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Коды (cheats) к игре » Ring of Elysium

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Коды (cheats) к игре Ring of Elysium

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Коды (cheats) к игре Ring of Elysium

Cheat Codes:
Basic Tips and Tricks:
Written by Teh_Diplomat

* You can switch directions on the zipline simply by pressing backwards (S) while
riding; useful if you end up taking the wrong zipline, or realize your about to
drop into a big firefight.

* You can jump off the zipline as soon as your character lifts their legs up; they
perform an animation to indicate when you are able to jump off. This can mean getting
back to your gun slightly quicker than running the zipline until the end of the line.

* If you swap a similar type weapon (SMG for another SMG, AR for an AR, etc) it will
automatically attach the available attachments you had on your previously equipped weapon.

* If you selected the Hangglider kit, you carry the least amount of weight as compared
to the Snowboard (additional 50 lbs), and the Grapple/Zipline (+100, or 50lbs more than
Snowboard) However you can drop your pistol (and ammo) if you need the additional free
weight to carry more ammunition.

* Typically I find two weapons suffices for the hang glider: AR + Sniper, SMG + AR, SMG +
Sniper, and it allows me to carry more useful ammunition.

* With the Snowboard & Grapple kits, I've never really found any limit that hindered my
gameplay with regards to ammunition. Also, Bodyarmour allows you to carry an additional
50lbs, so it's really useful to find a vest as soon as possible.

* Also equipped weapons don't appear to add to your overall weight, so keeping similar
calibre weapons can be an ideal setup: For example the Remington .700 uses 5.56mm, so
sticking with an LVOAC/M4/M16 means more ammo!

* I find footstep noise to be key to winning close range firefights; keeping that in mind
you can Sprint/Run/Walk both standing and whilst crouching. Meaning you can move a little
faster while crouched, or conversely; move even more quietly if you're in the same house
for example.

* This may or may not seem obvious, but you don't need to hold down E or 'Use' when
completing an action - I thought you had to, but pressing it again will actually cancel
the action.

* You can move (albeit slowly) while healing. So, if you're near a corner, you can start
the healing process a little sooner knowing that you can still get behind that cover/corner.

* You can select any spawn point during the initial countdown; this can be useful for
blocking a hot spot, and then clicking somwhere else during the final second.

* Take note of where people are spawning, as if you spawn in a very secluded corner of
the map, you may be forcing yourself to move quite a distance when the first zone appears.

* It also helps to know where, and how many people are around you.

* The Hangider isn't effected by trees, so don't worry about constantly correcting your
flight path to avoid them.

* The game does have bullet drop, so get familiar with the snipers rifles, and the scopes
to know the distance involved.

* If you press Q at a target it puts a marker there and indicates the distance. This is
very useful when playing Duos/Squads to let your teammate(s) know where the enemy is, or
where to meet up, or get to.

* You can also use it in Solo matches to know how far away a distant enemy is, and whether
or not it's worth it to attempt to shoot them.

* Silenced weapons are extremely quiet - to the point where you can be within 30 ft of your
opponent and they may not immediately know exactly where they are being targeted from. Use
this to your advantage as you can fire off a quick burst, get behind cover, and if they lack
cover (use at your own discretion) know that the enemy only has a vague idea - behind, left,
etc.; of where you're hitting them from.

* Different grips have different effects on recoil. Some reduce Vertical recoil (the pull up)
and some reduce the Horizontal (the pull away). So far I've found that weapons like the Groz
and Famas seem to fair better with reduced Vertical recoil, while the LVOAC, M16 seem to
do better with reduced horizontal recoil.

* Please note that this is purely anecdotal speculation on my part - I need to do further

* Auto-Run by Default is =, consider using it if you have to "hoof it" for quite a distance.
Consider re-mapping it if you use it alot.

* Smoke grenades aren't just for obstructing vision; they emit a 'hissing' noise while
active, and this can mask your footsteps if you know an enemy is nearby, and need that
added stealth.

* Example: you received fire from inside a house, and want to clear them out, normally
your footsteps would give you away, but the noise appears to mask your footsteps.
Use with caution, and this goes both ways.

* If you're in a vehicle with multiple seats, you can switch seats, not only to fire out,
but you can heal as well!

* Attachments that are equipped don't appear to add to your overall weight, as compared
to attachments you carry. From what I've noticed, once equipped to weapon the indicated
weight is subtracted from my current carry weight.

* Use this to your advantage when you find a high power scope (8x for example) but don't
yet have a sniper rifle, and equip it as your secondary on another weapon.
When/if you do find a sniper rifle, throw it on!

* You can use Sprint to climb ladders faster, and also to slide down them.

* SMG's and pistols allow signifcantly faster movement while ADS'ing than do assault
rifles or sniper rifles. Useful if you are trying to peak a corner and quickly get back
into cover or just make yourself a harder target.

* In addition to being able to use SMG while on a glider, you can also use them while
driving snowmobiles. So can the passenger. So you can have the driver of the snowmobile
and the passenger both weidling SMG for deadly drive-by potential.

* Cars do not always smoke prior to blowing up. So do not rely on that as an indicator.
If your vehicle is getting shot at a lot, abandon it.

* If you get out of a moving vehicle you will take damage, the faster it was moving the
more damage you'll receive. However, sometimes this is better than remaining in a vehicle
that may simply explode.

* Hold CTRL and drag ammo/items to the center of the screen in order to drop an indicated
number as it's not well-explained how to do this in-game. You can also type in the amount
you wish to drop.

* You can deploy the hangglider by tapping spacebar again (no need for F).

* Snowboard goes slow as hell on paved roads. You need snow to pick up speed.

* On a flat plane, you go faster pedaling the snowboard (pushing your foot against the
ground) than you do sprinting. Tested in squads. So if you have the board, it's generally
better to use the board to cross open areas, unless the terrain is going uphill, in which
case going on foot is better.

* The mini-map tells you where the zipline points are (squares for the hubs and solid
lines for the ziplines themselves).

* The mini-map tells you where climbable walls are (indicated by a red pickaxe icon).

* The vector is a deadly CQC weapon. Insane fire rate, minimal recoil. Great weapon for
city fighting - despite its low mag count; thus the extended clip is usually required,
as 13 bullets will disappear in no time

* The 7, 8, and 9 keys on the keyboard use your medits, first aids, and bandages. I would
consider mapping these to side mouse buttons for easy access.

* By default, voice chat is set to squad only. If you want to proxy chat enemies, set
it to "All"

* The Snowboard appears to increase the height at which you take fall damage.

* Smoke grenades to do not rise high enough vertically to completely obfuscate the
helicopter ladder. So don't rely on smoking out the ladder for your safe ascent.

* If you are in a ski lift (or vehicle with multiple seat), use CTRL+1,2,3,4 to shift
seats. If you ADS, you can get a pretty good view of where you are going and potential
enemies. You can also heal while in a passenger seat.

Also, when you're in a vehicles passenger seat the vehicle does not run (however if you
just swtiched seats, the vehicles engine still makes noise for about 5 secs) so you can
essentially hide in a vehicle as the enemy make think its a free vehicle.
Note: The ski lifts do not have map markers indicating where they are going, so you have
to visually estimate.

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