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Коды (cheats) к игре » Smoke and Sacrifice

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Коды (cheats) к игре Smoke and Sacrifice

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Коды (cheats) к игре Smoke and Sacrifice

Cheat Codes:
Tips & Tricks:
If you’re playing with a mouse and keyboard, the best way to control Sachi is
to use the WASD keys. Click the right mouse button to attack, and the left
mouse button to investigate objects in the world.
The game has a quick weapon switch which you’ll also find useful. Use the
mouse wheel or the shoulder buttons on a controller to switch between weapons.

-=Save Your Game Often=-
Smoke and Sacrifice doesn’t save the game for you. For that, you need to find
a Save Terminal. Remember to use them frequently. The underworld is a dangerous
place, and if your last save is a long way back, being killed will really hurt!

-=Prepare for Smoketime=-
Once you reach the underworld, you have only a short amount of time before
the Smoke arrives. Light sources such as glowferns and save terminals will
protect you, but leave you stuck in one spot and vulnerable to attack. What
you really need is a lantern, so don’t delay – find someone friendly who
will tell you how to make one!

-=Show that Bear!=-
Some of the characters you’ll meet in the game will ask to see special items
you’re carrying, indicated by a floating icon above their head. When this
happens, you’ll need to stand near the character, open your inventory, choose
the item in question, then select ‘Show’.

-=Fighting Is Not Always the Answer=-
Finding the combat tough? You’ll find that crafting or upgrading your armour
and weapons can make fights a lot easier. You can often find creative ways
of dispatching creatures without combat, or getting a helping hand from other
creatures in a battle…

-=Don’t Know What to Do Next=-
Stuck? Don’t worry! Revealing the mysteries of the Smoke can be tricky at
times. The Quest Log always shows you what you can do next though. Press
‘Q’ on the keyboard or D-pad up on a controller to see it.

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