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Коды (cheats) к игре 60 Parsecs!

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Коды (cheats) к игре 60 Parsecs!

Cheat Codes:
General Starting Tips:
Written by TheMilkman

Simple tips that i've found playing so far for people who may be new to read over.

-=Gameplay Tips=-
#1: At the moment pick Emmet as your captain, he is vastly superior to the other
charecters with perfect stat options and a special ability to generate a small
amount of materials every turn which is extrememly usefull in the long run.

#2: Only feed your crew when they are in the "Starving" status as it is a waste
of food to give it to them in any other status. (In emergancy situations its
sometimes ok to leave them in a starving state for one day but dont try this
often as Ive found it sometimes backfires and youll wake up to a new corpse in
the morning to deal with)

#3: Make sure to start with a good starting speech and become friendly to your
crewmates. If they are not fully loyal to you then they will refuse to go out
on scavenging missions making the game vastly more difficult.

#4: Always make sure your either crafting or recycling useless items to make
more soup or other usefull materials. Its a waste to leave to machine off for
a day.

#5: Go on space walks as much as possible because without them it will be hard
to keep your crew alive with the lack of materials.

#6: I dont remember many of the quests but some standout answers are, Dont eat
the soap, Repair the Vending machine, Grab the crates floating outside your
spacecraft, If your locked outside use agility not strength, If the alien wnats
you to spill soup dont spill soup. Also if the computer is malfunctioning be sure
to read because I know there is one event where it tests to see if your reading
and if you arent and clicking random crap it will auto kill your game. Also dont
put any items into the cow offering besides the relic. Another thing if the toilet
is clogged ignore it.

#7: In the startup phase I personally recommend grabbing only 1 to 2 people because
going alone is near impossible and having 4 will drain your food faster then a 500
pound man in your house.

#8: Try and grab a good mix of items in the startup phase and not just a bunch of
soup or be like "omg a gun ima drop everything for da ray gun" -Every 12 year old
that plays this game

#9: Befriend the cockroaches they are suprisingly nice and usefull

#10: If you need intellegenge material and need to recycle an item make sure to
upgrade it using the rock material then recycle it to get double the intellegence

Quick Beginner Guide:
Written by nickvk

In this 60 Parsecs! guide you will learn everything you need for a good start!

1. The Start
1.1 Characters
In 60 Parsecs we have 5 characters, each with unique abilities.

-=1. Emmet Ellis=-
Agility - 1
Intellegence - 3
Strength - 0

Makes 2 resources of each kind everyday

Captain's Goal:
Make 5 succesful Intelligence attribute decisions

Emmet, in my opinion, is the best character in the game. He's smart, runs fast, not
so clumsy, and makes 2 resources of each kild EVERYDAY. You can win the game by taking
him only, if you want so. Perfect for new players.

-=2. Deedee Dawkins=-
Agility - 3
Intelligence - 1
Strength - 1

Hunger decays slower

Captain's Goal:
Make 7 succesful attribute decisions of any type

Nice character, not as easy to play as Emmet, but not so hard as Tom. Perfect for
whose, who want to play a nice, not-so-hard-not-so-easy game.

-=3. Baby Bronco=-
Agility - 1
Intelligence - minus 1
Strength - Perfect

Can make friends faster

Captain's Goal:
Become friends with at least 3 of your crewmates

Pretty good character, totally not the easiest, but still not the hardest.
And his perk is great too.

-=4. Maegan Mann=-
Agility - 2
Intelligence - 2
Strength - 1

Less likely to suffer from poor health

Captain's Goal:
Keep a full crew alive for 30 days. (Full crew is the only ones, you taken from
the station, not the 4 astrocitizens in the ship).

Pretty hard character, pre-hardest one, because of no perfect or 3 pointed abilities.

-=4. Tom Thomson=-
Agility - 1
Intelligence - 2
Strength - 2

Less likely to go insane

Captain's Goal:
Send 5 successful expeditions on a strange, new world

The hardest character in the game. Get ready for the pain. Why so:

Runs slower than others (Just like Bronco).
Has no 3 pointed or perfect abilities.
His perk is a junk (Seriously, if you play well, you won't go insane at all).

Thats all the characters we have. Moving on to the new page.

-=1.2 Items=-
Here's the list of all items in the game and what do they do.

1. Can of Soup
The main thing, what helps you survive. You will need many of these.
(Also, good for crafting things, because you can carry infinite amounts of it)

2. Medkit
Cures the deseases.

3. Sock doll
Cures the insanity.

4. Communicator
A telephone, but for space. You will neen this, then you land on the planet.

5. Pistol
For the fights, of course! Very useful in the late game.

6. Duct tape
Need to fix the ship. Also, you will need this in most of events.

7. Mask
To filter the air. You will need this in the early game.

8. Armor
Protects your body. Useful in the middle and late game.
Space expeditions are walk in the park with it.

9. The astrocitizen manual
A handbook for all your needs. Very useful at the any stage of the game.
Cant be crafted.

10. An Artifact
The golden statue of the cow. Very useful in some of the events.

11. Lighter
Useful in some of the events. Helps in the dark places.

12. Shovel
The best weapon for every survivalist. Not really useful.

13. Battery
Super-duper Duracell battery. Very useful in some of the events.

14. Resource Pack
Large box with some resources in it. (Chemicals, Minerals, Energy or Random).
Can be found only on the start.

-=2. The Game=-
2.1 The survival basics

So, you made it! You are in the space! But what to do next?
This page of our guide will help you!

-=Basic tips=-
Your crew needs food. Feed them once in 5 days, that should be enough.
Try to land on the planet as soon as possible.
There's a crafting device on the ship. Use it as much as you can.
Think before you choose, what to do next.
Craft medkit as fast as you can. It needs very much time to craft, so if you
catched a desease, and there is no medkit, you very likely will be dead.
Send expeditions on the planets.

-=2.2 Your spaceship=-
List of all the devices, what currently available in your ship.

1. Crafting machine
You can craft and recycle things and upgrade your spaceship here.
Crafting machine needs resources, so you need to find them somewhere.
Can be upgraded to make more items.

2. Main computer
You can see, what troubles meet your crew this day, and solve them here.
Think before you make a choice!

3. Journal
You can see results of the past day choices here.

4. Spacesuit
Send people on to scavenge in it. Can carry 2 things.
Can be upgraded to carry more (up to 4 things).

5. Lever
Pull it, and you will finish the day.

6. Navigation sistem
Helps navigate your scavenges on the planet.
Can be upgraded to go further on the scavenge.

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