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Коды (cheats) к игре » Cardinal Cross

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Коды (cheats) к игре Cardinal Cross

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Cardinal Cross

Коды (cheats) к игре Cardinal Cross

Cheat Codes:
100% Achievement Guide (Walkthrough):

A simple Guide / Walkthrough for obtaining 100% Achievements!

Cardinal Cross is a romantic Visual Novel. The developers implemented a total
of nine achievements. You can skip unseen text by enabling the feature in the
options menu. I recommend turning timed choices off.

* Start a new game

* Yes.
* Wait!
* Lovely.
* Toe fungus!
* This isn't over.
* I'm not a captain.
* Charming.
* Meh.
* Money.

Save 1

* Don't rip him off.
* Lucky.
* Not happening!
* Oh yeah?
* What things?
* It'll be fine!
* Plenty here.
* Spy stuff.
* Unlucky hacker.
* He is the lucky one.
* I'm still alive.
* I'm not very appetizing.
* In a good way.

Save 2

* Help her.
* Haha!
* Low standards.
* Payment.
* Really?
* Exactly!
* Show off.
* Uh-oh.
* We got company.
* Ugh.
* Seriously?
* Don't fight.

* Silver Tongued Devil
Persuade the Aegis soldiers to let you go.

* Are you all right?
* Books?
* Like potatoes...
* Criminal babies!
* Genius!
* Classic.
* Guilty conscience.
* Smooth.
* I'm a friendly person.
* Congratulations.
* I'll buy a new one.
* I'll disappoint you.
* Like it?
* Ta da!
* Surprise!
* You'll be fine!
* Redecoration time!
* You had that look!
* You are in trouble.

Save 3

* Give up the artifact.
* Stop Egon.
* Great!
* What changed?
* Maybe two pieces.
* I'm on timeout.
* They should join Politics.
* You have your traitors.
* Text her.
* You like adventure.
* Democracy?
* It'll pass.
* Tell the truth
* Scared?
* Not cool.
* Exceptions.
* Says you.
* Awkward...
* Need help?
* That's it?

-=To Feel Human=
Start a romance with Egon.

* It's called a kiss.
* Let's go Karel.
* Totally.
* For now.
* You again?
* Yay, or nay?
* Who?
* Good to know.
* Flatterer.
* I knew it!
* Naturally.
* It'll hurt.
* Are you okay?

-=It's Personal Now=-
Valery didn't survive.

* Daddy is mad.
* Wet blankets?
* Misunderstanding!
* Comfortble.
* I feel bad.
* Well...
* Well...
* Leave them
* Oh, well...
* Knock her out

-=Now You See Me, Now You Don't=-
Let Kamali live.

* Why not?

-=The Casanovette=-
Flirt with every possible love interest in the same playthrough.

* Send Karel in.
* Take off your clothes.
* Turn around.

-=Trigger point Therapy=-
Start a romance with Karel.

-=Alternative Choices=
Load 1

* Rip him off.

-=You Like Me Because I'm A Scoundrel=-
Try to rip off Egon.

Load 2

* Don't get involved.

-=Necessary Sacrifice=-
Leave the True Xeronians to their fate.

Load 3

-=Don't give up the artifact.=-
* It's Mine, All Mine!
* Don't give up the Artifact.

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