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Коды (cheats) к игре Raft

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Raft

Коды (cheats) к игре Raft

Cheat Codes:
Shark Attack Tips:
* You should craft a wooden spear, which is a tool that allows you to attack the
shark. However, you want to play defensively. If you jump in to the water to
fight it, you will lose. It is a shark. You will lose. Don’t try it.
* Wait for the shark to attack your raft, and then hit him with your spear.
After four hits with the wooden spear, he will let go of the raft.
* You can also distract it by using shark bait, which will keep him in place for
a while, useful if you want to do some underwater expeditions.

How to Use The Research Station:
You can craft a handy station in this game, the research station. Using it
correctly will allow you to craft new things to develop your raft and character.
When placed, you can walk up to it and interact with the book on it, which will
open a menu showing all of your researchable things. You can get new researchable
things by using blueprints, found in barrels. Place an item in the research spot
and it will fill in the research requirement of that item for every researchable
thing you have avaiable. All of them. Once you have met all of the requirements,
you can click learn, and then from that point on you can craft the item.

Tips & Tricks:
1. Placing Equipment
If Possible always place equipment over one or more tiles. That way if one gets
destroyed the item is still on the other piece so it is still there. You can also
put them on roofs and walls which can help making them even safer.

2.Water Purifier
Remember, unlike the old raft you do not actually put the cup into the purifier
you only use it to put water in and take it out. This has lead to confusion among
many youtubers and it is likely that other players will also struggle with this
is they think it is like the old raft.

3.Throwable Anchor

The bucket anchor is a one time use so make sure to use it wisely. Only use if
for big islands you can reach without needing anymore resources. Otherwise you
may not have enough. When you are anchored resources will not float by as the
stay in about the same spot. It also helps to throw it close to the island as
the raft is dragged that way.

4.Damage Underwater
If you take damage underwater it is probably the shark eating you and not the
plants if your oxygen bar still has oxygen left. If none is left then it is the
oxygen bar. (It may also be the eels)

5.Managing Your Status
We recommend keeping both of your stats high and at about the same level. If you
have high water and low food (and vice versa) it will affect your speed and other
things. Keeping them high also helps heal quicker and also if you run out of food
or water you will have more time to get it before you die.

Research in raft is simple and easy. However we would not recommend starting it
before you have decent resources as many things that the research table unlock
are for cosmetic or upgraded things that you already have in a lower form. When
you do decide to do some research put all the items in for the recipe you want
to unlock. (these items will also unlock in other recipes that feature them)
then when you have put in all the resources something takes to craft click the
learn button that appears. If you get a blueprint you also need to put it in the
top of the crafting table to allow that recipe to be unlocked by putting items
in. It sounds complicated but in game it is actually very simple.

7. Building Upwards
While most people will know how this works many won’t as it has changed from
itch slightly and not everyone has played itch. When building upwards you need
supports from the floor below. In the old itch the supports used to need to be
massive and in the middle. However in the steam edition of raft the poles are
small and can go on the edges (and in the middle depending on how big the floor
is) They can hold 2 if they are on the side and 4 if they are positioned in the
middle. (pretty sure this is the case)

Seagulls like to eat your crops and can be a very be very irritating however
you can do things to stop this. The main way is to build a scarecrow which
scares off the seagulls, however they can be damaged by them if you are not
careful. A more simple way is to kill them but you need to be quick or they
will just fly way. You are rewarded for your efforts with 2 drumsticks and
5 – 8 feathers.

9.Easy movement of items
Shift + left click to instantly move items to chest or hotbar. (If chest
is not open.) Same system that many inventory style games use. This also
include middle clicking to split stacks as well as holding right click.

10. You can wear the shark head if you place it in one of your equipment slots.

Getting Food and Water:
Wood and water are two factors which will determine if you survive.
You can get food in two ways, growing it, and fishing.

Growing your Own Food:
To begin growing your own food, you need to craft a planter.
Currently, you can only craft a small one.

Craft it and place it, and keep an eye out on your inventory each time you
collect a barrel. You might get a potato, or a beet. You can plant these two
plants in the small planter, and like all plants, they need fresh water
(see below). Give the watered plants time, and stay near them, as seagulls
will try and eat them. You will get more plants back than you planted, making
this a renewable source of food, albeit time consuming.

You can craft a fishing rod here, which is an incredibly useful item to have.
It allows you to cast your rod and catch fish when prompted. However, eating these
raw fish is inefficient, and you can improve their hunger satisfaction by cooking
them. To do so, you need to craft a grill. That is straightforward, and once you
have it crafted you can place your fish upon it. However, you can’t cook something
with the power of sheer willpower alone, you need some fire. Placing planks upon
the grill will allow it to cook. Give it time, and your fish will be cooked.

Getting Fresh Water:
Start by crafting a cup, and a purification station. You can collect saltwater
from the ocean whilst holding the cup, and place it on the purification station
similar to the grill. Also similar to the grill, you must add planks to it to
allow it to boil.

How to Get Sand and Clay:
Written by DemonsHW-

Want to make wet brick? Need Clay or Sand? I got ya!

* Find the island.
* Anchor near the island.
* Distract / Kill the shark.
* Go to bottom with a hook.
* Profit!

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