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Коды (cheats) к игре » Siralim 3

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Коды (cheats) к игре Siralim 3

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Коды (cheats) к игре Siralim 3

Cheat Codes:
How to Get God's Talismans as Fast as Possible Early On:
Written by Demigod Dan

Allows you to make more efficient use of the post-game Itherian realms so
that you can enhance talismans other than the Grim Dawn talisman ASAP.

-=Pandemonium Tokens and Vulcanar=-
These 2 will be the most important to prioritize early on in the game
(ideally once you get to floor ~40). The requirement is to either farm
Vulcanar before the end of the main questline or get Friden up to Exalted
status before that time and then farm Vulcanar right after finishing the
main questline.

The reason to do this is to get as many Pandemonium tokens as you can get
early on. Vulcanars realm has a higher drop rate of Pandemonium tokens
compared to other realms. And if you use a Pandemonium token in a realm
of your choice, there's a fair chance that your Pandemonium token will
turn into an emblem of that specific realm. For example, if you pop
Pandemonium tokens in Azurals realm, whenever you'll receive an emblem it
will always be an Emblem of Azural. You'll also get runes from Pandemonium
tokens sometimes (needed for rune powder) and they could spawn a chest as
well, which has a small chance to contain an emblem and/or a rune.

What you will also want to do is to farm Aeolian up to Exalted so that a
merchant will appear in your realms sometimes. These sell Pandemonium
tokens for a price of 500 to 1000 of all resources each. Additionally,
they also sell the Emblem of the God's realm that you're in sometimes. It's
an extra way to farm up Emblems even faster, so go for it.

If you're lucky then you could even receive the Pandemonium Ultimatum
talisman from a Pandemonium token fight; this talisman will increase the
drop rate of tokens which will make the token farming process even faster.

Now you have all the requirements needed to start farming, so go on and hop
into Vulcanars realm and farm up those juicy tokens. Some of these talismans
are well-worth obtaining fast, but they cost 100 emblems and show up in the
Realm god's shop once you hit Deified (6) with one of them. Farming until
Defied (6) normally usually gets you about 50-60 Emblems normally, hence
this method is kinda required to be near 100 Emblems once you hit Deified (6).

Vulcanars talisman increases Brimstone loot, so that's another reason to
prioritize him since you'll be constantly short on Brimstone and Crystal.
You will likely get his talisman without having to pop any Pandemonium
tokens, seeing as you'll be farming him beyond Deified (6). Once you have
a good stack of tokens, hop into the realm of the God that you wish to
obtain the talisman of ASAP and pop tokens until you get about 40 emblems
max. Tada, now you can grind to Deified (6) and instantly buy the talisman
once you hit that milestone. Rinse and repeat. Good luck!

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