fun when you are talking to your
opponents. If you got shot as the Spy, ask your opponent why they shot you. You
might just learn something new.
Watch replays. There is an entire replay tool that you can use to watch your previous
games. You can see the games from both the Sniper and Spy views and you can freely
jump backwards and forwards in the game.
Look at the Dossier. In the Practice menu, there is an option to "View Dossier.”
This will bring up a screen that lets you view every character’s animation in the
game, so you can see firsthand what every mission looks like.
Play a practice Spy game. Use the Practice Spy Game feature to practice the new
missions and see how action tests affect the ones you know and love. In Practice
Spy mode, you can also hit the Tab key (or the X button on an Xbox controller) to
swap to the Sniper view.

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