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Коды (cheats) к игре » Unavowed - Case 1 - East Village

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Коды (cheats) к игре Unavowed - Case 1 - East Village

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Unavowed - Case 1 - East Village

Коды (cheats) к игре Unavowed - Case 1 - East Village

Cheat Codes:
Case 1 – East Village Walkthrough:
* After the meeting, leave the room through the door in the back.
* Choose “Astor Place station (East Village)”
* Go to the right until you have a vision
* Have Mandana open the door
* Go through the door to the right (The one that reads “Jordan”)
* Search the cabinet at the back of the room to find a scrap of paper
* Search the desk (bottom cabinet) to find a picture
* Search the desk (top drawer) to get a fuse
* Leave the room
* Take the stairs into the basement
* Use Eli on the Darkness
* Use the fuse on the fuse box on the wall
* Look at the blanket in the middle of the room
* Look at the uncovered body
* Leave the room and the house and go to Tompkins Square Park
* Talk to the woman sitting at the fountain
* Choose the first option (“Show photo”), then talk to her about everything
* Return to Jordan’s room
* Enter the password: wendy
* Return to Wendy and talk to her about what you discovered
* Return to the Village Eye entrance.
* Have Mandana open the manhole cover
* Enter the sewers
* Have Eli turn the valve
* Grab the key from behind the pipes on the right
* Use the key on the panel
* Talk to Jordan about everything
* Leave the sewers and head for the burnt down building
* Talk to the police officer
* Have Eli melt the ice on the locker
* Open the locker
* Have Eli melt the ice block
* Look at the body
* Use the photo of Jordan and Wendy while in closeup
* Return to the sewers and talk to Jordan again
* Choose between having Eli kill Jordan or using Mandana to send him
across the void.

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