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Коды (cheats) к игре » Boundless

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Коды (cheats) к игре Boundless

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Boundless

Коды (cheats) к игре Boundless

Cheat Codes:
Using the Compass:
* Red squares represent other Players.
* Green squares represent Friends.
* Yellow squares represent the planet’s capital.
* Grey squares represent other towns.
* Grey circles represent neutral wild monsters.
* Flashing Yellow circles mean this monster will attack if you
don’t flee.
* Red circles represent aggravated monsters.
* Purple dots represent portals.

Console Commands:
-=Emote Commands=-
Open your chat. Put / in front of the emote you want to use.
Note: You have to put / front of all emotes.

Command Effect
clap - Claps hands.
slowclap - Claps slowly.
facepalm - Puts you hand over your face.
intimidate - Does a fake pounce towards where you are looking.
laugh - Laughs.
point - Points in direction of choice.
salute - Taps your chest twice then puts hand up.
shrug - Shrugs.
sit - Sits on the ground.
yes - Shakes head down and up and gives thumb up.
no - Shakes head right and left then cross waves.
mexicanwave - Waves both hands in the air.
wave - Waves your hand.

Food Crafting Levels:
-=Level 1=-
Starberry Soup
Earthyam Soup
Meaty Broth
Invigorating Soup
Energising Soup
Shielding Broth
Burn Shielding Broth
Chill Shielding Broth
Toxin Shielding Broth
Corrosion Shielding Broth
Blast Shielding Broth
Shock Shielding Broth
Floating Broth
Criticaling Soup
Persisting Broth
Bag Of Sugar
Bag Of Rice
Bag Of Flour
Bag Of Oats
Bag Of Baking Powder
Purified Butter
Fortified Butter
Corrosion Amalgam
Toxin Amalgam
Blast Amalgam
Burn Amalgam
Shock Amalgam
Chill Amalgam

-=Level 2=-
Stewed Starberry
Earthyam Stew
Meaty Casserole
Invigorating Stew
Energising Stew
Shielding Casserole
Burn Shielding Casserole
Chill Shielding Casserole
Toxin Shielding Casserole
Corrosion Shielding Casserole
Blast Shielding Casserole
Shock Shielding Casserole
Floating Stew
Raw Teaching Porridge
Criticaling Casserole
Persisting Stew

-=Level 3=-
Raw Starberry Porridge
Raw Earthyam Risotto
Raw Meaty Risotto
Raw Invigorating Porridge
Raw Energising Risotto
Raw Shielding Risotto
Burn Shielding Risotto
Chill Shielding Risotto
Toxin Shielding Risotto
Corosion Shielding Risotto
Blast Shielding Risotto
Shock Shielding Risotto
Raw Floating Porridge
Raw Teaching Pudding
Raw Criticaling Risotto
Raw Persisting Risotto

-=Level 4=-
Raw Starberry Loaf
Raw Earthyyam Loaf
Raw Meat Loaf
Raw Invigorating Loaf
Raw Energising Loaf
Raw Shielding Loaf
Burn Shielding Loaf
Chill Shielding Loaf
Toxin Shielding Loaf
Corrosion Shielding Loaf
Blast Shielding Loaf
Shock Shielding Loaf
Raw Floating Loaf
Raw Teaching Loaf
Raw Criticaling Loaf
Raw Persisting Loaf

-=Level 5=-
Raw Starberry Pie
Raw Earthyyam Pie
Raw Meat Pie
Raw Invigorating Pie
Raw Energising Pie
Raw Shielding Pie
Burn Shielding Pie
Chill Shielding Pie
Toxin Shielding Pie
Corrosion Shielding Pie
Blast Shielding Pie
Shock Shielding Pie
Floating Pie
Teaching Pie
Criticaling Pie
Persisting Pie

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