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Коды (cheats) к игре » Graveyard Keeper

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Коды (cheats) к игре Graveyard Keeper

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Коды (cheats) к игре Graveyard Keeper

Cheat Codes:
Beginner’s Tips & Tricks:
* Use the repair kits to fix the stone fence of the couple graves that have
a stone fence 2 and the wooden cross (not the wooden grave marker) of a
couple graves that have one. Pull out any sticks in the graveyard. Head to
town, stopping momentarily to check the blueprint at the farm. Break the
three breakable barrels (with your sword) in the town, southwest of the
tavern. Break the two breakable barrels in the tavern. Sell the certificate
and ask about the farm, don’t buy a beer.
Turn in the letter to the blacksmith and talk about ore and kill and turn
in slimes. Talk to the tavern owner for a free beer. Back at the graveyard,
go into the celler and break all the barrel remnants.

* Research in the following order: softspares -> primitive forging ->
stoneworking -> simple gravestones -> stone gravestones.

* Build devices in the following order, sawhorse -> stone cutter (if you
have the nails for it, otherwise build after wooden anvil) -> wooden anvil
-> furnace. If you don’t have the nails/simple parts to build all these
from breaking barrels, buy iron bars from the blacksmith and use the wooden
anvil to make what you need.

* Work bodies as soon as they come, don’t bury anything below 90%. You
should be able to get softspares before the first body comes. Romove blood
and flesh only, then bury the body. You should only need a few before you
can open the church. Put stone gravestones and stone fences on the graves.
Remove broken gravestones/fences temporarily and replace with stone
gravestones/fences that you make, stone/wooden crosses can be put back
(or on a different grave) when you have the repair kits to repair them.
After you start getting bodies that are five skulls or more, then stop
burying anything with (after removing blood and fat) less than 5 white
skulls and no red skulls.

* Until you can remove blood and fat from bodies, dump them in the river.
If you do things right you shouldn’t need much money right away.

* Stone Gravestones will give you a large amount of red XP, and clearing
out vines and brush will give you a large amount of green XP. Both are huge
helps for early game.

* Use stone and wood repair kits only on the graves that it will give you
bigger returns. It’s a waste to use one on a stone fence that is at 1.4 out
of 2. There’s a few good 0 out of 3s that are easy to buff up.

* Get your graveyard to level 30 if you can. Once you’re able to bury some
quality bodies that boost your score as is, you’ll see your numbers jump
up fast.

* Always keep a grave dug. Nothing worse than going into your graveyard
with a body at 91%, digging the hole, and it hits 90% or lower while
you’re prepping it.

* You can move multiple tree stumps and stone/iron blocks by placing them
in a row and pushing them. Much easier going up and down, left and right
is a pain.

* If you need money at the start, sweet talk the merchant after finding
the garden plot and getting the deed. He will give you a loan of 5 silver
and you won’t be pressed to pay it back for a while. Great for getting
early-game simple iron parts.

* Upgraded tools = high priority.

* If you can spare the XP, get the skull removal ability so you can have
one ready for the Astronomer.

* Sleep at night even if you’re not empty on energy. Right now the rate
for energy replenishment during the day is FAR worse than at night.

* Don’t bother with making food, at this point it’s not worth the resources
and the reward isn’t really that great.

* Get a furnace and a wood anvil ASAP, as they’ll give you the needed
simple iron parts and nails you’ll need for tons of items.

* Use your trunks to store common items you’ll use in a specific area, as
they take from the trunk and your inventory at the same time.

* Once you get your church open, build more pews. Avoid candelabras until
you have the hemp to make rope and replace it, or the money to just buy it
from the bishop. Also, the better the graveyard, the more money you’ll get.

Where do I find my savegames?:
Graveyard Keeper Savegames can be found here:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Lazy Bear Games\Graveyard Keeper
(You need to replace USERNAME by your actual user name in Windows)

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