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Коды (cheats) к игре » Star Trek Adversaries

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Коды (cheats) к игре Star Trek Adversaries

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Коды (cheats) к игре Star Trek Adversaries

Cheat Codes:
Card Keywords:
Written by Rena

Basic introduction to the keyword text used on various cards within
the game, these words appear on Ships, Crew and events.

-=Non-conditional Effects=-
These will happen without any other conditions needing to be fulfilled.

Play - When you put this card into the field, it does that action that
follows this keyword. This effect can add any other effect listed to a
targeted card.

Retreat - Text after this word happens when you pull the ship back into
your hand.

Core Breach - When this ship is destroyed, the text written occurs.

Haste - This ship can attack the same turn it is summoned.

Modulating Shields - Reduces the first damage this ship takes to 0, the
shields are then removed and can be destroyed with a follow up attack/ability.

Stealth - This ship can’t be targeted until it decloaks from an action,
such as attacking.

Guardian - This ship must be destroyed before the flagship or other ships
can be attacked.

-=Conditional Effects=-
These will only happen if another condition is met, such as a valid target,
or other requirements.

Disable - Prevents a ship from taking its next turn.
Trample - After attacking an opposing ship, and destroying it, any
remaining damage is dealt to the opposing flagship.
Jamming - When attacking, this card does not take any damage.
Commander - Adding a crew card to an available command slot will
trigger this effect.
Bloodthirst - If this ship is damaged, but still in play, it triggers
the effect.
Cloaking Device - If the ship does not take an action, then it gains Stealth.

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