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Коды (cheats) к игре » Vampyr

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Коды (cheats) к игре Vampyr

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Коды (cheats) к игре Vampyr

Cheat Codes:
Achievements / Trophies List:

Time is on my side
Earn all trophies

From here to eternity
Go to the Shelter and rest…

At dawn we row
Take a ride with Doctor Swansea

Just take a bite
Embrace Clay during your first meeting with him

Merciful release
Let Clay live during your first meeting with him

Pest control
Eat 10 rats

Unlife is strange
Save this poor plant with water

The tools of the profession
Find all melee weapons

Keep your distance
Find all ranged weapons

Weapons of choice
Find all off-hand weapons

Bloody roots
Find the recollection of Paulus Aurelianus

Lore keeper
Gather all collectibles

Hippocratic oath
Heal 10 citizens

That's better
Upgrade a weapon with a module

Work in progress
Upgrade a weapon

Solid metal gear
Upgrade a weapon to level 5

Interview with the vampire
Take care of Dorothy's fate

Sacrificial lamb
Take care of Sean's fate

Prepare to die
Take care of Aloysius's fate

The Dying Swansea
Take care of Swansea's fate

Anarchy in the UK
Turn a district to hostile status

A taste for blood
Complete the game

Not even once
Finish the game without killing any citizens

Defeat the beast
Defeat Fergal

Hail Mary
Defeat Mary

Death on stage
Defeat Doris

Bury the hatchet
Defeat McCullum

Unnatural Disaster
Defeat The Disaster

London's burning
Turn all districts to hostile status

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