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Коды (cheats) к игре » World of Warships

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Коды (cheats) к игре World of Warships

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Коды (cheats) к игре World of Warships

Cheat Codes:
Tips for New Players:
Written by Moristopheles

In this guide I will tell you the most basic tips and tricks you
need to know to make your first steps in World of Warships.

* The firing range of a ship ? to the range that ship is most effective.
There is no such thing as "snipers" in WoWS.
* Use the mini-map. Don't just glance at it, actually use it - it's the
most useful tool in the game. Also use the "+" to make it larger.
* The most dangerous torpedos in the game have white triangles (meaning
they have been fired by friendlies). Torpedos don't know which team they
are on, they kill both sides without discrimination.
* Sometimes you need to attack, sometimes you need to capture a point,
and sometimes you need to retreat and hide. Pay attention to points,
ships remaining, and time remaining.
* Learn when a trade is advantageous vs not. Trading your 1/4 health
ship for their full health higher tier ship is usually a good trade;
trading your full health ship for their 1/4 health lower tier ship is
usually not a good trade.
* Be patient. In your first few (hundred) games focus on learning, and
staying alive. You will learn a lot more slowly and get frustrated if
you charge in and die early every time. Even if you are not the best
player, you are WAY more useful alive.
* While you might be tempted to go full broadside so you can aim as many
of your guns at the enemy as possible, don't - in this game, doing so
will just make you an easier target to shoot at.
* Try multiple ship lines. You will learn new play styles, AND the
weaknesses of other ships.
* Use chat. Pay attention to chat. Don't be afraid to ask for advice.
For all the salt in chat, the community can be pretty awesome at times.
* Don't worry about premium ships for a while. And for the love of God
don't buy a premium at a tier higher than what you have played.
* Don't grind. Don't try to race up lines. Enjoy the ships. Enjoy the
trip. A lot of decent low tier ships can be a lot of fun and have bad
reputations because no one bothers to try and actually learn them.
Tier 10 isn't the promised Land you think it is. Basically, have fun!

Bonus: shoot at the enemy destroyers. If you don't like being permanently
spotted and torpedoed by them, then take every opportunity you have to
eliminate them.

How to Use Your Old Wargaming Account:
Written by AutisticScrub

For all the whiners that wana use there main account on the Steam game.

-=How To...=-
* First go to steam right click on World of warships then go to properties
then local files then browse local files. Then find the "Steam_api.dll"
file and rename it to something like "Steam_api_old.dll"
* Second Relaunch the game and select the server that your main Wargaming
account is on and wait for it to load.
* Third Log in.

-=My Prefrences are Reset!=-
* If you have the old World of warships (non steam version) still installed
you can copy your preferences from it.
* First go to steam right click on World of warships then go to properties
then local files then browse local files.
* Next find your original install (non steam game) and find a file called
"Prefrences.XML" and copy it then go back to the steam version and replace
the "prefrences.xml" with the copied one.
* Relaunch the game.

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