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Коды (cheats) к игре » Once Upon a Time

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Коды (cheats) к игре Once Upon a Time

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Коды (cheats) к игре Once Upon a Time

Cheat Codes:
100% Achievement Guide:
Written by ItsMeLeeson

Welcome to this Achievement Guide for Once upon a time!
This guide will explain how to do every single achievement in the game.

01. Pick up both empty bottles on the table to the right side out of the
starting room.
02. Fill this bottle at the wine barrel by selecting the empty bottle then
pressing the action key (E or space).
03. Climb the ladder near the table, and rotate the horns on the wall to open
up a new area.
04. Pick up the "Scroll of ghoul" in the corner opposite the table corner,
sitting on a crate.
05. Moving to the blacksmith corner pick up the "Scroll of bull".
06. Rotate the swords in the order seen in the picture.
07. Move into the new area you unlocked into the library, and pick up the
hidden book shown in the picture.
08. Go back to the spawn area where the new zone has been unlocked. From here
lure the spider from the new area into the room unlocked when rotating the
swords. This will kill the spider, and allow you to pick up the jar in the
09. Pick up the empty bottle in the room where the spider came out of, and
fill this up like you did earlier.
10. When you have got the jar place it by selecting it from the inventory, and
using the action key on the stool.
11. Fill up the now placed jar with the 3 bottles of wine you have using the
action key.
12. Run back to where you killed the spider, and got the jar.
From here you can stand on the water particle platform, and become a water
ball. With this run over to the area that set on fire after you filled up
the jar, and extinguish the flames.
13. Next to the two lions at the front, you will be able to pick up the "Scroll
of swords", and this will net you the achievement "Reading in the cathedral".
14. Now go into the library, and pick up the strange book located on the bookshelf
by climbing the ladder.
15. Run close to the lions, this will make them start charging up a laser to kill
you, run quickly to the other side of the hall where the shield is hanged in
the picture, and hide behind it. This will cause the lions to shoot it, and
unlock a new area.
16. On the right side open room go to the grave, and pick up the key on the back
17. Now walk into the fire altar which is available which is behind the flames
you extinguished with the water. With the fire walk into the left side room,
and explode the gate that is in the way.
18. Go to the chest in the new room open it, and you will receive a "Magic Feather".
19. Use the "Magic Feather" on the book stand in front of both of the lions.
20. To open up the portal, finally you need to go to the starting area, where
the spider came out of, and go down the trapdoor.
21. In this room pick up the strange book, and return to the lion statue area.
22. Now you should be able to interact with the book, and this will create a
portal which is available for teleporting outside. From here you can pick
up the required amount of 100 flowers to unlock the final achievement

-=Small Loser=-
This achievement is for dieing 10 times.

If you didn't get this achievement at the end of the following the walkthrough,
you can start a new game go up to the part where you open the room with the spider.
Then keep walking into it to die. The spawn is next to this spider so it shouldn't
take very long to get.

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