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Коды (cheats) к игре » Unworthy

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Коды (cheats) к игре Unworthy

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Коды (cheats) к игре Unworthy

Cheat Codes:
Semi-Hidden Shop (Spoilers):
Written by Porn Uh Graffiti

Just a quick little shop some people may miss where you can get a key,
halberd and another life flask.

-=Gravedigger Shop=-
Now I'm not sure if I unlocked this through a boss battle, or possibly
through one of the post release updates, but the first time I was here
there was no shop at all. You may need to see the Temple of Ur first.

EIther way, once you claw your way out of filth Hell, make your way all
the way to the right of the boneyard.

* Find the elevator that goes down.
* Slaughter your way to the right...

...until you get to the *first* elevator on the way right, and take it up.

Now you should be on this side of the map. I know it's simple, just trying
to help

Here you will find the grave digger. If you talk to him from the left side,
he'll just give you dialogue, but talk to him from the right and he'll bring
up his inventory.

Buy whatever you like/want/need, and if you don't, well, he thinks that you are.

All Collectibles and Bosses:
Written by Demajen

Aiming to be a complete map of Unworthy's expansive game world, with all major
collectibles and bosses marked. Also includes hints.

-=The Map=-
Having completed the game, I discovered there is a NEWGAME+.
I also discovered a couple of new things.

* There is a hidden rune in the tutorial area. KAZ. It gives +5% EXP. It is
ONLY there in the tutorial area. The room is blocked off in the actual game
area behind the Deathmark statue.
* You can skip the Gaston fight, though you miss out on the Bow of Deceit for
doing so. This actually enables you to get that missing fifth Bell Shard from
a guy who we've seen hanging around in various places. I think the 'Other Half'
he's been talking about IS Gaston, so killing Gaston ends this quest line and
means you can't get the final bell shard.
* I found a second Soulflame Essence flask in the Spire Dungeon. Added it to map.
* I found another ringable bell in the top left of The Undercity, but it didn't
seem to do anything.
* I found a Soulflame Essence flask behind a hammer-breakable wall in the TOXIC
part of the Caverns. Added it to the map.
* Added the order to play the bells after you've fixed them. A cutscene will
play. (The cutscene is a bit buggy. It locked up on me twice.)

After the cutscene, kill the final boss on your current playthrough and then
you can rush to the final boss on your next playthrough (no need to do the bell
shards again) for... well, apparently there's a secret boss, but I have only
just started NG++ so I don't know what it is yet.

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