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Коды (cheats) к игре » Defiance 2050

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Коды (cheats) к игре Defiance 2050

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Коды (cheats) к игре Defiance 2050

Cheat Codes:
Hidden Vendors:
Written by XAN2

Shows the locations of the hidden vendors.

-=Vendor at Muir=-
The first vendor is near to Muir Processing Plant.
Kill all 99er and he is there.
Coords: 1837, 2196

-=Vendors near of Top-Notch=-
Kill all 99er or all Helbugs.
Coords: 2876, 2585
Coords: 3480, 2353

Data Recorders Locations:
Written by XAN2

This is a list of the data recorders in Defiance 2050.
So you shuld find all of them.

-=Mount Tam=-
My Name is Ara
Coords: 1150,696

-=Gut Check=-
Coords: 144,-274

-=The Conspiracy=-
Coords: 1150,696

-=The Assassination of Toruku=-
Coords: 1583,872

-=Move to Paradise!=-

-=My Lovely Predecessor=-
Coords: 3878,1551

-=Mag-lev Negotiations Continue=-
Coords: 3892,1540

-=Meeting with Jon and Torc=-

-=Jon Sworn In ...Finally=-
Coords: 2315,690

-=Case # 44WKE - Teach, Joseph=-
Coords: 2386,576

-=Madera Mineral Scan=-
Coords: 3241,797

-=Towers vs. Soleptor=-
Coords: 2394,1340

-=Varus the Robber Baron=-
Coords: 2817,1765

-=Raiders on the Move=-
Coords: 4183,1289


-=We're Home
Coords: 3336,2929=-

-=Not My Best Hour=-

-=It's Your World=-

Coords: 3812,2512


-=The 99=-

-=Subject RR24F - Session 3=-
Coords: 2221,2513

-=Jackleg Is Back=-

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