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Коды (cheats) к игре » Fallout 76

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Коды (cheats) к игре Fallout 76

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Fallout 76

Коды (cheats) к игре Fallout 76

Cheat Codes:
Easy XP:
Fast travel to Whitespring Golf Club. Enter the clubhouse and circle the main room
to attract all the ghouls in the building. Exit the building and circle the bus until
all the ghouls have exited the building and are chasing you. Lure the large group of
ghouls to the explosive car and stand on it, then trigger it to explode with any weapon.
The explosion will probably kill you, but it will also kill the group of ghouls. Quit
to the main menu, then load your character to reset the server. Repeat this process as
many times as desired. Even at Level 24+, you can earn 1,300+ XP in just a few minutes
using this trick. Respawn after dying and collect your junk, then repeat the process.
When you reload your character, you will connect to a new server. Simply fast travel
to the same location, lure the enemies out, and destroy the car.

Duplicating items:
Find a valuable item that spawns on the map. This does not work for items in lootable
chests, on bodies, or quest items. For example, get a minigun at the top of the catwalks,
in the exterior of the Poseidon Energy Plant, far south of Vault 76. You can either
wait (in real-time) for an area's items to respawn and travel back to the area, or exit
the server and travel to a new server. Then, keep collecting the same item(s) as many
times as desired. You can sell these items to vendors, but they restock slowly and their
cap limit is global -- so you cannot get money quickly using this method.

How to Fix “Login Failed. This account is not authorized” on PC:
The problem is caused by using the old version of the "Fallout76.ini" file.

To Fix the problem, open "fallout76.ini" and delete those lines:

sTitleType = beta

Now you are good to go!

Getting the Laser Minigun:
Join The Enclave faction, then access the Enclave Vault terminal to purchase
the Laser Minigun plans for 1,000 caps. The Laser Minigun is one of the most
powerful weapons in the game.

Joinning the Enclave faction:
Go to the Waste Dump on the eastern-most river on the map (just look for the large
icons on the map). Once you reach the dump, search for a cave guarded by Deathclaws.
Clear the Abandoned Waste Dump cave and enter the bunker interior. Complete the
puzzles to unlock the location of the Enclave Vault. Travel to the Enclave Vault
and accept their faction quest. Note: Before beginning the Enclave faction quest,
you need Level 3 Lockpicking/Hacking skill. The Enclave will send you to a new
location. Go to Sugar Grove and destroy the robot guardian. Collect the tape from
the Sugar Grove terminal, then return to the Enclave bunker to turn in the quest
item and join the Enclave faction.

Starting tips and tricks:
Use the following tips and tricks to make the beginning of Fallout 76 easier:

1. Collect as Many Materials as Possible: Materials are extremely valuable in
Fallout 76. You will encounter vendors, but everything you really need is carried
by enemies or found as loot. To earn XP, kill enemies and explore areas. It is
recommended to stay in the opening area for as long as possible. Unlock, hack, loot,
and kill everything in the area for easier levels. Looting is not too useful on its
own. There are vendors, but selling stuff is not always useful. Instead, get a
crafting bench and scrap useless items. Base materials are used for crafting, and
they are far lighter than standard items like weapons or armor. You can carry lots
of base materials, which is very helpful early in the game.

2. Create Bulk Bundles: You can use a Tinkerer Workbench for more than just scraping
items. You can also transform base materials into a "bulk" bundle. Use the "bulk"
function to place a lot of base materials into a single bundle with just 1 weight.
This allows you to carry multiple bundles of bulk materials with almost no weight.
You can also store the bulk bundles in your stash for later.

3. Upgrade Skills Wisely: Place your skill points into Perception and Intelligence
first to unlock Hacking and Lockpicking (two very important skills). If you want to
loot everything and explore all areas, lockpicking and hacking are mandatory. Unlock
perks related to those activities first, then upgrade your Strength. Strength not
only allows you to kill enemies more easily so you can save ammo, but it also unlocks
the Rat Pack perk at Level 8. This perk increases your carrying capacity, which is
very helpful when you have to often carry most of your stuff around.

4. Move Your Camp to Quicksave: Your camp can be used like an item, and dropped down
at a new location as you explore. This allows you a safe place to sleep and save your
game, allowing you to respawn at the campsite most recently used. Use your portable
camp regularly as you explore, or before getting into a dangerous fight, so you can
save and do not have to start too far away or lose a lot of progress if you die.

5. Get a Gun at the Start: After leaving Vault 76, there is a corpse with a gun to
your right. It only has approximately eight bullets, but if you miss this weapon,
you will have to fight enemies with your fists at the start.

6. Get Power Armor Early: You can get some Power Armor shortly after leaving Vault
76. Go to the Morgantown Trainyard, which is straight east of Vault 76. There is a
partial Power Armor suit inside the train car with "USA" labeled on the side. It
contains a frame, helmet, and few random armor pieces.

7. Get a Hazmat Suit: The Hazmat Suit completely protects against the negative
effects of radiation. It can be found in the Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06. You do
not actually have to go inside to get the suit. Simply travel to the plant (it is
the huge nuclear power plant on the west side of the map, just off the river).
After entering the plant grounds, stay to the left side to find an exterior catwalk.
Follow it up and around to the first roof landing to find a small exterior trailer-
like office. There is a Hazmat Suit sitting on some boxes inside.

8. Get a Mini-Gun: While you are in the Poseidon Energy Plant, there is a common
Mini-Gun that spawns in this area. From the rooftop while wearing the Hazmat Suit,
go up the catwalks to find a balcony with a burnt corpse standing on the edge. A
Mini-Gun will sometime spawn on the wooden crates in this area. If it does not
appear, it can spawn in a different nearby location. Proceed up to the second
rooftop, then go to the catwalks above the interior office door. A Mini-Gun will
sometimes spawn on the landing with the sitting corpse. There is one other area
the Mini-Gun regularly spawns. Go up the catwalks until you reach one that spirals
around a tower. At the top is a dead end with a few crates. The Mini-Gun at this
location spawns very often.

9. Get Free Materials from Responder Bots: This is only useful early in the game,
but sometimes you will encounter Responder Bots that try to help you. These bots
are useful if you are struggling, and will sometimes even give you free items.
Talk with Responder Bots before killing them to sometimes get materials, which you
cannot loot off their bodies after killing them.

10. Get a Bobblehead: Bobbleheads spawn in semi-random locations in Fallout 76,
but there is a bobblehead that spawns in a common location at the County Fair
(large Ferris Wheel on the map). The Bobblehead can be found on the table covered
with old Halloween decorations inside the shed/metal building on the edge of the

Getting the Rose's Syringer unique weapon:
The Rose's Syringer unique weapon can be obtained at the "Top Of The World" resort,
which is located in the center of the map in the Savage Divide region. The quest for
the special syringer is given by a Raider Robot named "Rose" on the top floor of the
resort. Talk to Rose, and she will send you on three Raider faction quests: "Signal
Strength", "Flavors Of Mayhem", and "Keys To The Past". Complete all her quests to
get Rose's Syringer. Most syringers are not too useful, but this syringer turns any
enemy shot with it extremely powerful for 60 seconds, and then extremely weak for 60
seconds. As long as you can survive the first 60 seconds, even high-level enemies can
then easily be killed. This allows Level 10-20 players to kill Level 40-50 enemies.
Note: While at the "Top Of The World" resort, you can also find a Vault-Tec Bobblehead
on the Mezzanine Level, on a speaker near the elevator exit.

C.A.M.P. Building Guide:
Written by Old_Ben

The C.A.M.P. system is not very intuitive at first. And understanding what IS and
IS NOT possible with the system came with much hair pulling and frustration.

-=When You First Create Your Camp=-
When you first create your Camp, Bigger is NOT better. There are a number of reasons
for this.

A) You have a small building overhead to work with. Certain things will eat up that
overhead fast. Such as turrets. In game you will want to upgrade your turrets when
you can, So that you don't need as many for your setup. Many believe that the overhead
needs to be increased, or the overhead required per piece be reduced. I have mixed
thoughts on this. and time will tell what happens in the future.

B) Any thing you build, that you wish to put back down as a "Unit". Will need to be
on foundation blocks. As a builder, Let me tell you. For construction of ANY type of
building? Foundations are Everything! If your foundation is not right, then your
building will not be ether. Now in hilly and mountainous terrain, to build large
foundations REQUIRES heavy equipment to clear and level the terrain. Something you
would not have 25 years after a nuclear war in real life. And it is no difference in
the game world. The larger your foundation is, the harder it will be to place it down
when you move your camp. And you Will want or Need to move your camp on occasion.

C) Problems moving camp: There are many problems I have come up with in the B.E.T.A.
Some are understandable from both a real world perspective, and a game programming
one. Any Object that has collision (you go over it or around it) WILL stop your
blueprinted building from being put back down somewhere else. This includes trees,
large rocks, anything that you can "Harvest" such as wood, ore, or plants ( and yes
even a dead body or skeleton). And keep in mind the collision field is not just on
the ground, it go's ALL the way to the top, such as trees. So if you have say a 2x2
first floor, and a 3x3 (or larger) 2nd floor. If that 2nd floor is touching or in
a tree? It will Not allow you to place the building. STAIRSattached to the SIDE of
foundation blocks will also make your foundation "Float" and you will not be able
to place your building. Though this would be understandable with the stairs in the
stair tab. It also seems to be the problem with the stairs and ramp under the
foundation tab. Hopefully they will fix this before game day. When designing a
building to blueprint? DO NOT place anything on the ground, apart from the building.
This can cause a problem when blueprinting. This includes water pumps, plants,
fencing, Ect.. Build you building, add what you want inside it, and even put turrets
on top of the roof. Then Blueprint it. Before you put down anything else. I know
from experience, 2 stories with turrets on top will work in game. But I as of yet
do not know the total height you can go. I will update this as more information is

Note on Blueprinting: When you first click on your completed building, It will NOT
select the whole thing, there is another command to select all (old man brain fart
here - I cant remember the exact wording) If you don't select all , then when the
Camp is moved, It will place all PARTS of the building into the Saved tab as
individual pieces (though sometimes, if something is ON a foundation block like a
table. It may still be attached). Also if you Blueprinted a building, and go to
put it back down? DO NOT select the blueprint from the Blueprint tab. Select the
building from the SAVED tab. If you do so from the Blueprint Tab, It will try and
create a new building using up more resources if you have them, Instead of placing d
own the building you already created.

-=Tips for Constuction of Your C.A.M.P.=-
1) Keep your building footprint small: We are talking about the foundation BASE here.
Think of foundations being 1 x 2, 1 x 3 (or 3 foundation blocks in a L pattern), or
2 x2. Yes you CAN go larger, 2 x3, 3 x3, or even 6x6 in Very Few places. But that
WILL be problematic finding a new place to put it down, when you have to move your
building. After all, The game takes place in the mountains, And you do not have
heavy equipment to "adjust the Landscape" 25 years after a nuclear war.

2) Do not add outside stairs before blueprinting your building. This may cause
problems. Hopefully the foundation tab stairs will be fixed by game day. we will see.

3) You can build and design more then 1 blueprint. And personally I think this is
a good idea for a number of reasons. Lets say you build 2 buildings 1 story high.
The first building could be your main home, A 1 x 2 foundation with walls, windows,
and 1 door. This will allow enough space to place your bed, stash box, and the small
cook pot and an instrument, all inside. Add 4 turrets to the roof, 1 on each corner
facing out. This will allow 2 turrets to guard each side. This will give you one
building you can sleep, unload into stash box, cook food, get your "Well Rested"
and "Well Tuned" buffs and have some protection. All in 1 "Unit" that you can put
down Fast in a new area. Very handy for those of us that like to scavenge. And have
our Stash box close to where we do our thing! Added bonus? we can kite mobs back to
our camp to have our turrets help with killing. The 2nd building can be your crafting
building. you can place down 2 foundation blocks together, add a wall on both ends
and a roof attaching the 2, with both long sides left open. This will allow you to
place all workstations BACK to BACK (except cook pot) on the foundations and still
be able to access them for building, repairing, and creating anything you need or
want. And if you have enough "Overhead" left (debatable at this time) add 4 more
turrets like you did on your home. You would not need to place this every time,
unless you needed it. NOTE: a 2 story building that is 1 x2 without a larger 2nd
floor, will not allow for ALL workstations, but can handle 2 alright, say armor
and weapon crafting for repairs. Also note that if your 2nd floor is larger, you
will have an overhang at the base. (this is what I had) and if a enemy gets under
that overhang your turrets on the roof WILL not be able to target them. Of course
you could just put out your workstations on the ground around you camp as the need
arises, And save the overhead lost from the foundation blocks, walls and roof, you
would use. (MY personal choice, at this time. But I am still experimenting).

4) Place turrets up off the ground: Place your turrets on your roofs, or on the
upper sides of your buildings (If building is more then 1 story) Though mobs like
scorched that use ranged weapons can still attack them. Melee attackers and animals
like mole rats wont be able too. This will save you resources, and at least some
time having to repair damage to them.

Excavator armor:
Successfully complete the "Miner Miracles" quest to unlock the Excavator armor schematic.
The quest can be started by traveling to the Garrahan Mining Headquarters and examining
a poster. The HQ is located in the southwest corner of the southern mining region. The
armor has a bonus stat that adds +100 to carrying weight.

Ultracite armor:
Successfully complete the "Belly Of The Beast" Brotherhood Of Steel quest to unlock the
Ultracite armor schematic. The schematic is locked at Level 50. The Brotherhood Of Steel
faction story can be started at Fort Defiance.

Always loot everything! and I mean this. Every place always have a crafting bench to
break down items, so go nuts on looting, specially plastics. Once you are done with the
place and have broken down everything you found, simply check your inventory if you are
over [censored] and dump excess steel/wood (never keep over 150 of each, no need for this)
or any other junk that's excessive, never dump glue/springs/gears/oil/plastics. Never loot
ammo for weapons you don't have/use, or Mine/grenades if you don't use those and if you
do, keep it to a max of 25, no need for more. Once you return home to dump the spoils,
always bulk the junk and keep the extras on your inventory (see My Stash for limits), take
the extra bulk to a vendor for sale. [But Iorail! the vendor never have caps!!!], I know
but with this method I always buy some stuff from the vendor to make him get caps and then
take those caps back by selling my extra stuff to him. This works well for me at least as
I'm always in between 1500 and 3000 caps at all times. I usually buy plans I don't have
and I want or power armor mods, then fast travel to the next vendor, rinse and repeat.

At least this is how I have manage to partially resolve the stash limits and still enjoy
the game to the fullest. You don't have to do the exact same thing I did and this post
is in no way a mandatory to this or die guide!, I'm simply trying to share with others
how I did it myself. Feel free to add/discuss your own methods here.

How to Unlock the Laser Minigun:
To get the Laser Minigun plans means finding the Enclave Vault and joining their faction.
The Enclave Vault is located in the southeast area of the map. Go to the Waste Dump on the
eastern-most river on your map and search for a cave so you are able to begin the Enclave
Faction quest. Once you have joined the Enclave by completing their quest which involves
solving puzzles, destroying the robot guardian at Sugar Grove and retrieving a tape there
you will have proven your loyalty and be able to access the Enclave Vault terminal.
The Laser Minigun Plans are available for 1,000 caps.

How to Unlock ‘Rose’s Syringer’ Weapon:
This special syringer is able to shoot any enemy, it causes them to become powerful for 1
minute and then afterwards become incredibly weak. To get Rose’s Syringer, you will need to
travel to the ‘Top of the World’, an old pre-war resort that is located at the highest
point in the snowy mountains and is guarded by a Raider Robot. This weapon is given as a
quest reward by Rose.

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