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Коды (cheats) к игре » Yume Nikki

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Коды (cheats) к игре Yume Nikki

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Коды (cheats) к игре Yume Nikki

Cheat Codes:
Nasu eggplant head:
To get an eggplant head in NASU, at the title screen press left, left, right,
right, up, down, up, down. You will hear an odd noise indicating that you did
the code correctly.

* The bouncing eggplants occur in a higher frequency.
* You cannot save your high score, but you can practice eating two eggplants at

Hyper Speed Glitch:
When you enter the dream world, go to the chair at the table. Equip the bicycle
and push down. Exit the Chair. Now you will be moving 4X speed!

Walk through Walls Glitch:
Enter the dream world and go on the chair. Put on the knife and walk off the
chair. While walking off, switch hands with the knife. Now you may walk through
walls with any effects active.

Tips and Tricks:
* Pressing the “1”, “2”, or “3” keys may cause some interesting things to happen,
especially with equipped Effects. Try it sometime!
* Pressing the “5” key will cause you to drop your equipped Effect.
Just make sure not to lose it!
* If you press the “9” key, your player character with pinch her cheek. This
is useful for waking up from the Dream World, especially if you get lost.
This is also good for for a sore cheek.
* If something looks suspicious, interact with it!
Remember, exploration is key to the game.
* Feel free to make friends. Play pranks on them!
* Sometimes, odd things can happen if you repeat certain things over and over.
Try it out!
* You might find yourself in a dead end sometimes. If that happens, just pinch
your cheek! You’ll wake up instantly.
* Don’t be afraid to just do something. Jump right into it.

Hyper Speed Glitch:
You can go faster in the game by using this glitch.
Follow these simple steps:

1.Go to sleep.
2.Search the Bicycle Effect.
3.Wake up (save) and go to sleep again.
4.Go to the chair and sit on it.
5.Press X for open the menu and put the bicycle.
6.Look down and press Z and you get the hyper speed glitch.

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