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 оды (cheats) к игре ї Moonlighter

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 оды (cheats) к игре Moonlighter

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 оды (cheats) к игре Moonlighter

Cheat Codes:
Infinite Money:
Follow these simple steps;

* Display an item at a normal price that people would buy.
* Stand next to that item while people are around it.
* When you see the (Е), get ready.
* Once you see the simley face, open the menu, change the price to
a much higher number.
* Go to your desk and sell the item.
* You will get the exact amount that you set it to.

Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game.
It is likely to eventually get patched.

Object Prices:
Written by 2B

List of prices for the items, organized by ascending prices based
on the notebook in game.

-=Golem Dungeon=-
Vine Ц 2 Gold
Root Ц 5 Gold
Teethstone Ц 5 Gold
Whetstone Ц 15 Gold
Iron Bar Ц 30 Gold
Crystal Rock Ц 100 Gold
Ancient Pot Ц 100 Gold
Crystallized Energy Ц 100 Gold
Golem Core Ц 100 Gold
Glass Lenses Ц 100 Gold
Water Sphere Ц 100 Gold
Broken Sword Ц 150 Gold
Foundry Rests Ц 150 Gold
Fabric Ц 300 Gold
Water Lamp Ц 300 Gold
White Stone Ц 300 Gold
Gold Runes Ц 350 Gold
Hardened Steel Ц 350 Gold
Old Golem Minion Design Ц 350 Gold
Golem Volume Ц 500 Gold
Golem Chisel Ц 600 Gold
Golem Designs 1/2/3 Ц 1500 Gold
Rune Tool Ц 1500 Gold
Golem History I Ц 3000 Gold
Golem History II Ц 3000 Gold
Golem History III Ц 3000 Gold
Golem King Jottings Ц 3000 Gold
Golem King Energy Crystal Ц 3000 Gold

-=Forest Dungeon=-
Venomous Spores Ц 60 Gold
Plant Flesh Ц 70 Gold
Magic Mushroom Ц 70 Gold
Petals Ц 100 Gold
Magic Wood Ц 100 Gold
Blade Leaves Ц 300 Gold
Strong Leaves Ц 400 Gold
Pure Acid Ц 500 Gold
Light Essence Ц 500 Gold
Life Fluid Ц 400 Gold
Straw Ц 500 Gold
Preserved Root Ц 500 Gold
Modified Seeds Ц 1000 Gold
Fertilizer Ц 1000 Gold
Fertile Soil Ц 1200 Gold
Ancient Wood Ц 1000 Gold
Fluid Vessel Ц 1510 Gold
Nutritive Water Ц 1500 Gold
Forest Fruits Ц 1500 Gold
Speed Powder Ц 2000 Gold
Old Bulb Ц 2000 Gold
Botany Jottings 1/2/3 Ц 2000 Gold
Forest History 1/2/3 Ц 5000 Gold
Carnivorous Mutae Seeds Ц 5000 Gold
Carnivorous Mutae Jottings Ц 5000 Gold

-=Desert Dungeon=-
Volcanic Stone Ц 100 gold
Magnetic Core Ц 300 Gold
Flammable Dust Ц 400 Gold
Desert Rope Ц 500 Gold
Diamagnetic Sand Ц 600 Gold
Magnetite Ц 1000 Gold
Fireproof Cloth Ц 1300 Gold
Fire Gem Ц 2000 Gold
Insulting Dust Ц 2500 Gold
Desert Steel Sheet Ц 2500 Gold
Chilled Lava -2000 Gold
Desert Stone Ц 2500 Gold
Cloth Dye Ц 3000 Gold
Fluid Conduct Ц 3000 Gold
Resistant Glass Ц 5000 Gold
Inflammable Liquid Ц 3500 Gold
Soldering Iron Ц 4500 Gold
Magnetic Tool Ц 5000 Gold
Desert steel Ingot Ц 6500 Gold
Thermo Magnetic Engine Ц 10000 Gold
High Levitation Core Ц 12000 Gold
Desert History 1/2/3 Ц 12000 Gold
Naja Jottings Ц 20000 Gold

-=Tech Dungeon=-
Crystal Shards Ц 500 Gold
Conductor Metal Ц 500 Gold
Mercury Ц 1200 Gold
Gold Strands Ц 2000 Gold
Plastic Film Ц 2000 Gold
Wires Ц 2001 Gold
Broken Battery Ц 3000 Gold
Energy Capacitor Ц 5000 Gold
Tesla Coil Engine Ц 5000 Gold
Treated Wood Ц 4500 Gold
Wolfram Rock Ц 5000 Gold
Vacuum Tube Ц 5500 Gold
Copper Reel Ц 7000 Gold
Tungsten Reel Ц 6500 Gold
Triple Cell Battery Ц 8500 Gold
Welding Gun Ц 10000 Gold
Argon Bottle Ц 10000 Gold
Power Supply Ц 15000 Gold
AC Adapter Ц 12000 Gold
Tech History 1/2 Ц 35000 Gold
Tech History 3 Ц 40000 Gold
Flux Energy Jottings Ц 50000 Gold

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